Instruments in my Office when I did this web page

HP 59501B Isolated DAC Power Supply Programmer
HP 34401A Multimeter
HP 53132 Universal Counter (traded it for the SR620)
Gibbs Frequency Standard based on Bliley 5 MHz crystal
HP 5328 Frequency counter
Tek 515 Oscilloscope

Test Instruments in OfficeUpper Right is

59501B Isolated DAC/Power Supply Programmer

This was intended as a way to add HP-IB programming to a power supply that has provision for external voltage or resistance programming.  It has a DAC with voltage output that I use to
control my SRS SC-10 ovenized crystal oscillator. 

Left Top is

HP 34401A Multimeter

This is a very cost effective HP-IB or bench top multimeter and is my standard for many measurements.   Below the 59501A is

HP 53132A option-012 option-030 Universal Counter

The -012 is the Ultra High Stability Crystal Oscillator and -030 is the 3 GHz BNC Chan 3 input.  This is a nice HP-IB Universal counter.  But is is difficult to use because the behavior of the HP-IB commands is not clear.  The HP 53132 has been replaced by a . . .

Stanford Research - SR620

Not shown in photo above.  (see SR620) This counter was designed for measuring many things, but it is very good for working with 1 PPS time intervals.  I got the plane jane version and use my PRS10 Rb oscillator as the external frequency standard and the PRS10 1 PPS output as the A channel trigger signal.  The PRS10 is locked to the 1 PPS from a Motorola VP GPS receiver.

Gibbs Manufacturing & Research Corporation Model 1047 - 5 MHz Frequency Standard (now SRS 10 MHz)

Under the HP 34401A and HP 53132A in photo above.

This is a 3U high rack instrument that contains a couple of series connected 723 based power supplies.  One to drop the AC line to 20 VDC to charge 3 series connected 6 Volt (18 V total) lead acid batteries and the other to supply the double oven quartz oscillator that used a Bailey glass bottle rock.  The problem was that the lead acid batteries were in the same rack chassis as the oven.  When the acid fumes got inside the oven they literally etched through the printed circuit board traces.  I repaired this a number of times but finally gave up.  The box now houses a Stanford Research SC-10 ovenized oscillator and a circuit that divides it down to 1 PPS.  The SC-10 has an input for a voltage to fine tune the frequency.  By comparing the GPS 1 PPS to the SC-10 1 PPS I can tune it to better than 1E-11 in about a half a day.  It takes over 4 hours to measure the drift rate of an oscillator this good.  See HP 59501B above for the source of the control voltage.  The control and analysis is done with LabVIEW.  
This is the cord wood construction oscillator
Gibbs 5 MHz
                Double Oven Frequency Standard

Below the Gibbs is:

5328A-H99 500 MHz Universal Counter

These are available as surplus.  They have time interval capability and are HP-IB programmable.   The H99 option adds a nice ovenized crystal oscillator, but not as good as the SRS SC-10 or the option-012 in the 53132A.  Below this counter, and out of sight is a

Tektronix 515 Oscilloscope

Although this tube type scope is old it is still very serviceable.  One of these days I will get a DSO with an HP-IB interface (See RigolDS1052E)
Tektronix Compensated Probe Patent 2883619 Electrical probe

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