Signal Design, Inc. 65630 Audio Recorder
RD-609/TSQ-164 Communications Recorder

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General Information

Signal Design, Inc. was bought by Dynamic Instruments, San Diego, CA.
Their CR/VR Series looks like this unit.
Here is an image from the DI web page of a CR1100

CR/VR Series
The CR1102-1 & CR1104-1 are ruggedized 2 or 4 channel analog audio recorders that use a standard Phillips cassette to archive audio. The recorder has optional RS-232 & IEEE-488 communication ports for remote control capability. Physically it is a 1/3 rack configuration (3 can fit into a 19" rack by 5.25" high). The recorder runs on 115/230 VAC or 28 VDC power.

Photo Front - ON-OFF, 6-pin Headset, LCD, Keyboard, slot for tape cassette
Photo Back - It has:

Photo of the tape transport removed from the main unit - on the left side you can see a hole with three smaller holes around it.  This would be for a second capstan motor.  I don't know if that would be for running in both directions, or an option.  For every electrical item on the deck there is a short cable with a plug.


I don't know the difference between the RD-609/TSQ-164 and the other models. Photos of the RD-609 show that it does NOT have the IEEE-488 interface.  TSQ would mean Ground Transportable, Radio, Special or Combination.
Jerry Proc has a little about the TSQ-164 on his web Masset station web page.
Photo Front - Looks the same as the one above
Photo Back - Looks the same EXCEPT there is no IEEE-488 interface connector
Side & Photo Label - CR1002(RD-609/TSQ-164) Communications Recorder

Spread sheet in pdf format explaining the controls
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