30 to 88 MHz VHF Low Band Antennas

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A mobile antenna with a base tuning unit that can be operated manually or remotly from a radio.


Ground plane vertical that requires adding or subtracting elements to get the length correct for a sub band.
TM 11-5820-348-15.pdf and TM 11-5820-348-24P.pdf are restricted
FM 90-5, Apndx G -  Field expedient RC-292 antenna (less mast, made using WD-1 phone wire)
FM 23-10, Chapt 7 - lots of good field expedient ant construction information


Conical broad band antenna for instanteous coverage of at least 30 to 88 without any tuning or adajustments.


Rhombic for 30 to 88 MHz.  Made from WD-1/TT field phone wire for portable use.
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Major Components are : OE-303/GRC antenna, CG-1889D/U Coax cable, AB-1244A/GRC mast assembly also used for the OE-254.
TM 11-5985-370-12. -20P and -12HR are on ETM.

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