M-153/U Microphone, Voice Silencer

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This is a special microphone designed to keep your voice from being heard by any one else when speaking.  There is a Push To Talk switch on top of the "nose".  The resulting sound is very crisp and easy to understand.  Operationally there is no provision for hearing so the VOL control on the radio needs to be turned almost to OFF so that the speaker will not make any noise.  To prevent warning tones the ANT switch should be on the correct letter for the frequency being used (maybe add some tape to the CHAN switch and the ANT switch.  Also be sure the battery is fully charged to prevent the low battery warning tone.

The manual mentions using the M-153, held to the ear, as a way to hear the radio output without others overhearing the audio, but I don't see how that is possible because as far as I can tell the M-153 is wired only to the A (gnd) and D (Mic) pins of the U-229 connector.  The MIC appears to always be connected to the A & D pins.  The PPT switch grounds the AUDIO "C" pin to A (gnd) when pressed.  The AUDIO "B" (ear) pin is not connected to anything.  The only way to use the M-153 as a silenced earphone would be to have the audio fed to it on AUDIO pin D, not too practical.

If headphones will be used with the M-153, then a Y cable will need to be used that allows both to be connected at the same time.

Side image showing the PTT switch on the "nose".  On the top of the rubber face gasket is the name "Stenomask".
Mouthpiece image showing the microphone element on the right.

Made by: Talk, Incorporated, 455 Union Ave., Westbury, New York 11590

The carry bag is marked: Bag, Microphone, CW-1037/U, FSN 5965-104-2901, MFR Code 96642
The DLIS CAGE code shows the following for 96642:


CAGE CODE: 96642
Status: A - Active

DUNS Number: 013373725

Voice Telephone: 516-616-1373

County: NASSAU

The Stenomask is a court reporters microphone that is the bases of the M-153.
NVRA - The Genesis of Stenomask Voice Writing by Horace Webb, HM
Photo of steno system from eBay


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This has the look of the M-153
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