Part Numbers

Front Wheel Bearings

The front wheel bearings have no seals to keep water out.  I learned this because this was my commute car durig all of the year.
The large bearings are Timkin LM67048 19 roller bearing & LM67010 cone.
The small bearings are Timkin LM11949 14 roller bearing & LM11910 cone.

Rear Half Axle Universal Joints

'50 to '59 Ford Truck

Front Lower Ball Joints

These are upside down compared to a normal car.  In a normal car the bolt portion points down and the weight is placed on a full 1/2 sphere.  In the 427 Cobra the front ball joints are inside the front wheel so that a line from the upper to lower ball joints when extended will go through the tire contact patch on the ground.  This requires that the bolt portion point up.  That means that the weight is on a narrow ring.

Bearings:    RD5 207 (hard to read order)
Seals:         SH96 307

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