M-80/U Handset

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M-80/U Microphone
M-80/U Microphone

General Information

This is a dynamic microphone with a PTT switch (hence the "set" designation) and 2 foot long when retracted coiled cord with 5-pin U-229 mil connector.

Note:  Like the H-250 handset, this mike uses a noise cancelling mike element so it must be used with the mike touching your lips.

There appear to be at least 3 variants:
Don't know the difference between them.

Label on mike:

Microphone Dynamic
Label on MIL-B-131H Bag:
NSN 5965-00-179-7762
Microphone Dynamic M-80C/U
1 Ea
Insp 0295-321 BL6 CCA
Tested 10/90

Other NSN

 NSN 5965 00 179 7762, Model M-80 C/U


M80 HookNSN 5820-00-856-9165 is a mounting kit containing a couple of hooks and associated hardware.
PS magazine also shows using parachute cord strung up like a closeline in the HMMWV to keep the mike and it's cord up out of harm's way.

Maintenance information

This is a U-229 Audio connection.

A to C is closed for PTT, 5 Ohms
A to D is mike when PTT is closed, 156 Ohms
TM 11-5965-268-50.pdf


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