Cubic R-3030 Dual VLF-HF Receiver

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Cubic R-3030 Front
Cubic R-3030 Back
Cubic R-3030 Top Inside showing Module Fault LEDs


I've wanted one of these for many many years but they didn't come on the market that often at a price I could afford, but that just changed.  The desire is because this receiver really does receive well below 500 kHz unlike many other receivers that can tune below 500 kHz but have very poor reception in the VLF range.

In the upper right and left on the rear panel M1 and M2 are Veeder Root counters that record the power on time of each receiver.  These sound like relays each time they increment.

What Goes Wrong

Upon receipt the FAULT icon turns on for both receivers when the receiver is powered up.  The first step in troubleshooting a FAULT is to remove the top cover and look at the modules individual red fault LEDs. 

The source of this problem can be seen in the photo of the rear panel where the REF SEL switch is set to EXT.  Switching it to internal solved the problem on both receivers.


Each receiver has the same compliment of modules.  Fault is for the as received condition.

L Fault
R Fault
Power Supply


First IF

2nd IF

Fault Fault
Reference & 2nd LO
Fault Fault
Step Loop
Fault Fault
Output Loop

Fine Loop
Fault Fault
Serial Interface


Panel Interface


Cubic R3030 2140-1116 Panel Interface by VK3XYZ
R-3030 Power Supply failure

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