Survival Kit

Brooke Clarke 2010

Major Components
    Bag 1
    Bag 2
    M-186 Pocket Flare Gun
Overall View
                Survival Kit
Major Components
                Survival Kit


This is a survival kit that was issued after the Korean conflict (timeline).  It was used during the same time period as the SDU-5/E Distress Strobe Light, the PRC-25 & PRC-77 radios, and other survival equipment.

Major Components


Part 1

Vietnam Survival Kit
          Part 1

  1. Sealed Plastic Bag
  2. Plastic Container
  3. Adhesive Plaster
  4. Matches
  5. Bouillon Cubes
  6. Oxytetracycline Tablets - (Wiki) - was the second of the broad-spectrum tetracycline group of antibiotics to be discovered.
  7. Sweet Chocolate Ration Bar
  8. Dextro-AmphetamineSulfate Tablets - (Wiki) - a psychostimulant drug which is known to produce increased wakefulness and focus in association with decreased fatigue and decreased appetite
  9. APC Tablets - All Purpose Capsule (Excedrin:  Aspirin, Paracetamol, and Caffeine. Paracetamol = acetaminophen = Tylenol Wiki: Excedrin)
  10. Bacitracin Opthalmic Ointment - (Wiki) - very effective topical antibiotic
  11. Chloroquine (Wiki) & Primaquine (Wiki)  Phosphates Tablets - drugs used in the treatment or prevention of malaria
  12. Bandage, Absorbent, Adhesive
  13. Aluminum Foil ( Fold to make container for heating fluids or cooking.)
  14. Soaped Tissues, Wrapped
  15. Sewing Kit
  16. Fishhooks and Line
  17. Fraass Surgical Mfg. Co. Inc. (then FRAASS Survival Systems) - Kit List

Part 2

Vietnam Survival
            Kit Part 2

  1. Plastic Container
  2. Adhesive Plaster
  3. Matches
  4. Compress, Gauze
  5. Bouillon Cubes
  6. Sweet Chocolate Ration Bar (2 ea)
  7. Bandage, Absorbent Adhesive
    2329262 Surgical Dressing Unit, Johnson & Johnson, Sep 14, 1943 - test string to open package
    2703083 Adhesive Bandage, W.J. Gross, Mar 1955 - vinylidene chloride adhesive to stick to skin
  8. Soaped Tissues, Wrapped
  9. Water Purification Tablets, Iodine
  10. Benzalkonium Chloride Tincture (Wiki) - skin disinfectant
  11. Petroleum jelly  (tube) - (Wiki) - no longer believed to be the "cure-all" that is was
  12. Hacksaw Blade 4" Long (missing)
  13. Razor Blade (single edge)
  14. Lipstick, Sunburn Preventative
  15. Fraass Surgical Mfg. Co. Inc. Kit List

Survival Mirror

Survival Mirror
2395605 Light Directing Device, Larry L. Young, Application Dec 7 1943, issued Feb 26 1946 -
patent 2395605
                  Light Directing Device patent 2395605
                  Light Directing Device

M-186 Pocket Flare Gun

M-186 Pocket Flare
The chamber is threaded 7/16-20 and the flare has that thread.  May be the same as a tear gas pocket pen gun.
If you know of a source for flares (new old stock or used spent) let me know.
Very similar to the tear gas gun:
1897992 Gas Gun, Lake Erie Chemical Co, Feb 21 1933 -
3044360 Flare gun, Lang Anton G, Stefan Russell O, Filed: Dec 1, 1960, Pub:  Jul 17, 1962, 89/1.1, 102/342, 42/1.15 - the flares are larger in diameter than the body of the launcher.  Uses a .22 CB blank as the propellant.  There is no barrel in the launcher.  This may be the patent for the M-186?

1775178 Pistol, Von Frantzius Peter, Sep 9, 1930 - tear gas pen(See:

AFM 64-15 Survival Uses of the Parachute, 1956

AFM 64-15 Survival Uses
          of the Parachute, 1956


FM 21-76-1 - covers some of how to use this survival kit.
What's needed is the FM that was used around 1956, if you know what it was - Let me know


Survival Equipment
IR Beacons
SDU-5/E Marker Distress Light
SDU30 SDU-30 Light Marker Distress
PRC-90 Survival Radio
PRC-112 Survival Radio
URC-68 Survival Radio
RT-10  ACR-B/2 URC-10 Survival Radio
USAF M6 Survival Rifle/Shotgun (Wiki) WANTED - Let me know
Springfield Armory M-6 Scout Survival Gun -
The M6 Survival System -
The Springfield M-6 a follow-up report -
Reloding .410 Bore Shotshells -
Semi-automatic Weapons


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