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I recently had a head cold and the air is very dry at night in the winter time.  Heating air lowers the humidity so it's a good idea to add humidity.  One way to do that is with a warm steam vaporizer.  There are ultrasonic vaporizers, but the water vapor condenses and makes a wet mess nearby.

The big advantage of this type of warm steam vaporizer is that it uses a couple of electrodes to heat the water based on the resistance of the water (the instructions suggest adding a pinch of table salt).  This is an inherently fail safe way to stop heating when the water runs out.

Other ways of making steam involve a heating element that can overheat and start a fire if the water runs out, but this design will never do that.  When this design runs out of water it draws zero power (or the power of the night light for those units that have the light).



                  Warm Steam Vaporizer
Kaz Mfg.
                  patent 4463248 Warm Steam Vaporizer

Katz Warm Steam
Mineral deposits insulating electrodes.
They need to be scraped or soaked in vinegar.
Katz Warm Steam
After soaking the electrodes in vinegar for a few hours
the white scale is almost completely removed allowing
normal operation.  Without doing this the unit was not
Katz Warm Steam


Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer Katz
The night light is in the shape of the classic Vicks
cough drop.

I have one of these in my bedroom and use it most winter nights.
The problem is that it works like the above units, that's to say by eating up the carbon rods. 
When they are used up, and there are no replacement rods, you need to throw away the unit an buy another one.

Vicks V750
This one works by boiling water.  It leaves behind the hard elements in the water, which is good in that those elements are not in the steam, but not so good in that you need to remove them at least monthly.
If too much time goes by (more than a month) without cleaning the unit only runs a few minutes then the light changes from green to red.
Note build up in left chamber.  It can totally fill the gap between the heater element and the inside of the tube that surrounds it, causing the red light to come on, even when it's full of water.
Vicks V750 showing


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