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Radio Systems Inc. -
SSTRAN AMT3000 kit - gets very high marks for Hi-Fi quality AM sound.  FCC compliant.
LCD modification video, but no information about it
SSTAM · SSTRAN AMT 3000 Transmitter/Part-15
 Yahoo Group very small membership
Ramsey Electronics - AM25 (up to a few watts with simple mod).

Wenzel - Personal Radio Stations -


LPFM Radio Web Ring -
Low Power FM Broadcasting -
Panaxis Productions  - kits & information
Free Radio Berkeley -
Pyro Safety Co - Low Power FM Broadcasting Equipment -
Crystal Electronics - plans
K I T S - R - U S  -
Max's Pirate Radio Webpage -
Beginner's Guide to Low-Power FM Broadcasting - *** good overall & good links
Broadcast  Warehouse - UK
L D Brewer's - equipment & station IDs
Progressive Concepts -
Ramsey Electronics - good reviews, different levels of FM xmitters - now a high power FM web page and 35 Watt Tx
Veronica - UK
North Country Radio -
NRG Kitz -
Omni J Site -
FM Ground Plane Antennas for Reception or Microbroadcasting -
Comet - 88-108 MHz, 200W antenna -


SCS Radio Technology - radio mods for SCA
FM SCA--  -overview
Unique Radios and Publications - FM Atlas, modified receivers and decoders


Conventional analog TV is divided into 3 frequency bands:
The US is moving to digital TV transmissions and the current VHF TV band will be used for internet access.  Digital will be in the 470 - 860 MHz band.
But there are a huge number of households that have cable TV service which uses the 54 to 10002 MHz band to support 166 channels so TV analog TV sets to support cable will be here for some time.
The Hidden Screen: Low-Power Television in America - book
WOOD Low Power Television -
NAB - TV -
BEXT Inc. - Digital TV Transmitters

Amateur (Ham radio) TV

The ham 70 cm band allocation for repeater inputs is at 439.25 MHz (channel 438 - 444 MHz) fast scan which corresponds to the cable TV channel 60.
P. C. Electronics - chart and examples relating power, gain and coverage distance
Down East Microwave - Power Amps for ham ATV use

Frequency Allocations

For full radio spectrum including Television.

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