STADIA Excel Example

Inst Location:  H.I.(FT.ft):       Date:  
  El I dirt:     0.00 Stop:  
Hang (0)= Hang:   Vang:   Scen:  
angles:+ddd:mm Hdist= 0.00 Vdist=   Sbot:  
Target:     DeltaVdist 0.00 Stop:  
  Hang:   Vang:   Scen:  
  Hdist=   Elev= 0.00 Sbot:  

The first 4 rows are specific to information about the instrument.
The Height of Instrument (H.I.) and the Elevation of the dirt (El dirt) are cells used for each of the
other locations to determine the elevation at the base of the rod.
Horizontal Angle of zero = is for the name of the target used to set zero degrees.
All angles are entered into the spreadsheet as degrees and fractions of a degree.
The Horizontal angles (Hang) are entered as text and can be in any units,  they are used for the
plot not elevations.

Target is the name of a sighted target.  There are 13 target groups on each spreadsheet.
Hang is read from the transit horizontal circle and entered as text and not used for computations.
Vang is read from the transit vertical circle and entered as degrees and fractions of a degree
Stop, Scen and Sbot are the readings taken through the scope of the top stadia mark, the center mark and the bottom stadia mark as read from the rod.
Delta Vertical distance (DeltaVdist) is computed based on the stadia readings and Angle to the target.
Elevation is computed based on the instrument HI and EL dirt as well as the vertical angle to the target, etc.

Last Updated on 4/3/99
By Brooke Clarke