Radio Receiving Set AN/TRQ-23
Antenna Group OE-4/GR
AS-2360 Series Loop Antennas

Table of Antennas & Receivers
Equipment Descriptions
    TG-177/GR Ant Drive
    TG-176/GR  Shelter Ant Mount
    IP740/GR  Azimuth Indicator
    C-6183/GR Antenna control
    AS-2360 Loop Antenna
    AS-2364 Loop Antenna
    Antenna Group OE-4/GR
    R-901 Receiver
    R-1518/URR-71 Receiver

Frequency Coverage, Antennas & Receivers

Band #
Freq MHz
1  0.53 - 1.1 AS-2360/GR     0.53 - 10 (20.5) MHz 
Servo p/n 7040-LA
loop R-901/GR
2 1.1  -  2.3
" R-901/GR
3 2.3  -  4.8
" R-901/GR
4 4.6 -   9.9
" R-901/GR
5 9.5 -  20 AS-2361/GR     10 - 20 MHz 
Servo p/n 7040-LB
AS-2360/GR     0.53 - 10 (20.5) MHz
loop R-901/GR
0.536 - 20.5 MHz
6 20    -  33 AS-2362/GR    19.5 - 33 MHz
Servo p/n 7040-LC
loop ?
7 31  -    56 AS-2363/GR     31 - 56 MHz
Servo p/n 7040-LD
loop normal mil rcvrs
8 55  -  101 AS-2364/GR    55 - 101 MHz
Servo p/n 7040-LE
AS-2365/GR    95 - 210 MHz 
Servo p/n 7040-HAD


95 - 405 MHz
no # 190 - 1050 AS-2365/GR    95 - 210 MHz
AS-2366/GR   190 - 1050 MHz 
Log Periodic
no #
382 - 1020

The current version of this system may be

Equipment Descriptions

TG-177/GR     Portable Antenna Drive - Tripod mount WANTED TO BUY

In this drawing you can see: 15 RPM nominal (clutch energized) 24 VDC @ 300 mA
150 RPM (clutch deenergized)
18 - 32 VDC

TG-176/GR     Fixed Antenna Drive - Shelter mount WANTED TO BUY

Rotates at 60 PRM (1 rev per second).
24 VDC @ 375 mA.

IP740/GR  Azimuth Indicator - CRT based Front & Back

Since the continuous rotation speed can be up to 150 RPM a CRT type indicator will have a much longer life than a mechanical indicator.  The antenna pattern can be seen on the screen and the null direction read out to within 2 degrees.

There has been a modification that disconnects the active wire from Diode Input connector on the Front panel and adds a BNC(f) connector to the rear panel, a pot on the rear panel, Red & Black wires coming out the rear panel and a Sense push button on the front panel (maybe to replace a momentary rotary switch?).

On the Front and Rear panel there are a 4 pin Power Input connector (ITT Canon 1S13114E8-4P)
and also a pair of Control Unit connectors (Burndy 14-12P) with 8 small pins and 4 large pins.

The name plate says:
Indicator, Azimuth
Serial No. 47
Servo Corporation of America
PII No. DAAB05-67-C-2337

Battery to Indicator Cable Assembly, CX-11950/U (5'0") must have an ITT Canon 1S13114E8-4S connector.

C-6183/GR Antenna control

Fig 1 Front
TRQ-23/C-6183/GR Antenna control
Fig 2 Labels
TRQ-23/C-6183/GR Antenna control
Fig 3 Back
TRQ-23/C-6183/GR Antenna control
Fig 4 Inside Back Cover
TRQ-23/C-6183/GR Antenna control
Fig 5 Inside Back of Chassis
TRQ-23/C-6183/GR Antenna control
Fig 6 Left & Top Inside
TRQ-23/C-6183/GR Antenna control
Fig 7 Right & Bottom Inside
The Rear connector bracket is bent.
TRQ-23/C-6183/GR Antenna control

There is a band switch with "sync" and band numbers 1 through 8 (see above table).  The antennas all have provision for 8 band positions, but only some are used in any single antenna.  The AS-2360 supports band numbers 1 through 5.  The bands are changed by means of a 12 position rotary solenoid in the antenna assembly.  In position 6 the coil of antenna sense relay (K1) is connected to the "Sense" line pulling the line up to +36 volts (B+) allowing the control unit to synchronize (SYNC) thus learning that the solenoid is on step # 6.  I expect that when the antenna control band switch is placed in "SYNC" the solenoid rotates until position 6 where it stops.  The solenoid only rotates in one direction 30 degrees per step.

The antenna can be rotated continuously at speeds ranging from 15 RPM to 150 RPM (depending on which mount is used) or can be manually turned CW or CCW.

The Front panel has connectors for the Indicator (Bendix PT02E-14-12S) and Pedestal (Bendix PT02E-20-24S) .
The Rear panel has connectors for Power In (ITT Canon 1S13114E8-4S) and Pedestal (ITT Canon MS3114E14-19S).
Why is the rear Pedestal connector different than the Front panel Pedestal connector?

The name plate says:
Control, Antenna
Serial No.  106 A
Servo Corporation of America
PII No.  DAAB07-77-C-3294

Control to Indicator Cable Assembly, CX-11952/U (5'0") looks like a 12 wire with male pins on one end and female pinson the other end.  Both connector shells are MS3114E14 type.

Battery to Control Cable must have an ITT Canon 1S13114E8-4P connector.

Control to Drive Cable  Assembly CX-11953/U (100'0") WANTED TO BUY

AS-2360 Loop Antenna - Photo

Description from Fair Radio eBay auction:
AS-2360 Loop Antenna .53 Mhz to 10 Mhz, usable to 20.5 Mhz.
Impedance 50 ohms
Null depth 25 db, bearing error less than 2 degrees.
Originally part of TRQ-23 radio receiving set.
The base of the loop contains a loop cathode follower with Varactor diode for tuning, two RF amplifiers, and an output cathode follower using 4/6612 tubes which require 36 v B+, 1.1v filament.
Tuning voltage 0-102 vdc, gain voltage 0-37 vdc, sense relay 24 vdc.
Comes with canvas bag, sense antenna (not pictured), connector for antenna, schematic.
Not tested, used good physical condition. AS IS.
Approx size 6.4 x 26.2 x 61.8 (with sense antenna )

From the Fair Radio - 2020 October Sale web page:
"Loop Antenna .53 Mhz to 10 Mhz useable to 20.5 Mhz. Impedance 50 ohms Null depth 25 db bearing error less than 2 degrees. Originally part of TRQ-23 radio receiving set. The base of the loop contains a loop cathode follower with varactor diode for tuning two rf amplifiers and an output cathode follower using 4/6612 tubes which require 36 v B+ 1.1v filament. Tuning voltage 0-102 vdc gain voltage 0-37 vdc sense relay 24 vdc. Comes with canvas bag. 6.426.261.8 30 lbs sh. Used"

It has 6 separate loop windings that can be connected by relays to operate in band numbers 1 through 5.  It also has a Varactor diode to allow resonating the antenna.  The R-901/GR and R-902/GR receivers output the diode tuning voltage which is passed through the antenna indicator unit then the control unit and finally to the antenna.  Schematic.dwf (get the Autodesk free Volo viewer to see this) and the corresponding parts list.

Connections to the AS-2360 (and probably all the other loops are the same)
Pin #
Relay Ground  ? return for pin 5, big current pulses?
Loop Gain control voltage to 6612 RF amp screen grids
Sense control voltage activates sense ant & for Sync
Filament 1.5 DC volts to drive 4 6612 tubes in parallel 
Band switch Bipolar pulses to change bands
+36 B+ for 6612 tubes
8, 9
Diode Tuning 0 to +? VDC range for VA-521A varactor diode?
RF  output coaxial connector (DC blocked)

Photo of rotary solenoid, 4 deck switch and resistor board
The 30 deg/step rotary solenoid was made by Ledex - p/n  128558-001 date code 7913.
From their records the drive voltage is 28 VDC and a 50 millisecond pulse would be long enough to latch.
Remember that the B+ voltage is 36 (see pin # 7 above).
The 12 position, 4 deck rotary switch was made by Grayhill.

The connector on the base of the AS-2360 (inside the lower tube) is a special DB15(m).
It has a coax connector in the center that has a male shield and a female center contact.
It may be a Cannon Combo D but I have not figured out their part numbering system.
Mouser carries a D-Sub Mixed Contact Connector and the 152-FM11W1S  housing looks correct.
Page 165  shows these connectors.  It's not clear which of 152-FMX1067, 3067, 0003P or 0003S is the correct coax insert.

AS-2364 Loop Antenna - Photo

Label:    Antenna, AS-2364/GR, Serial No. 61 A, Servo Corporation of America, PII No. DAAB07-77-C-3294, U.S.
Antenna Group OE-4/GR -
In the above cover drawing for TM 11-5985-360-10 you can see:
made by Servo Corp who made the rotator. NSN 5985-00-227-8115

R-901 Receiver

536 kHz to 20.5 MHz in 5 bands. CW, MCW and AM modes.  455 kHz IF with 1.5 or 4.0 kHz bandwidth by mechanical filters.  Built in crystal calibrator. Filaments 1.5 V @ 445 ma, Plates 45 Volts @ 30 ma.

The plate circuit of the third IF amp V1 is fed to a transistor circuit that generates a negative voltage depending on the strength of the IF signal to drive the DF display.  A separate circuit is used for the audio output.

TM 11-5820-783-14 Operator's, Organizational Direct Support, and General Support Maintenance Manual Radio Receiver R-901/GR, NSN 5820-000-136-4974, 17 Sep 1973, Change 2  - contact brooke to buy a pdf version.

In addition there are:
TM 11-5820-783-20P Org Parts Manual
TM 11-5820-783-24P DS Parts Manual
TM 11-5820-783-34P DS & General Parts Manual

R-1518/URR-71 Receiver


I got this receiver because it has a "DIODE" BNCf connector on the front panel and that's an indicator that it will work with the Rotating antennas that may have started with the TRQ-23.  (Also see Radio Direction Finding for earlier CRT based DF equipment)

Portable receiver, battery (12  ea. "D" cells) or external 110/220 VAC power (50 to 400 Hz), or external 24 VDC power;
19.0 to 157.5 MHz, AM, FM, CW. 
Uses AS-2887/UR Tape Whip antenna with TNCm connector attached to ANT 1 where "Trim" peaks the response;
CW-1005/UR Field carry bag.  
ANT2 is for a 50 Ohm Antenna.


Headphones, like the H-218/GR with 1/4" phone plug.
110 VAC Power Cord: CX-10956 p/o Accessory Kit MK-1517/UR
220 VAC Power Cord: CX-10957 p/o Accessory Kit MK-1517/UR
24 VDC Power Cord: CX-???

Power Connector

                  Power Connector
CX-10956/U (10 Ft, 0 In.)
Mfr 19976   09/83

Line Hot: C-H
Line Neutral: L
Gnd: F
Jumper: A-B-K

The 12 Socket connector is the U-290/U like
used on the CX-4722 Antenna Control Cable for the MX-6707.
R-1518 AC power Cable CX-10956

24 VDC
110 VAC
220 VAC

AC in
A - B -K
A - K
AC in
nc A - B -K B - C
AC in
nc C- H - Line
B - C
AGC out
nc nc nc 9
+24 VDC in
E - K
nc nc 13
AC in
nc C - H
Shield Ground
nc nc nc
AC in (fuse)
K - E
A - B -K A - K
AC in (fuse) +24
Audio Out
nc nc nc 1
Diode Out
nc nc nc 8
+18 VDC
Internal Battery
- - - 4
Dial Light Sw
- - - 10 00
+ 18V
External Power
- - - 11


Fig 1
Fig 2 Twelve "D" Cells = 18 VDC
Fig 3
Fig 4
Fig 5

R-1518 Manual

TM 11-5820-770-14 Operator's Organizational, Direct Support, and General Support Maintenance Manual, Receiving Set, Radio AN/URR-71, NSN: 5820-00-013-8944,  Aug 1972, Change 2


TM 11-5985-360-10  Operator's Manual, April 1979
This is a redone version of a scanned and converted to text page.

TM 11-5825-242-10 Radio Receiving Set AN/TRQ-23

I am looking for more information about the AN/TRQ-23 & OE-4/GR email Brooke

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