45 Volt Stick (45VS)

Brooke Clarke 2010 - 2014


5 June 2014 - New lower cost version
This one does not have provision for the large battery snaps, it just has small snaps for five 9V batteries.  This opens up room down the center for a buss that can be wired to either end so that you can chain a number of sticks to make 90 or higher voltage battery packs.  This also allows the printed circuit board to be the same size as the batteries allowing tight packing.

There are 4 mounting holes that will clear a No. 4 screw.

These are now for sale.  See my products for sale web page.

45VS with 5 9V batteries (batteries not included)
45 Volt Stick
                  (45VS) with 5 each 9V batteries
Top and bottom views of 45VS
45 Volt Stick
                  (45VS) Top and Bottom Views

There is a need to replace 45, 90, 180, etc. Volt dry batteries using common 9 Volt batteries and an adapter.  This is my first attempt at a 45 Volt stick.  It has been designed to allow connection of multiple sticks in series to get the higher voltages.  It also has large snaps on the top to emulate the 455 45 Volt battery electrically, but it is not physically the same size as the 455 battery.

There are narrow spots on the traces to each of the big snaps so that the snaps can be electrically isolated from the local batteries.  At the left and right side in the photo below there are jumper positions to allow a series connection of the sticks to make 90, 180, etc. voltage battery packs.
45VS 45 Volt battery adapter stick
45VS 45 Volt battery adapter stick
                with Big Snaps and 455 battery
45VS 45 Volt battery adapter stick
                Bottom view

If you're interested let me know.


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