A10 Frequency Multiplier

End is Labeled:

A-10 FREQ. MULTI.                       100-102727
N  M  EFC  MAN  EXT        J12  J11  J10  J9  J8  J7    A
G  R    P       P        P             C    C     C   C    C  C     R
r   e     o       o         o              o     o     o    o     o   o      e
n   d     t       t          t              n     n     n    n     n   n     d

Reverse Engineering of this board has started:

Trace side layout A10_PCB.dwf - the idea is to locate all the big parts then draw in the traces for both sides of the board.
Then a circuit diagram can be made for this board.  I am interested in how all the clock signals are generated.
All these boards are double sided, not multi layers like the more modern boards.

MCL PSC 3-1,  10131, MC12040P, MCIOI02P, F IO116 PC
MC10131p,  LM308N,  MC10107p, F 10125pc, LM324N
SN74LS123N, F 74ls32PC, lm324n, dg 508 cj,
mcl sra-1, mcl sra-1
2 Xtals in series at J11 & J12