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While on vacation in Japan I saw this news article in an English language newspaper.  Note there are three parts to the system:
Hiroshi Tomia is the man behind this project.
Article from Japanese Newspaper (285k jpeg)

Government Organizations

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan - Emergency Aid for Demining in the Border Region between Peru and Ecuador -
American Embassy London - 16-05-96 FACT SHEET: U.S. DEMINING PROGRAM INVOLVES 14 COUNTRIES -
United States Information Agency -arms control and non-proliferation - Jane's Conference, June 17, 1998 -
Danish Demining Research Forum -
LAAS-CNRS - Robotics for Humanitarian Demining -
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - Esprit - Ground Explosive Ordnance Detection System -


Naval Postgraduate School - Dudley Knox Library - Land Mines & Demining In The 20Th Century: A Bibliography - Links -
DoD - Humanitarian Demining -
U.S. Army Research Office -
FM 20-32 Mine & Counter Mine Operations -
FM 21-16 Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Procedures -
FM 23-23 Antipersonnel Mine M18A1 and M18 (Claymore), 06 JAN 1966  -
FM 100-38 UXO Multiservice Procedures for Operations in an Unexploded Ordinance Environment, 10 JUL 1996 -

Humanitarian Organizations -  under cnstruction
United States European Command - Humanitarian Demining Operations -
I.N.F.N. - EXPLOsive DETection Collaboration -
IDN - Australia Commits $1.5 Million To Demining In Africa -
UN -Demining Database - UNOPS - UNOPS and Demining -
Safe Path International - Landmine and Demining Links -
Refugees International - Cambodia Demining Web Site -
War Child - The Landmine Programme -
International Campaign to Ban Landmines -
Landmine Survivors Network -
Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation - Campaign for a Landmine Free World -
Operation USA - Operation Landmine - Searching for better land mine detectors - list of high tech approaches
Activistnet - Landmines - Summary of Land Mine WWW pages - WWW Links (Humanitarian Demining) - ExtendedRef - LOTS of links


Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - Geophysical Techniques for Humanitarian Demining -
UWA James Trevelyan - Demining Research -
OSU - The Current OSU Demining Radar Development -
CMU - Field Robotics Center -Land Mine Detection and Neutralization - Demining Technology Links -
JMUHumanitarian Demining Information Center -
Jozef Stefan Institute - International Trust Fund for Demining and Mine Victims Assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina -
Canadian Forces College - Peace and disarmament: Land mines - General resources -
University of Missouri-Rolla - Multidisciplinary Mine Detection And Neutralization Systems Research -
Mechanical Means of Land Mine Detection -
MIT - Pinpoint sound beams hunt buried land mines - Demining Class - TNT sniffer -

Commercial Demining Products

DEW Engineering and Development Limited - SmartProbe™ mine detection device -
Guartel - mine detectors - demining links -
SPIE - Detection Technologies for Mines and Minelike Targets -
MicroAirships in Humanitarian Demining - -
Schiebel - Swedish Armed Forces Select Schiebel Mine Detector for use in Bosnia - AN19-2 = AN/PSS-12 (replaced the PSS-11)
RONCO - ability of dogs to locate land mines by detecting the odor of the explosives in the mines
Metal and Mine Detectors -
Garrett - Security - hobby treasure hunting - the ground search models are about the same as the hobby models
Omron - it may be the one by Hiroshi Tomia?


John Walker  - MINERATS Anti-personnel Mine Clearance Robots -
Nada Milisavljevic - (Humanitarian) demining URLs -
Bertrand Gros -
AN/PSS-11 Detecting Set, Mine by Brooke Clarke


Loch's Landmine Task Force Expects to Beat Timeline -
Animals and Demining - - Landmines -
Mines & Booby Traps used by the Viet Cong -

Mine Component makers

US manufacturers -

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