Burton 6200 Induction Cook Top

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Burton 6200 Induction Cook Top
    Plastic Wrap


A friend is promoting these induction cook tops (Wiki: Induction Cooking), but the real need orrises because my GE propane stove top only has one burner (rated for 11,000 BTU/hr)  that heats anywhere fast enough, so be adding this I'm hopping to have a fast burner.

They use low frequency RF coupling and the thing that gets heated needs to contain ferrous metal, so Aluminum or Stainless Steel only cookware will not work.  A good rule of thumb is that if a magnet will stick on the cookware it will work.

It's rated at 1800 Watts.  1800 / 120 VAC = 15 Amps which is the upper limit for a household outlet.
1800 Watts is equivalent to just over 6,000 BTU/hour.  Small restaurant stove gas burners are in the 9,000 to 15,000 BTU/hr range.
My GE propane stove top has small (6,000 BTU/hr) and large burners (11,000 BTU/hr).
Since there are 2 small burners and 2 large burners the total for the cook top is 34,000 BTU/hr and that's the number on the 3-A019 propane conversion label.

So this induction cook top should be about the same as one of the small gas burners on my stove.  We'll see.

After using this for a month as my primary cook top I'd say the revolutionary thing about it is the temperature control.  No other cooking method allows you to control the temperature of the pan!  The flame temperature of a gas stove is around 900 to 1500 deg F (Wiki).  Most things that you cook contain water so while the water is present the temperature of the food is near 212 deg F (100 C).  Once the water is driven out then a higher temperature will cause browning and other physical changes in the food.  But that higher temperature is not much higher.  My gut feeling is that both gas and electric ranges are way too hot.

Using a temperature that's higher than required may have the effect of distorting the food and changing it's texture.

When cooking where oil is involved, like bacon, then a temperature higher than 210 is required.  Need to research what the correct temperature is.


There are different "Functions" or operational modes.  At power up it's in Power Level mode and in the center position of 5 (of 1 to 10) that relates the the power delivered.
In Temperature mode there are 10 steps between 100 deg F and 450 deg F.
In Timer mode you can set for 001 to 180 minutes in 1 minute steps.
There are timer combined modes, either timer & power level or timer and temperature.

At power level 10 a stamped steel fry pan shows a boiling water disk about 5" in diameter.

Power 10 Steel 12" Fry Pan, Boiling Water Disk 5" diameter
Burton 6200
                  Induction Cook Top Power 10 Boiling Water Disk 5"
I was expecting something more like 12" diameter.
This says the most efficient pan size is about 5 or 6 inches dia.

The Wiki Induction Cooking web page has a photo of the
inside that shows the coil about 5" diameter.  A friend also
gets about 5" when using a thick cast iron pan.  He recommends
Twizt 12" fry pan for good heat spreading, more to come . .
Front (Dent?)
Burton 6200
                  Induction Cook Top Power 10 Boiling Water Disk 5"
Top (Symbol in center appears on some cookware)
Burton 6200
                  Induction Cook Top Power 10 Boiling Water Disk 5"
Twiztt 12" Fry Pan Boiling 1 Cup of water
Burton 6200
                  Induction Cook Top Twizt 12" Fry Pan Boiling 1
                  Cup of water
You can see the heat has spread the boiling circle a little more
than the steel fry pan above, but the heat spreading is not good
enough to boil the water at the pan edges.

Twiztt 2.1 Qt, 2L, 8 Cup Sauce Pan
Burton 6200
                  Induction Cook Top Twiztt 2.1 Qt, 2L, 8 Cup Sauce Pan
This is a great combination because the bottom of the
pan is close to the the 6-1/4" inductin coil diameter
and by using the temperature control the pot can be
held at 210 or 250 degrees F (or 8 other temperatures)
which prevents burning on the bottom and minimizes
energy use.

The White bowl is to hold the sauce pan after cooking
to retain heat.

The lit when turned 90 degrees allows pouring off cooking water without spilling the food.

Note this seems to mean that there's no need for double boiler.

Symbols on Twiztt sauce & fry pans

210 Deg F & 250 deg F

It turns out this temperature works for most things.  Once started using temperature,
have not gone back to the power settings.
Bacon: ook at 210 until the fat is rendered (shown here).
Remove if you want some bite.  Note: not wrinkled.
For crisp do final cooking at 250.
Burton 6200
                  Induction Cook Top Bacon
Omelet: Cook at 210.
Burton 6200
                  Induction Cook Top Bacon

Emeril 8 Quart Stock Pot

Emeril 8 Quart
                  Stock Pot
It's slightly smaller than my old aluminum spagetti
cooker so those parts do not fit.

Not marked for induction cook top, but works well.
Emeril 8 Quart
                  Stock Pot
They advertize a copper heat spreader which you can
see in both photos.  It works well on the induction
cook top.
I tried the 8" SwissDiamond 6420i frying pan, but got error message E0.

A magnet does stick to the bottom of the pan,
i.e. this is the "i" version, not the plain 6420 non induction version.
Swiss Diamond
                  8" fry pan 6429i error message E0
The Twizit fry pan works when 3/8" above the cooktop.
Twizit fry pan spaced 3/8" above Burton
                6200 cooktop
Henckels International 3-pc RealClad Nonstick Fry Pan Set
Costco special - 8", 10" & 12"
Heat spread a little better than the Twizit and the ceramic is more non stick than the Twizit.  More heat spreading would be better.
Dec 2014 Very well built.
                  10" Ceramic Fry Pan on Burton 6200 Induction

                  10" Ceramic Fry Pan Label

Hamilton Beach Heavy Duty Ceramic 9-1/2" Fry Pan

Smaller than the Twizit, but works much better.  On the bottom there's a steel plate with a large number of what amounts to rivets holding it to the aluminum bottom.

Ceramic Coated
PTFE free (Wiki), PFOA free (Wiki)

Hamilton Beach Heavy Duty Ceramic 9-1/2" Fry
Hamilton Beach Heavy Duty Ceramic 9-1/2" Fry

Plastic Wrap

I wanted to  cook some pot stickers where water is added and the instructions call for using a lid, but I didn't have a lid.  So used plastic wrap.
This works because the induction heater was in temperature mode set to 250 deg F. 
Be careful after the cooking as soon as you open the wrap scalding hot steam will be aimed at  your hands.
Plastic Wrap on
            Induction Cook Top Frying Pan




Using a Bat detector to hear the ultrasonic signal that's powering the heating coil.  Changing this frequency is how the power level is changed.



Modern Induction cook-tops not only sense the presence of cookware that's suitable for use, but also detect and warn of pots and pans that are not suitable, like aluminum or stainless steel.

In addition spilled foods do not burn and char because the maximum temperature of any part of the system is much lower than on a gas or conventional electric cook-top.


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