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The factors that effect soil resistance are: moisture, salinity, density and temperature.  Another factor is that when dry the soil contracts and may move away from a fixed electrode.
There are a number of aspects to measuring soil moisture.   The probe can be designed to be buried and stay there or like a spike that can be used in a portable measurement system.  The measurement can be made at a single depth or at multiple depths.  The early probes were a block of Plaster of Paris with a couple of electrodes imbedded.  The moisture in the Plaster of Paris would be the same as the surrounding soil and the resistance between the probes was proportional to the moisture content.

DC systems of measurement suffer from polarization and electrolysis.  AC systems avoid those problems.  I would think that measuring the AC impedance either at a magic frequency or over a band of frequencies would be the best method.

Other things that are similar are measuring the pH (Wiki: pH, pH Meter) or Total Dissolved Solids Wiki: TDS) of a liquid.  The electrical TDS meters depend on the dissolved solids forming ions that increase the conductivity.   So a TDS meter is closely related to soil moisture meters.  pH is measured using a specialized electrode probe that depends on free hydrogen ions.


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