"Y" Cable,  U-229/U

©Brooke Clarke, N6GCE

General Information

This cable has a standard 5 pin U-229 at the  base of the "Y" and has two U-228 connectors at the top of the "Y".
Pins A, B, C, and D (not E) are wired in parallel.  Some radios like the PRC-25 and PRC-77 have two AUDIO connectors wired in parallel, but others like the PRC-68 Family of Squad Radios has only one AUDIO connector.  If you want to use a seperate Handset like the M-153 and headset like the H-251 then this Y cable allows the connection.

Note that pin E is open in this particular cable so it can not be used in applications where external power to the PRC-68 family radio is being used.

Numbers: 54996, Assy B4011697, CAGE 92837 - (it may also be known as the CX-13075/U)

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