Changes Log for PRC68

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2 Aug 2007 - The information pages (have URL PRC68/I/----) are mostly clean.
17 May 2007 - Added page about Printing Postage Stamps.
12 May 2007 - The web pages are seperated into two catagories:
Product pages are in the folder - All these links are now working.  If you have any problem in the /P/... folder let me know.
Information pages are in the folder where there many broken links.
6 May 2007 - 75% pages now have the thumbnail photos uploaded.  Uploading thumbnail photos to all web pages that display a photo.  Not uploading photos that are linked form either text or a thumbnail.  The plan is to still offer the DVD of web pages with the high resloution photos.  There are also many links that need to be fixed.
4 May 2007 - Old Pacificsites now redirected to here.  Update your book marks!
19 Apr 2007 - Now hosted.
27 Sep 2006 - With DSL the URL is now being hosted rather than redirected. DSL did not work.

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