427 Cobra Dash Photo

427 Cobra CSX3282 DashStarting at the very left you can see (inside the steering wheel) the black knob that when pulled lets in the outside air to the left foot well.  It is always out unless I am driving at night when it's cold.

Just above the ignition is the standard British red warning light for the alternator.  The Brake pedal is visible.  There is a hole at the top and bottom that at one time had rubber grommets so that your foot would not slip off.  It best to wear shoes with rubber soles and not depend on the grommets.  I never replaced them once they wore out.

The steering wheel does not have any horn button.  The horn button is located on on the back of the turn signal stalk that you can see going to the right from the centre of the steering wheel.

The tachometer reads to 8,000 RPM although this engine (that has never been opened up or removed form the car) only turns 5,500 max.

Between the tach and the reverse reading 180 MPH speedometer is the blue high beam warning light.  I've been asked why the speedo reads backwards and think it must be related to mixing English (drive on the wrong side of the road) and American components, but if you have details please let me know.  I had a problem with the cable on the speedo.  Cables are made in right and left hand twist.  The car came with the wrong twist and it had the effect of pumping the transmission oil into the speedo.  I removed and cleaned out the oil and got the correct cable installed.  As of 7 July '99 the mileage is 31,563.

When I renew my insurance annually I need to read the odometer because they limit me to 2,500 miles per year and I can not drive the car anywhere where I leave it unattended.  Another way to say it is that I can not use the car for any useful purpose, only pleasure driving.... and what a pleasure it is.

The top three gauges are (left to right): Water Temperature, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature.  The bottom two are Amps and Gas.

The switches below the gauges are (left to right): Parking then head lights, two speed heater fan, engine fan on indicator light and switch (I added this so that I could turn on the fan if I knew that I would I would be in traffic), and the cigar lighter socket.  The socket is empty because when the car is sitting in the garage it is connected to a smart battery charger/maintainer.

The knob in the upper right is the panel light switch and below it is the wiper control. Rotate to set medium or fast speed and push for the windshield pissers.

On the hood you can see the chrome ring that surrounds the hood locking handles.  I have removed the handles and keep them in the car.

The car has near 50% - 50% weight balance.  To accomplish this the engine is set back and therefore the transmission is set back.  The gear shift lever bends forward so that it can be used.  I used t park this car on the street and on a number of occasions the shift knob would be stolen.  I just replaced it with a ford pickup truck knob knowing that it would be taken again.  The new owner proudly showing off his new "Cobra shift knob".

The heater is located just behind and above the shift knob and behind the dash.  I always have the valve on the engine open and if I am in traffic I turn on the fan full blast to help the engine stay cool.

Between the windshield and the body there is a rubber gasket that keeps out the wind and rain.  This works OK but when the soft top is on there is nothing to seal the top to the removable side windows or the sides of the windshield.  When the top is up and it is raining outside it is also raining inside.  Since the top is completely removed and stored in the trunk (boot) rather than folds down I believe the car is a roadster and not a convertible.

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