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29 Dec 2014: Firefox was locked up this morning, probably because yesterday I was doing a lot of surfing.
A window poped up asking if I wanted to stop this script from running but it required powering down my computer to get it running properly.
I found an Avast web page that recommended getting Noscript & Adblock Plus for Firefox and have installed them.

YouTube- CNET:  Block scripts in Firefox

Firefox -
How do I change cookie settings? - Disable third-party cookies in Firefox to stop some types of tracking by advertisers -

DMARC (Wiki)

This is an email protocol introduced in 2012 that allows checking the validity of the "from:" address.  I has broken a number of list servers, but as of Aug. 2014 that's starting to get fixed.

What's needed is a similar protocol for telephone calls to stop spam calls.

Building Blocks


Small Business Networking on a Budget by Craig J. Coley