Magnacord 1024 Tape Recorder

Brooke Clarke 2000 - 2007

Tape Recorder

Two Parts


Both Record and Playback electronics each have adjustments to allow matching bias level and equalization to the particular tape being used.  I did it using a single audio tone.  Later read a paper suggesting that multiple tones should be used to come closer to simulating real inputs.  The idea is that the input signals act like a bias oscillator for other input signals.

Manuals and documents

Reel2ReelTexas Analog Reel To Reel Tape Recorder OnLine Museum - now the home of this recorder


2245286 Electromagnetic sound recording, Marzocchi Luigi, Priority: Jun 26, 1936, Pub: Jun 10, 1941, 360/84, 369/97, 360/83, 346/139.00A, 360/122 - scanned mag tape recording   referenced by 91 patents
Magnetic transducing apparatus utilizing a helical sound trace, William E Bradiey, Philco Corp, Filed: Dec 19, 1944, Pub: Feb 8, 1949, 360/29 - wire recorder.  They had problems with wire rotation.
2956114 Broad band magnetic tape system and method, Charles E Anderson, Ray M Dolby, Charles P Ginsburg, Jr Shelby F Henderson, Ampex, Oct 11, 1960, 360/30, 386/E05.9, 386/335 - helical scan video    Back to Brooke's Personal home, PRC68, Military Information, Electronics