PSC-6 Digital Imaging Set

Brooke Clarke  2009

PSC-6 CP-2098A/U
              Digital Imaging
PSC-6 CP-2098A/U
              Digital Imaging
CP-2098A/U Digital Imaging Set Top
CP-2098A/U Digital Imaging Set Connectors


Uses MVC-5000 Still Video Camera with 400mm, 60 to 300mm zoom or night vision lens.  Sony MVC-500 lens mount system.  The camera image can be manapulited, time and date stamped.  When connected to a radio images can be sent or received.  Uses the BA-5590/U type battery.  Came with a dead BB-490 installed that may take a charge?  It did take a charge.
When the CP-2098 is powered on is shows on the LCD:
VERSION 3.1      4/24/95

Images transfered from camera by: cable, floppy disk or data card.  Camera 5.25" high x 7" wide x 5.75" deep 3.7 pounds.

MVC-5000 Camera

Magnetic Video Camera.  1989.  Sold new for $10,000.

When the lens and battery are added the overall camera is very heavy!

Sony MCV-500 Digital Camera
MCV-5000 Camera
The BNC shell connector (top of three) is not coax, but has two center conductors.
This camera is missing a lens and battery pack.

If you know what the lens mount designation is or the battery pack part number, let me know.


MVC5000 w/ Sony
        NP-68 Battery

MVC5000 w/ Sony NP-68 Battery
There are a number of batteries that have the same mounting footprint.
The NP-68 just happened to be on eBay when I was looking.

Charged it with the Maha CH777 Plus-II.  Switch on battery needs to show red for charging and black for powering camera.

Sony Model No. NP-68
Battery Pack
6V 1800 mAh

Other batteries that probably fit are the:















If you know a generic name for the lens mount let me know.

Video Floppy Disk

Video Floppy Disk
The Cannon VF-50 disk is only 54 x 60 mm, much smaller than the 3.5" (89 mm) PC type floppy disk.
It fits both the camera and the CP-2098.

2 Inch (50 mm) Video Floppy Disk - also used by the QV-1000C, Canon RC-701 and RC-760

Suitcase MVC-5000

This appears to be a New Old Stock (NOS) MVC-5000 digital camera set that included a manual.
Sony MVC-5000
                Digital Camera Set in Suitcase
Sony MVC-5000
                Digital Camera Set in Suitcase
Included are:
Still Video Camera Recorder MVC-5000 Operating Instructins (70 pages)
MVC-5000 Camera body
MCL-05H Wide Lens 5 mm  1:1.8  "Sony"
MCL-913T Zoom Lens 9.5 - 123.5 mm  1:1.8  "Made by Canon"
2 each  Canon  VF-50 Video Floppy Disks  (label says 3)
GJT Video Digital Camera Charger, Input: 100 - 240 VAC or 12-24 VDC, Output: 10
2 round pin plug to 2 blade socket (European power adapter for charger)
Cigarette Lighter Plug to charger cable.
generic Battery Pack "77H"

                Unknown Plastic Ring

MVC-5000 Unknown Plastic Ring
Plastic Ring - unknown function
1.965" O.D.

The ring is marked "110" and fits into the front of camera, or maybe into the back of a lens?

The ring fits in this location, only it needs to be flipped so the fingers go into the back of the zoom lens.

Note the LENS plastic button is broken. 
Lens missing screws - FELL APART
Bad Sony

After attaching the zoom lens to the camera and standing up the lens fell apaprt.  Now I know that mystry ring above is to fill the gap between the outer optic diameter and the inner diameter of the barrel that seperated.  There is a torn flex circuit.  All 4 of the screws that hold the barrel to the lens are missing!  There was a mention about the cut flex in the eBay description.

CP-2098A/U Digital Imaging Set

This is probably based on the Sony DIH 2000 Digital Image Handler.  This unit allows capturing a still frame from a video stream and sending it over telephone lines.  Sony won an Emmy award for this technology related toTiananmen Square.


TM 11-5895-1525-13   AN/PSC-6 Digital Imaging Set (NSN 5895-01-347-6128), April 1994
TM 11-5895-1525-23P Repair Parts


Used by CNN to cover the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre (Wiki).
Tiananmen Square
        massacure image probably taken by MVC-5000


5128776 Prioritized image transmission system and method, Jim Scorse, Daniel A. Throop, Adam Beck, Mark Jaworski, Harris Corp, 1992-07-07, -


Digital Camera History - 1989

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