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Arines Model 960460033 - Not delivered after 2 week wait
Johnny Bucket Jr
Storage Building
3-Point Hitches
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For many years I've wanted a small tractor to use at on the land surrounding my house.  I looked at the small Kubota 4-wheel drive tractors and one of them would be ideal, but even used they cost way more than makes sense for my needs.  In the past I had anAllis Chalmers B12 (see the tractors web page) but they no longer are available.  It had 12 Horsepower which was adequate.  But the 2-wheel drive is not as good as 4-wheel drive.

Arines Model 960460033

I looked at the Cub Cadet LTX 1040 42" Lawn Tractor at Tractor Supply Co and the Jhon Deer  & Troy-Bilt Bronco and Pony at Rainbow Ag, but when reading the reviews and looking around on the web the Home Depot Arines Model 960460033 (SKU 156550) seems to get much higher ratings and appears to be a better buy.  It's made by Husqvarna at the Orangeburg, SC factory.  This is the version that's compliant with the California Air Resources Board (CARB).  I ordered it yesterday (6 June) and after faxing back and forth some paperwork it should be delivered today.  Bummer. . . .  it's going to be about 2 weeks wait to have it delivered!  Scheduled for 20 June.


Mower Deck Width  42 in
Start Type  Electric  
Engine Make  Briggs & Stratton 
Engine Displacement (cc)  540  (20 HP)
Turning radius (in.)  18 

As Delivered

20 June 2012 - Supper Bummer.  Home Depot called to say that the tractor does not work and that MAYBE by  Friday they could get another one from a nearby store.
I've canceled my order and am looking for something else.

Assembly, Accessories, Dump 2-wheel trailer . . .


The local Friedman Brothers has the YTH2042 in stock and will deliver it.
I'd like to know if it will accept the Grader/Box Scraper,  (requires the Sleeve Hitch) and/or the 36" Front Scoop?

Johnny Bucket Jr

This is a small front loader bucket that can dig and is operated by an electric actuator.  About $1340.  Fits many riding mowers.

Storage Building

It would be nice to have:

Three Point Hitches (Wiki)

This is a standardized way of attaching rear implements to a tractor.  The layout and coupling are standard so you can mat various brands of tractor and implement.

Category Tractor HP Top Link Pin Diameter Lift Arm Pin Diameter
0 Up to 20 5/8 in 5/8 in
1 20 to 45 3/4 in 7/8 in
2 40 to 100 1 in 1⅛ in
3 80 to 225 1¼ in 1 7/16 in
4 180 to 400 and up 1 3/4 in 2 in

Garden Tractors

There are a number of classifications for small tractors.

A riding lawnmower is also called a lawn tractor.  They typically weigh less than 700 pounds and are priced new under $3,000.  They do not have a three point hitch, but rather have a thin sheet metal tab with a hole so you can attach a trailer.  Most are 2-wheel drive.

The Garden tractor weighs more than 700 pounds and is priced in the $6,000 area.  These are also called Sub-Compact or Compact tractors and typically have a category 1 3-point hitch (Wiki).  Either have 4-wheel drive as standard or an option.

Sub-Compact Tractors

A guess is that Sub-Compact tractors have a category 0 3-point hitch. (<= 20 HP)
Yanmar Sub-Compact Tractors - Sc2400/2450 - 24HP diesel, Cat-1 hitch, Dual hydraulic pumps
Sc2400 - 1280 pounds
Sc2450 - 2520 pounds
Kioti Tractor - CK20S 2,125 pounds, 4WD, manual transmission, The CK20HST has a hydrostatic transmission
John Deere model numbers are 1023E and 1026R.

Kubota BX25 - only comes with LA240 front loader and BT601 backhoe -
    3-point hitch is an option because of the standard backhoe. 1542 #.
    about $20k - 5 year 0% financing available.    

The Kubota 1860 and 2360 do not have an option for a backhoe but you can add a front loader.
    BX60 Front Loader (pdf)
    BX60 backhoe - only on BX25 - (pdf)
    RCK48-18BX is the 48" mower (the smallest one they have) -
    BX60 Series tractor specs (BX1860/BX2360, BX2660/BX25 (pdf)

Compact Tractors

A guess is that Sub-Compact tractors have a category 1 3-point hitch. (20 to 45 HP)

While searching for something I came across the John Deere 1 Series Sub-Compact Tractors. 
These typically have a category 1 3-point hitch.

The Kubota BX 1860 is in the same category.
Mahindra 2216 4WD
New Holland - Boomer T1000 Series 23 - 27 HP
Yanmar Sc2000


Keeping the weeds mowed is an annual chore and is required to minimize fire danger in this rural setting.  Because I haven't yet acquired some form of riding weed mower I've made a number of repairs to the self-powered walk behind lawn mower and have gone through the first tank of gas.  For more see Hints and Tips: What Goes Wrong.


Tractors -Allis Chalmers B12 (my first tractor and front loader), Kubota (dream machine with front loader and back hoe)
Surveying - in general
T. F. Randolph Level - this was my uncles level

PS my son's first tractor is a Cat D8 from 1942 found apart in a field and then restored to running condition.
Note the D8 has a small gas engine that is used to start the main diesel engine.
Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club - DISCUSSION - My First Caterpillar - Note:  my grandfather and uncle were in the earth moving business and stated with horse drawn equipment and ended up with hydraulic controlled Euclid equipment with dual engines.


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