427 Cobra Engine ID Plate


427 Cobra CSX3282 Engine ID PlateThis is the official engine ID plate that has the CSX3282 number.  Just out of sight and to the left is the battery.  In order to replace the battery the car needs to be jacked up and it goes out the bottom.  Many ...many...many years ago J.C. Penney was selling lifetime batteries.  I put one in this car.  J.C. Penney automotive went out of business, but Firestone assumed the battery warrenty.  I have had the battery replaced a couple of times on the lifetime warrenty.

I also had a J.C. Penney battery in my 20/25 Rolls Royce.  I took took the car to Sears automotive on San Antonio Rd in Los Altos and they sold me a new Sears Battery.  They did not tell me that I could go across the street to Firestone and get a free battery.  This was in the time frame where Sears automotive was doing a lot of illegal tactics and later they got caught.  But I lost my lifetime battery warranty on the 20/25 Rolls.

The hose that is plugged into the valve cover is for the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PVC) system.  The only smog equipment on this car is the PVC system.

In the last few years that I lived in Silicon Valley I had to get this car smogged every other year.  When I took it to the smog station it would fail by a little.  Then I had to take it to the smog referee and it would also fail by just a little.  But I would get a smog certificate (the certificate does not say if you pass or fail) because there were NO RULES for the engine when the car was new.  I have heard that just this January (1998) cars prior to 1972 do not need smogging.  In Mendocino county there are no smog checks unless you sell a car newer than 1972.  We have nice clean air.

Looking back this may have been a good thing.  It caused me to maintain the car since the official smog stations moved each time and were some distance from where I lived.

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