Chinese Sutra Set

ISBN: 957-17-0058-4

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Fig 0 Overall Set
Chinese Surta Set
                ISBN: 957-17-0058-4

Fig 1 Upper Left including book No. 0
Chinese Sutra Set
                ISBN: 957-17-0058-4
Each book is approximately 11" tall x 8" deep x 1-7/8" wide.
There are books numbered 1 to 164 plus an index all stored in and on a single bookcase.
Fig 2 Related books?
Chinese Sutra Set
These may be books related to the set of Sutras?
Note the books are not all the same width so some shelves have different numbers of books.
One more book would fit on top of the bookcase if "L" type bookends were used instead of just weight type bookends.

pdf drawing of bookcase layout.
                957-17-0058-4 Boxed