Magnacord 1024 Tape Recorder

Brooke Clarke 2000 - 2022

Tape Recorder

Two Parts

Tape Handling

The motors on the feed and takeup reels are constant torque.  For compliance there is a tape tension swing arm between each reel and the capstan that drives the tape.  The capstan has a massive flywheel attached to lower the Flutter and Wow.

The free standing tape recorders used with computers are optimized for the highest possible speed of access.  They can not afford the mass of the tape tension swing arms and have replaced both of them with a small elevator shaft like compartment where the tape hangs.  There's a control system that drives the reels to maintain the loop in the elevator compartments.


Both Record and Playback electronics each have adjustments to allow matching bias level and equalization to the particular tape being used.  I did it using a single audio tone.  Later read a paper suggesting that multiple tones should be used to come closer to simulating real inputs.  The idea is that the input signals act like a bias oscillator for other input signals.

Manuals and documents

Reel2ReelTexas Analog Reel To Reel Tape Recorder OnLine Museum - now the home of this recorder


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