Hayward Ford 427 Cobra Order Form

You can see that I ordered on 9/3/66:
Cobra 1967 Roadster Black upholstery and Red color.
Cash Selling price:    7,495.00
Freight:                 141.75
Service:                  50.00
Top:                     229.00
Center Pivot Carb.:      104.00
Sway Bars Front & Rear   115.26

The engine changed to a 428 Police Interceptor with the hydraulic lifter cam replaced with a solid lifter "AA" cam, the center pivot Holly carb. and a front sway bar.  I had the choice of either the rear sway bar and racing exhaust or no rear sway bar in street exhaust.  I choose street exhaust and no rear bar.  The top was not available.

The new 1967 model year american cars came out in September of 1966 and the Cobra was available October 1966.  When it was delivered they said it was being registered as a 1966 because there would be no California legal 1967 model year 427 Cobras.  This is because California had just put into effect a smog and safety law that was picked up at the federal level in 1968.  The only concession to smog and safety is a PVC valve.  The 428 engine has low hydrocarbon emissions but higher than desirable oxides of Nitrogen because at that time smog was "smoke and fog", they did not understand about oxides of Nitrogen  Order Form.gif.  1.3 Meg file

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