BA-5590 Style Plug

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BA-5590 Style Plug Prototype 0.0
BA-5590 Plug Prototype Pins side
11 July 2009 - Have some prototpe locating pins machined and attached with nuts.  Solder lugs are to hold a bail to make removing plug easy.
BA-5590 Plug with Locating Pins


For a number of years I've been trying to come up with a low cost plug for the BA-5590/U family of batteries and now have a working prototype.
This is larger than the planned size because it's has a lot of jumper options to allow making about any type of cable you can think of, for example:
  • 12 Volt output (shown)
  • 24 Volt output
  • 24 Volt Charging
  • 12 Volt Charging
  • 4 wire output (two wires for each battery side)
  • Dual voltage split output.  Three wires, +12, gnd, -12
The next version will have a dedicated PCB for "12 Volt Output" and another for "24 Volt Output".


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