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Fig 11
GoPro Hero5 Black
                  with 1/4-20 threaded tripod mount

        Hero5 Black
        Imaging Chip Field Of View
        Still & Video Modes
            Night Lapse Mode
        Auto Off
Lack of Support
Magic Arm
    FeiyuTech G6 Gimbal
    2019 July 16 New On App version
Carbon Fiber Extension Rod
Antioscillation Mount
External Sound


While the Nikon D300s camera will record videos, it's very hard to use.  Mainly because the eye-level finder goes black when in live-view mode.  In live-view mode the only way to see what the camera sees is to either look at the LCD on the back of the camera or use an external HDMI monitor, neither of which is practical for hand held camera shooting.  In order to focus on the LCD monitor I need to hold the camera at arm's length which results in shaky images.

I've looked a handycams and camcorders but to get the features I'd like they seem to be over $2k.  I just stumbled on an ad for the GoPro (Wiki) Hero 5 Black and it seems to offer most, if not all, the features.  I've got one on order.

There are three models similar to the Hero5:
Hero5 Black has the front LCD screen and a larger rear screen. (MSRP $400) Has: Touch display, built-in GPS, RAW & WDR photos and all of below features.
Hero5 Session has no front LCD and smaller rear screen (MRP $300) Has:  Voice control, video stabilization, auto upload to cloud.
Hero Session looks very similar to the Hero5 Session (MSRP $200)

Note the Hero5 Black is similar to the Hero Session but the Session does not have the front LCD screen.  The front screen will tell you what's going on when the rear screen is dark. MY guess is that to really use the Session you need to couple it to a smart phone.


GoPro Hero5 Black

These are intended for sports video photography, but can be used for all kinds of things.
YouTube: GoPro HERO 5 BLACK Tutorial: How To Get Started (mine has minor differences from the video, but pretty much the same)
GoPro Hero 5 Black Beginners Guide -
Connecting An External Mic To A GoPro Hero 5 - GoPro USB-C to Mike adapter (about $100) + Rode Video Micro
eBay: External Microphone Mic + Adapter + Housing Frame Case For GoPro Hero 6 5 4 3+ Experiment <$10 has 3.5mm socket is at right angle to USB-c plug (might hit gimbal?)
eBay: USB C Type C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter Cable Stereo Microphone Earphone Converter <$14 has short cable with 3.5mm mike socket
I probably can use the Stereo Mike or lavalier mike that fit the Nikon D300s since they have 3.5mm plugs.


Remove camera from frame and install battery then micro-SD card.

3 red LEDs
If you install the micro-SD card then the battery 3 red LEDs will turn on. 
To fix that remove battery and micro-SD card, press MODE button for a few seconds, then
Install battery THEN install micro-SD card.

If the battery is removed to charge and reinstalled there is another problem in that when a USB cable connects the camera to a computer the camera does not appear.  But . .  .
If the SD card is removed, the replacement battery installed, then the SD card installed the camera now shows up when connected by USB cable.

A new camera ships with the battery at about 10% charge which is a very good thing to do since the life of a Lithium battery is decreased by hours stored times percent of charge (and temperature).

When you log in at and enter the serial number of your camera it will ask if you want to install the latest firmware.
My cell phone does not work at home and Quick for Desktop v2.5.2 only runs on WIN10 - I'm using WIN7 and do NOT want to use WIN10.  (22 June 2019: Ver 2.7.0 still only supports WIN10).

The GpPro app for Android phones is a way to upgrade the camera firmware since the phone can connect to both the camera and the house WiFi.

Imaging Chip Field of View (FOV)

The chip has 12 Mega pixels and is 4.5 x 6.2 mm in size. 
The "normal" lens for a 35mm film camera is 50 mm, which is slightly longer than the diagonal of the 24x36mm frame.
The diagonal of the GoPro Hero5 Black is 7.66mm so the "normal" lens would be about 8  mm focal length.  Instead they come with X1.75, 2.6X or 3.5X

Lens Focal Length and aspect ratio.  Wide is 14 mm, Medium is 21 mm and Narrow is 28 mm.
For astrophotography the shutter speed to avoid star trails is 600/FL
Astronomy shutter speed Table


Note in the table below that the raw chip is in 4x3 format and to get 16x9 format pixels are thrown away (they may be distorted to fit?).  So for the largest number of active pixels use 4x3 format.
If the pixels map 1:1 then the 4x3 modes use the highest number of pixels.

  V.FOV deg H.FOV deg Diag. FOV deg

4 x 3 Wide


122.6 149.2
4 x 3 Medium 72.2 94.4 115.7
4 x 3 Narrow 49.1 64.6 79.7
16 x 9 Wide 69.5 118.2 133.6
16 x 9 Medium 55 94.4 107.1
16 x 9 Narrow 37.2 64.4 73.6

Still & Video Modes

In still mode you have many options that should allow taking photos of the night sky in time lapse mode showing some number of stars.  How many start remains to be seen.

I made a 1 minute 11 second video of rain-hail in 4k - 60 fps.  The file size is 262,767 KB.  When attempting to upload to YouTube the time remaining started at about 1 hour 17 minutes, but the minutes kept getting larger so canceled upload.

Still and video files can be transferred from the GoPro to a desktop computer by using the supplied 22" USB-A to USB-C cable. I have a 6' cable on order.

Night Lapse Mode

I haven't got this to work yet.  My first try failed in that the camera just shut down probably because the battery died.  That should not have happened since the camera was connected to a 2 Amp Hour Power Bank using the GoPro factory USB cable.  The Power Bank had 80% charge the next morning.  See Fig 8 below.  It may be that the power bank was not supplying power.  The power banks typically shut themselves off if there is no load for some amount of time.  This may be a problem since a fully charged camera will not draw much power. I have a USB-C LCD charging monitor tester on order to confirm that the Power Bank is providing power.

The Power Bank I used (not the ANNKE) does not supply power to a charged camera.
The ANNKE Power Bank does show a + sign in the battery symbol on the front of the camera, so it's working as expected.
A daylight time lapse was started 2018 March 19 1:27pm to see if the ANNKE power bank works for this application.  When taking photos of the setup the rear LCD was black and the front LCD just showed the battery. Pressed button on ANNKE and shutter release on camera, now battery shows "+" and rear LCD shows image.  1:35 pm now.  1:45 heard 5 rapid beeps, so expect camera shut itself off.  So the daytime time lapse mode needs some setting that's not part of selecting that mode.  The file size is 2,249KB and when played runs in a fraction of a second. There are only 10 frames (based on the difference between start and end times). Note the camera's battery has plenty of charge.

So . . .  to get time lapse to work you also need to find and disable "auto off" or whatever GoPro calls that function.  You'd think that selecting time lapse would automatically disable that feature.

It may be that the power bank turns off if it does not see a load.


Can a GoPro camera be used to optically track satellites? - He's just getting started.  Also see Seesat-l Digest, Vol 75, Issue 23, 10:00am 5/23/2020.

Auto Off

If left alone and not recording after some time the camera makes 5 quick beeps and shuts down.

Third party image stabilization

ReelSteady Go is specific to the GpPro Hero5 Black, Hero 5 Session, Hero HD(2018), Hero 6 Black and Hero 7 Black.  It takes advantage of the gyro data that's recorded along with the video.  Requires that you shoot with stabilization turned off.  BUT . . . you need WIN10 64 bit.

Lack of Support

This is an ongoing problem.
Just now I was trying to post a question on the GoPro support web page, but had a problem with my password.  After resetting it and finally getting logged in the window changed into:

HTTP Status 500 -

type Status report


description The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


The problem was the camera turning itself off, see: Night Lapse Mode above.

Another problem is understanding the LCD icons on the front and rear screens.


Fig 1 As received the camera and memory card.
Spare battery missing, marked as shipped.
GoPro Professional Guide to Filmmaking on back order
GoPro Hero5

Fig 2 Camera removed from Frame
Frame latched to shipping mount.
GoPro Hero5
Fig 3 Camera partially out of Frame.
Frame latched to shipping mount.
GoPro Hero5
Fig 4 Battery - Memory door open.
Slot is for microSD memory card. (class 10 <=128GB)
I'm using a 64GB card.
GoPro Hero5
Fig 5 On USB charge
RED LED at upper right = Charging.
RED LED at lower left=?
RED LED on back =?
GoPro Hero5
Fig 8 With external Power Bank setup for Night Lapse:
YouTube: GoPro Hero 5 Black - Night Lapse Settings
Camera battery went to zero even though power bank was at 80%.
The supplied USB-A to USB-C cable is 22" (56 cm) long,
a little short for connecting to a desktop computer, but OK for this.

GoPro Hero5
                      Black Night Lapse
Fig 9 The Front LCD is active but from the back it looks
like the camera is off.
The camera battery ran out, but the power bank was at 80%?
GoPro Hero5
                      Black Night Lapse
Fig 10 Front in Night Lapse mode
GoPro Hero5
                      Black Front in Night Lapse mode

Fig 11 Under $4 on eBay
"Tripod Mount Adapter for GoPro HERO 5"
TiltAll Tripod -
Note the flat and the curved mount bases supplied with the Hero5
have double sided tape on the bottom (no 1/4-20 threads).
GoPro Hero5
                      Black with 1/4-20 threaded tripod mount
Fig 12 Android WiFi connected GoPro and Home network
GoPro Hero5
                    Black - Android WiFi connected GoPro and Home
Fig 13 GoPro also has Bluetooth connection to phone
GoPro Hero5
                    Black - GoPro also has Bluetooth connection to
                    Android phone
Fig 14 The ANNKE power bank works in this application.
The "Power Banker" turns itself off when used for this purpose.
GoPro Hero5
                      Black + working Power Bank

Fig 15 "Power Banker" that does NOT work.
Note the LED next to the USB output is on,
but the camera front LCD is showing a battery
without the + or charge symbol.
                      Banker" that does NOT work
Fig 16 At the right are Icons that may mean Night Lapse.
GoPro Hero5
                    Black Night Lapse Icons
Fig 17


The manual included is written is very small font type and is grey not black so impossible to read without a microscope.
The on line Hero5 Black manual is much better, but I can not find out what the three LED are for.


I last used this to do some slo-mo on impulse sprinklers.  Now,  June 2019 I'd like to document things about the M-360 eTrike.

YouTube: Best Spots to Mount a GoPro on a Bike: Mule,

Boom Mount in YouTube: 3 WHEEL FAT TIRE ELECTRIC BIKE ADVENTURE!!! AddMotoR MOTAN M-350 Trike Overview -
If you know how I can get this boom mount Let Me Know.
                        Bicycle Boom Mount
                        Bicycle Boom Mount
                        Bicycle Boom Mount

Magic Arm

This is an "11" Adjustable Articulating Israell Friction Magic Arm" Model VGP-1704US-T1 SKU:  X001RSJGZ5.
The center clamp knob both clamps together the two balls with teeth it also tightens the ball joints on the end of each arm.

Fig 1 Box
                      Adjustable Articulating Israell Friction Magic
                      Arm" Model VGP-1704US-T1 SKU: X001RSJGZ5
Fig 2 Included is a smart phone mount as well as a few
GoPro finger mounts.  The pinch screw has threads
that are too long to function.
                      Adjustable Articulating Israell Friction Magic
                      Arm" Model VGP-1704US-T1 SKU: X001RSJGZ5
Fig 3 Mounted on the Addmotor M-360
holding a GoPro Hero 5 Black camera.
                      Adjustable Articulating Israell Friction Magic
                      Arm" Model VGP-1704US-T1 SKU: X001RSJGZ5

YouTube: How to mount your camera anywhere - based on Manfrotto parts: Super Clamp, 244N Variable Friction Magic Arm Without Camera Bracket, 143BKT Camera Bracket,
Note that the 143VKT has light stand spools on both ends.  These do not allow locking in rotation.  They are OK when the centerline of the spool is plumb, but otherwise allow non symmetrical loads to spin toward the ground.

Manfrotto 196-B Arm

It turns out this is not a "magic" type arm, but just uses pinch clamps.  Could not tell from the photos in the eBay ad.


870429 Sectional stand, Frank G Grimler, 1907-04-27 - Goose neck with adjustable spring tension
2510198 Flexible positioner, Earl B Tesmer, 1947-10-17 - Goose neck with on/off type locking
4949927 Articulable column, John E. Madocks, Thomas M. Young, 1989-10-17 - adjustable spring tension - "The disadvantage to prior art columns is that they are not adapted to accommodate the forces acting in the column. Consequently they tend to sag when extended out horizontally to the floor and they are difficult to adjust into new positions."
5348259 Flexible, articulable column, Ernesto E. Blanco, William Schnorr, MIT, 1992-02-10 - Cited by 351 patents - mostly for medical applications (endoscope, laproscope, &Etc)
9237933 Universal arm system, Victor Agbodoe, Olaf Storz, Specialty Surgical Instrumentation Inc, 2011-10-21 - has T-handle to lock flexible arm
DE102013205700 articulated arm, Bo Christensen, 9 Solutions Tech Co Ltd, 2013-03-28 - used to hold a light


The stock housing has a few problems that an aftermarket housing can solve.
1. The stock housing does not allow opening the door to access the USB-C connector.  You either leave the door closed or remove the door.  The after market housing has a larger cutout that allows opening and/or removing the door while the housing is in place.
2. The Puluz housing also has a 52mm filter adapter built into the housing so the filters from my Nikon can be used.
3. There is no cold shoe mount.  This might be handy to add an external microphone.
eBay search terms "PULUZ Housing Shell Aluminum Protective Frame Cage+ UV Lens for GoPro HERO6 5" or "Black Aluminum Alloy Protective Case Frame Skeleton Housing for Hero 6 5" or "GoPro Hero Frame 52".  The 52 mm filter ring gives these housings a distinctive look.

Luxebell's Updated Lightweight Aluminum GoPro Vlog Case -
The Luxebell Aluminium Alloy Skeleton Housing is lighter in weight than the earlier model and also about three times more expensive.

Makes many accessories for the GoPro camera. They have a number of housings for GoPro cameras. Quality products.

Puluz Housing eBay: $20
"PULUZ Housing Shell CNC Aluminum Frame Cage + 52mm UV Lens Cap For GoPro HERO5 6"
Maybe SKU:PU183R ?
Knock Off Housing eBay:  $12
"Black Aluminum Alloy Protective Case Frame Skeleton Housing for Hero 6 5"
GoPro housing w/52mm UV Filter and cap.
Small plastic bag: GoPro finger mount +2 screws,
Cold Shoe + 1/4-20 flat head screw
Puluz GoPro
No back door.  Camera is very tight fit and almost impossible
to remove from housing. Not recommended.
Knock Off GoPro
                      Puluz Housing
Puluz Housing with sliding back door.
Note spring loaded ball bearing
that snaps into cavity on back of door.
Puluz GoPro


Theory of Operation

There is an Inertial Measurement Unit (Wiki: IMU, Gimballed Nav) attached to the camera platform and a second IMU attached to the handle or base.  The classical IMU consisted of a platform inside a 3-axis gimbal that was stabilized by three gyroscopes.  On that platform were three accelerometers all at right angles to each other.  By integrating the accelerometer outputs you could navigate in a stand alone fashion, like in a submarine where there are no outside inputs.  The next generation was the "Strap Down Inertial Navigation System (Wiki).  The development of small quadcopters (Wiki) has driven the development of miniature IMUs that no longer use spinning gyroscopes but rather Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (Wiki: MEMS).  These are just integrated circuits that include cantilevered mechanical beams that can act like gyroscopes or accelerometers.

TDK MPU-9250 Nine-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer + Compass) and the Bosch BMP180 Pressure Sensor are available on a small PCB for under $15 on quantity of one each.
TDK  ICM-20948 - 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis compass, and a Digital Motion Processor™ - in the $15 to $25 range for a PCB w/pressure sensor on eBay (replaces MPU-9250)

In "Lock" mode only the IMU on the camera platform is used to keep the camera pointed in the same direction, similar to an excellent gyroscope pointing in the same direction.

In "Follow" mode the IMU in the handle senses how the handle is moving and, depending on which axis is coupled to the camera platform, causes the camera to move in the same direction and by the same amount, but with a much smoother motion.  There are typically adjustments for how fast this happens, with "sport" mode being very fast.

There is no image stabilization in the sense of cancelling camera vibrations, so it needs to be turned on in the camera or done in post processing.  Also there is no cancellation of the up and down motion associated with a walking cameraman.  There are add-on devices that amount to scissors with springs to try and cancel that up/down motion and these typically are "two handed" stabilizers, as opposed to the G6 which is in the "one handed" stabilizer category.

I'm considering the Nikon Z6 Filmmaker's Kit that includes the Moza Air 2 Gimbal, but I don't understand how it works or what it does, so am getting the Feiyu Tech G6 for the GoPro Hero 5 Black as a low cost training aid.  It has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so can connect to Hero5 AND cell phone.

Number of Hands

Gimbals (and camera mounts?) can be described by the number of hands needed for operation.

Wearable (0)

These are typically worn by people engaged in activities where they need the use of both hands, like riding a bicycle, motorcycle, skying &Etc.  The camera is configured and not changed during recording.  The GoPro was invented by someone who wanted to record from a surfboard.

One Hand (1)

The support stalk has controls arranged so that they can be operated by the same hand that is holding the stalk.  The more modern one hand gimbal systems allow the hand holding the stalk to control not only the gimbal but also many camera functions.  This leaves the other hand free to do other things.  Vloggers have difficulty when they are trying to do something on screen that requires two hands.  They might need an easy way to put the camera down such as using a tripod on the bottom of a one handed gimbal.  Another option is the overhead camera.

Two Hands (2)

Professional movie cameras are heavy enough that the gimbal or Steadycam requires both hands.  This means you need a crew rather than a single person to operate.  There's someone to carry the camera, someone else to operate the camera and someone else to aid the camera operator if moving backwards &Etc.

FeiyuTech G6 Gimbal

Deal Killer Flaws:

1. Sound form the gimbal motors (mainly the one next to the camera) makes so much noise that you can not use the build in microphone for sound.  A possible fix for this is to use an external microphone.  To do this you need access to the USB jack. But . . .
2.  There are two ways of installing the camera on the G6 Gimbal.  Either with the USB port against the motor (so you can not use an external microphone) or with the On/Off button against the motor so you can not turn on the Hero 5 Black (This model GoPro does have a "Go Pro Turn Off" command that works, but there is no "Go Pro Turn On" command.  So you need to remove the camera from the mount every time you want to turn it on.
3. The Android "On" app that I first tried, and the latest version of 16 July 2019, both failed to update the G6 Gimbal keyboard firmware.  That firmware was not able to properly control my Hero 5 Black GoPro.  The WIN7 software fails to function
4. There is no U.S. support of any kind.

Fig 1
FeiyuTech G6
Fig 2
FeiyuTech G6
Fig 3 The 26650 battery comes wrapped in plastic that needs to be removed so electrical connection can be made to the terminals.
FeiyuTech G6
Fig 4 Control Panel Side
FeiyuTech G6

Lack of Support

I can not update the G6 keyboard firmware using the FeiyuTech On app.
I can not connect to a computer because the USB drivers do no work.
There is no Feiyu Tech presence in the U.S., so no support.

Facebook FeiyuTech Support - but they need to allow you to join There is also a regular Facebook page for Feiyutech.  I was allowed to post on July 8, but as of July 10 12:25pm my post is still Pending, i.e. not on line.
New MemberJuly 8 at 10:08 AM
My G6 Gimbal does not talk to the GoPro Hero 5.

When I try to update the Gimbal firmware using the On App it says it did the update, but if I check the keyboard firmware version number the app says unknown version and starts the update process again.

I tried to use the USB cable and my WIN7 desktop computer but the driver does not work.

I tried to email the factory service@.... but that email address bounces.

I tried emailing sales@... and marketing@... but got no answer. There does not seem to be any U.S. based support. The video tutorials have spolken English but the related screen shots have Chinese characters making them worthless to me.

Here are some screen shots showing the above problems:

How to get the firmware updated and get the WIN7 software working, i.e. hot to get the G6 to communicate with the GoPro Hero 5?

10 July 2019
The G6 talks to the GoPro when the phone is turned off.

See screen shot (Fig 8) taken today showing keyboard firmware: unknown

See Fig 1 Failed USB connection

I tried to email and that bounced, it's not a valid email.
I tried email to but have not had any response.
I tried to join the Facebook Support group and like the email to sales am still waiting for a response.  Joined July 8 and posted by as of 10 July my post is "pending".
Just sent an email to (3 July 2019).  My email provider crashed on 9 July 2019 and is still down as of 10 July 2019 12:56pm.

This is supposed to be a good gimbal for the GoPro cameras.  But suffers from the Chinlish (Wiki) problem of not making any sense.

Removable 26650 battery.  Have a couple of batteries on order as spares.  Already have chargers that will charge the batteries outside the G6 gimbal.

The way the GoPro Hero 5 Black mounts either the connectors are against the drive motor and are not accessible (no battery charging and no external mike) or the Mode button is not accessible (can not turn on).  The Hero 5 Black has voice control "Go Pro Turn Off" BUT does NOT have "Go Pro Trun On".  This is a PITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It means you need to remove the Hero 5 Black to turn it on every time you want to use it on the G6 gimbal.
A possible fix is to cut a slot in the motor face where the GoPro seats and install a lever that can press the Mode button.

YouTube: FeiyuTech
How to Assemble and Balance the Gimbal G6 -  OK.  No spoken language just elevator music.

Start_Fig10:     Connect up Phone (BT), G6 and GoPro (2.4 GHz Wi-Fi) -
Shows GoPro on G6 gimbal when G6 is powered on, so GoPro must already be powered on.
As soon as "on" app starts it finds G6 gimbal and the pan left or right commands from the app move the G6 gimbal (i.e. Blue-Tooth pairing working).
On GoPro select: Connect then scroll down to "wireless connection" The On/Off icon should be white, if gray the GoPro airing process is needed.  If white do NOT change it.
Now "On" app shows "GoPro" or "Sony", choose GoPro and on next screen select model "GoPro 5/6".
The above may be wrong, since at this point the GoPro does NOT show up on the cell phone settings\WiFi list, so maybe the connection needs to be forced.
Touching "Wireless Connections" on GoPro causes On/Off icon to turn gray.  Select "Connect New Device", "GoPro App".
On Cell phone turn off WiFi in settings and then on.  Now GoPro shows up and when clicked pairs with phone, but GoPro has not stopped trying to pair and times out.  When that happens the "On" app changes from showing the GoPro to "Connect camera" or a while later "unknown"
* In this video they show going through the cell phone WiFi  pairing, but after entering the password shown on the GoPro screen they jump to the app.  The assumption is the WiFi pairing is preserved.  See sequence starting at Fig 10, which demonstrates the failure of the WiFi connection.
In my case the GoPro keeps trying to pair and when it fails that breaks the pairing and app.
My WiFi connection fails when the app is active.  But in a prior try with the phone turned off the G6 gimbal paired with the GoPro.
But now when I hold down the "setting" button and after the scroll on the small G6 LCD it says Camera No Link".
Fig 10 "GoPro" 2019/07/10 12:14:14
(the pairing failed a few seconds after I took this photo.)
G6 Gimbal
                        paired with "On" app.
Fig 11 "Connect Camera" 2019/07/10 12:14:38
G6 Gimbal
                        paired with "On" app.
Fig 12 GoPro failed to pair 2019/07/10 12:25:23
G6 Gimbal
                        paired with "On" app.

Functions of Feiyu ON App - The screen shots shown in this video to not relate to what I see on my screen.
How to Control GoPro with G6 - after the above GoPro timiout and breaking the WiFi connection this video does not apply since the "setting" button is not working.
Basic Operations of Gimbal G6 -
How to upgrade G6/G6 Plus firmware in your PC - G6 Downloads - after USB driver update keyboard prior to gimbal
There is no spoken narration, only background music and a video screen shot that's too small to understand what's happening.  See Fig 0 below for how my files look.
The procedure to recognize the COM port given in the video fails because my WIN7 computer (up to date on all new firmware and software) does not recognize the device at all, see Fig 1.
By documenting the problems 7/10/2019 2:05pm I have broken the G76 gimbal to GoPro link that sort of worked when I started.
Feiyu Tech Wireless Control In One Hand -the "Hyperlink" is a remote, not a cell phone. 25 June 2019 not available anywhere.

YouTube: Feiyu Tech G6 Review with GoPro Hero 6 - (noise from the gimbal motors couples directly into the GoPro, so an external mike is needed.)
Using A Microphone With FeiyuTech G6 - Requires USB-c to 3.5mm audio adapter (about $100 from GoPro).  See below for $10 External Sound adapter
eBay: USB C Type C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter Cable Stereo Microphone Earphone Converter : short cable to 3.5mm jack
eBay: External Microphone Mic + Adapter + Housing Frame Case For GoPro Hero 6 5 4 3+ : right angle USB-c to 3.5mm jack w/stereo mike.
The Best Way To Use a Gimbal - Smooth Shots - Zhiyun Crane | Momentum Productions -
How to connect and setup Alexmos 3 axis brushless gimbal controller - 32 bit processor and IMU on drone frame and IMU on DSLR platform. 2013 DIY DSLR gimbal.
FeiyuTech G6 Review & Sample Footage -


USB between G6 and WIN7 computer. - Not working 1 July 2019
YouTube: Frediculous: Feiyu-Tech G6 Gimbal Review & Tutorial - connection starting at 6:02:
Starting with everything off.

1. Power on the GoPro. swipe down and select connect. Then select Wireless Connections.

At this point there can be different menu options depending on what you have connected to in the past.  I have connected my GoPro  to their app, even though my cell phone is now off and the app is not running, the GoPro does nothing when I select Wireless Connections.  But scrolling up I can select Connect New Device and then GoPro App which brings up the pairing screen with a Camera Name and Password like shown at 7:00.

1b.  Note the Hero 5 only has 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and the G6 uses 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.  Newer models of the GoPro that have both 5 and 2.4 GHz default to 5 GHz, so you need to manually select the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi before proceeding with this connection sequence.

2. On cell phone in Settings:
    Wi-Fi: you should see the GoPro name and by clicking on it a green check mark should appear indicating the phone is linked to the GoPro.

    Bluetooth: In Settings on the phone should be turned on.

3. . . and turn on the G6 Gimbal.. 7:33 In the Feiyu-Tech On App (not the Feiyu-Tech Cam App) First click Motion Camera Stabalizer, then select the G6 (if it is not automatically selected).  Click on Connect.  The App should show something like FY_G6_92 (or FY_G6_ad) dlcik on that name to see the Gimbal control window.  (App version in video is 2.1.18. My version (Me\about: is 3.2.7).  There should be a bar showing a Wi-Fi icon and the word GoPro.  Click on that bar to activate the link and select GoPro then after "Reading Wi-Fi List" you can click on the name of the GoPro camera (starts with letters GP followed by a bunch of numbers).  You may need to enter the password that was displayed on the back of the GoPro?

At this point the G6 Gimbal record button should work to start and stop recording on the GoPro.
Also Clicking the button on the right side of the G6 Gimbal will increment the camera modes video, still,  . . .
Holding down the Settings button on the G6 Gimbal should bring up the 4 camera settings on the small LCD screen.  sliding the joystick left or right to choose which parameter to change and using joystick up or down to modify and finally to transfer the settings to the camera press and hold the Settings button until the progress line has moved all the way across the bottom of the small LCD.
------[ pause to charge cell phone, drained battery yesterday trying to get this to work]-----

Fig 0 USB firmware directory
                      USB firmware directory
Directory of WIN firmware after expanding USB.Drive for
Fig 1 Fail USB connection
FeiyuTech G6
                      Gimbal USB error message
When provided USB cable connected between G6 (power off) and WIN7 computer
the window at left pops up saying:
"One of the USB devices attached to this computer has
malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.

Clicking on the highlighted line does nothing.  The only possible action is "Close".
FeiyuTech G6 Gimbal USB error message
When the G6 is powered on with the USB cable connected to WIN7 this error message appears.
But clicking the message just brings up the above "malfunctioned" window.
G6 Gimbal Keyboard firmware update from App
Keyboard firmware update from App.

When Got it is checked and Upgrade is clicked a new window opens saying "Disconnect Camera from G6".
It is not clear if this means disconnect electrrically, i.e. unplug cable
It means mechanically remove camera.  I tried that but then the gimbal motion goes crazy.

After removing cable between camera and G6 the message still appears. 
But the Gimbal is steady while the camera is mechanically connected.

When upgrade keyboard is selected the Latest version: 1.12
When upgrade Gimbal is selected the "current version is the latest".
G6 Gimbal
                        Keyboard firmware update from App Make sure your camera is not
connected to the Gimbal!

Does this mean disconnect the short cable?  This message still appears after cable removed.
Does this mean mechanically remove camera from Gimbal?  After doing that the Gimbal makes crazy movements.
Need answer in order to upgrade keyboard firmware to 1.12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 July 2019 Answer:  Turn off GpPro to break Wi-Fi connection but leave it mechanically attached to G6 Gimbal.
Note the progress bar moves a tenth of a % in about a second so you can see that there is progress. 
On the first try it froze at 2% and I needed to force power off on the phone and restart.
Even though the app said the upgrade was successful, when clicking on Keyboard Firmware the window to upgrade again appeared.  When clicked on Gimbal firmware it says "current version is the latest".
Try again to update Keyboard firmware (GoPro mounted and cabled, but powered off).  On small LCD there is a diagonal line through the camera icon.
After the second upgrade the app still shows Current Version: unknown.  It does NOT work!
Also when the USB cable connects the G^ gimbal to my computer I'm still getting unknown USB device error.
G6 Gimbal F-Y
                        App gray "x" on G6 - but it pans from
G6 Gimbal F-Y App gray "x" on G6 - but it pans from app and slider rotates camera from app.
Can not get to the above page to see warning about disconnecting camera.

Note in top row: FY_G6_ad and to the left a gray "x".  But the large button pans left right and the slider rotates camera.
After a lot of fiddeling I was able to get to the
Make sure your camera is not
connected to the Gimbal! page and there is still a gray "x" on the top row.

Wi-Fi between G6 and GoPro Hero 5 Black. - Not working 1 July 2019

When powered on the screen on the G6 Gimbal briefly shows something about WiFi, but I have never been able to get back to that screen.
Even after the G6 gimbal recognizes the GoPro via Wi-Fi. the GoPro screen shows the rotating rings for trying to connect and finally says FAIL TO CONNECT.
The small LCD on the G6 gimbal does show the camera as connected (n diagonal strike through line), but I was not able to change the settings shown on the camera, only the setting shown on the screen.

BlueTooth between G6 and Feiyu On Android App.  Sort of working 1 July 2019

Fig 5 Camera, G6 and "On" app all talking.
G6 Gimbal
G6 Gimbal linked to "On" app and GoPro.
Fig 6
G6 Gimbal
Pressing setting brings up GoPro camera info.
But . . . . it does NOT change GoPro settings.

Cable between G6 and GoPro Hero 5 Black.  Do not know if cable is just for DC or also for communications? Communications not working 1 July 2019 - got coms working on 2 July 2019, but does not change camera settings.

Firmware Upgrades:

1. Keyboard and outside interface
2. Gimbal operation.
G6 Firmware Upgrades
The G6 smart phone screen shows:
Firmware Upgrade
[a blue line that does not move, or moves very slowly?
Fig 7
G6 Gimbal
The "On'" app reports that the firmware upgrade worked.
Fig 8 10 July 2019 -
G6 Gimbal
Current Version: unknown
Latest version: 1.12
fix bugs

Android Phone\FeiyuON\logs\crash_logs
*********************************** CRASH START ***********************************
CRASH_TIME=2019-07-05 18:35:59.512
java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not read input channel file descriptors from parcel.
    at android.view.InputChannel.nativeReadFromParcel(Native Method)
    at android.view.InputChannel.readFromParcel(
    at android.view.InputChannel$1.createFromParcel(
    at android.view.InputChannel$1.createFromParcel(
    at android.view.inputmethod.InputMethodManager.startInputInner(
    at android.view.inputmethod.InputMethodManager.onPostWindowFocus(
    at android.view.ViewRootImpl$ViewRootHandler.handleMessage(
    at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
    at android.os.Looper.loop(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
*********************************** CRASH END ***********************************

2019 July 16 New On App version

Fig 20
G6 Gimbal
 2019 July 16 - new version 3.0 "On" app loaded.
The upgrade is stalled at 1.9%.
Powered down phone, GoPro powered itself off, powered down G6.
Powered up phone and started "On" app then powered up G6 (GoPro is off).  Update started loading at 10:09 am.....
Fig 21
G6 Gimbal
2019 July 16 10:19
Keyboard firmware seems to be upgrading . . . ended loading at 10:19 (took 10 minutes)
4. (on phone screen) "The motors will turn off automatically during the upgrade process." - no true if you try to move any axis it is held by an active motor.
Fig 22
G6 Gimbal
 Powered off the G6 to reboot.  Phone shows Bluetooth Disconnect."
Fig 23
G6 Gimbal
2019 July 16 10:24 Current Version: unknown
Clicked <cloud> and Keyboard upgrade.
Latest version: 1.17
Add yi camera support. (Required bluetooth firmware version 1.09).
So I upgraded again, rebooted again to see if the bluetooth problem would get fixed.

Note before the On app update the "Latest version:" was 1.12 now it is 1.17.
Also there is a new message "Add yi camera support. (Required bluetooth firmware version 1.09)."
Fig 24
G6 Gimbal
2019 July 16 10:40
The second upgrade attempt had the same results as the first attempt.
Current Version: unknown
Latest version: 1.17
Add yi camera support. (Required bluetooth firmware version 1.09).

Carbon Fiber Extension Rod

Got this to extend the handle on the G6 Gimbal.  Also got a small tripod for the other end that uses a male 1/4-20 screw.  But the extension rod probably was made for the G4 gimbal and so has large threads, male on the top end and female on the bottom end.  So will need an adapter from the large thread to 1/4-20 female.  The good news is that these rods and very light weight and stiff being carbon fiber and can be connected to each other to make a much longer carbon fiber pole.
Flange to Flange length: 14-3/8" (365mm)
Diameter: 25mm
Large Thread: 22 - 1.5mm
Carbon Fiber
                      Extension Rod


 (Wiki) - the wiki page shows the camera at the top of the stick with weight at the bottom of the stick, i.e. weight stabilization.
The first version was a horizontal bar with the camera at the front end and weights on a vertical bar at the back.  By adjusting the weights center of the support gimbal was at the center of mass of the assembly.  So any acceleration would only cause a translation of the rig, i.e. no turning moment on the camera.
YouTube: Bound For Glory (1976) Steadicam Shot - steadycam operator Garrett  Brown started out on a crane platform and after crane lowered him to ground, he followed the actor.
Steadicam - Science of the Movies - has footage of the first generation system in use by Garrett Brown.  He also has the sky cam and the cameras for diving (drop cam?) and a submarine that runs along a track below the lane in a swim meet.

The Steadycam patent applicatio
n US05/506,326 was split into two patents:
1. The camera is mounted so that it is balanced in all directions relative to the support point.  That way when the assembly is moved the camera tends to stay pointed in whatever direction it was already aimed.  See
2. The balanced assembly (item 1) is held by means of a suspension comprising springs and shock absorbers to dampen the camera movement caused by the operators foot steps.  See:
4017168 Equipment for use with hand held motion picture cameras, Garrett W. Brown, Priority: 1974-09-16 - the support gimbal is at the center of mass of the camera + counterweight. no electronics needed.
4156512 Equipment support system, Garrett W. Brown, Priority: 1974-09-16 - resembles a 2-arm desk lamp support with springs.  This removes the up/down caused by the steps of the cameraman.
4710819 Suspension system for supporting and conveying equipment, such as a camera, Garrett W. Brown, Priority 1982-12-01 - Sky Cam (Wiki)

Antioscillation Mount

The idea is similar to the steady cam except it's concerned with vibration dampening.  This typically is before active image stabilization (Wiki)
2491229 Antioscillation mount, Frank W Taylor, Technicolor Motion Picture Corp,
2518632 Antioscillation mounting for optical instruments such as telescopes, cameras, and the like, O'brien Brian, Jr Hobert W French, (not assigned), Aug 15, 1950 -
2939363 Optical sighting device,  Paul T Kaestner, J W FECKER Inc, 1960-06-07 -
3460881 Image stabilizer, Lee O Heflinger, TRW, Aug 12, 1969 -  inertially stabilized mirror 

External Sound

USB-C to Audio Adapters are on eBay starting at less than a dollar.  I got this particular version because the title mentions "Microphone".
eBay title: "USB C Type C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter Cable Stereo Microphone Earphone Converter"  This also should work: "USB-C 3.5mm Microphone adapter"
GoPro External Sound with USB-C to audio adapter
GoPro External
                      Sound with USB-C to audio adapter
Shown with door removed, but the connector fits with door on.

I have more parts on order to add a cold shoe mount to the GoPro.

The above FeiyuTech G6 Gimbal couples motor noise to the internal mike on the GoPro camera so an external mike is desired.  BUT .  .  . GoPro wants about $50 for their adapter.
Instead I got a generic USB-C to Audio Adapter on eBay for under $15 including shipping.  The box is marked:
USB-C Digital to 3.5mm headphone Audio Adapter.
I used it with an audio-Technica PRO 24-CM stereo mike with a standard 3.5mm stereo plug. Uses LR44 battery. Left and Right cardioid patterns arranged to cancel opposite side, not back.
YouTube: Test first with internal mike then with external mike.
YouTube: Test with internal and external mikes. Done on Hero 5 Black. 
This adapter is audio only, but they also have a version that includes a DC charging input in addition to the audio, but it's larger.

GoPro Patents

Nicholas D. Woodman (Wiki) was the man behind the GoPro cameras and many of the early patents are in his name.  The first application was surfing off Australia.


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