Haiku Ceiling Fan

by Big Ass Fans

2013 Brooke Clarke
Haiku Fan use screwdriver
          to aling main bolt parts
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    IR Remote
Old Ceiling Fan
Packages Received
Install Haiku Ceiling Fan
IR Codes


The Haiku (Ukiah spelled backwards) fan is made by Big Ass Fans


The old fan blades turned but they did not move any papers, but the Haiku when running at max speed will disturb papers, so it's moving more air than the old 5-bladed ceiling fan.
That means when comparing power consumption of the old and new fans the new fan should be run at a slower speed to it's moving the same amount of air.

IR Remote

Last night when watching a movie I pressed "Return" on the Blu-Ray remote and the Haiku lights turned on.  So at least that command is common.  I haven't tried all the buttons on all my remotes to see which ones can be used to control the fan.

Pressing some other Blu-ray button causes the fan speed to increase or if it's off to start on low speed (which also turns on the blue light for some seconds).  This is a distraction when watching a movie.
Also see IR codes below for interference with TV remote.

Old Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan in my TV home theater room has a bent blade.  It may be possible to straighten it, but that also may break it.  So I've been thinking about replacing it.
At a recent gathering of friends the Big Ass Fan company was mentioned and I checked out their offerings.  The small fan intended for use in homes is called the Haiku which is nice since I live in Ukiah, California.  It's truly a work of art as well as being more efficient than conventional AC powered ceiling fans.

Old Craftsman brand 5-blade ceiling fan
Craftsman 5
                  wood blade ceiling fan

Model: FC-3052    G 12
52" Ceiling Fan
120V AC 60 Hz 0.6A
5AO 00890
Made in Taiwan
Craftsman Ceiling Fan
After removing the brass cap (3 screws) the wiring can be accessed.  There was no need to do this.
Craftsman 5
                  wood blade ceiling fan Wiring
After removing the top cover
(2 screws just loosened)
Craftsman 5
                  wood blade ceiling fan ceiling details
Wires disconnected.  House wires on right.
Copper: Ground
White: Neutral
Black: Hot? or switched fan?  May need to rewire switch.
Red: Switched Light?
Craftsman 5
                  wood blade ceiling fan Wiring
Ceiling Ball Mount after fan lifted out.  No need to work with
screws while weight of motor is there.
Craftsman 5
                  wood blade ceiling fan Wiring
Fan box ready for Haiku installation.
Craftsman 5
                  wood blade ceiling fan Wiring

Packages Received

14" x 12" x 3" - 2 lbs.
33" x 14" x 13" - 19.5 lbs.
as received the two boxes were held together with a number of straps.
Haiku Fan shipping
Optional Light in small box.
Haiku Fan Optional
                  LED Light
Haiku Fan in larger box.
Haiku Fan in
                  shipping box

Install Haiku Ceiling Fan

Motor board is fixed,
Color dots match color dots on fan blades
Haiku Fan Fixed
                  (non rotating) Printed Circuit Board
Fixed PCB close up
Haiku Fan Fixed
                  (non rotating) PCB close up
The shiny black hemisphere near the blue plastic rectangle is the IR sensor.
The round black plastic device with a hole in it's center is the piezo speaker.
Haiku Fan Top near
Label on top side of motor
Note the power factor is >0.92 (excellent) and,
the total current is 0.363 A, almost half of the old fan
so a double improvement.
Haiku Fan Label

Hardware (excluding the stiffener kit)
using Styrofoam packing to keep organized.
Haiku Fan Top near
1. Install Airfoils (loosen motor top cover screws)
Haiku Fan 1.
                  Install airfoils
Tighten top motor cover screws (but not too tight, that might lock up motor)
2. Install LED Light mounting ring
Haiku Fan 1.
                  Install airfoils
3. Install LED Light
Haiku Fan 1.
                  Install airfoils
LED Light Cover is a twist to lock design
Haiku ceiling fan light cover twist lock
4. Preparation for hanging fan
Haiku Fan 1.
                  Install airfoils
5. Hang fan by safety wire
Haiku Fan hang fan
                  by safety wire
6. Use screwdriver to align main bolt hole
7. Install main bolt with support brackets.
You will need a 5mm hex wrench and adjustable wrench for the side support bracket bolt.
You will need two adjustable wrenches for the main bolt & needle nose pliers to install the cotter key.
8. Black to black, copper to green, white to white wiring.
(I put a wire nut on the red house wire and taped it.
9. put tape on wall switch in the ON position so the remote
controls the fan.
Haiku Fan use
                  screwdriver to aling main bolt parts
To reverse motor press OFF and wait for blade to stop.
Press Woosh 3 times.
Press On.
There are only 3 speeds in reverse which is different from normal mode where there are 7 modes plus woosh.
Haiku Fan use
                  screwdriver to aling main bolt parts

Youtube video

Running Slow Youtube video

IR Codes Front of IR Remote
Haiku Fan Front of
Back of Remote w/ 2025 Battery
Haiku Fan Back of
                  Remote w/ 2025 BatteryFan Mode Indicators

Speed: 1 - 7 LED on steady
Timer: 1 - 7 LED Flash

Reverse Mode:
Turn Fan Off.
Wait for it to stop.
Press Whoosh 3 times.
Turn fan on.



3V CR2025 + up in this view (facing the back of the remote)

The codes were read using the USB Toy.

Power                    0xC03F
FanUp                    0x0AF5
FanDn                    0x827D
Whoosh                   0x20DF
LightUp                  0x42BD
LightDn                  0x8A75
Sleep                    0xCA35
Timer                    0x02FD
Clear                    0xF807
LightOnOff               0xC23D


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WO 2010026441 A1 E.J. Noble, describes the control functions in the Haiku and maybe some of their other fans.


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