Bottom View

BottomRF Deck at Top

On the left is theHP printed Circuit board for the 10.23 MHz Oscillator.
The Greenray Ind. 81.84 MHz osc. is to it's right.
The bottom Calif. Micro. PLL source is the Al box in the upper right.
The two gold plated type-N connectors at the upper right are the outputs.
The ouptout are fed from the Merimac power divider via 0.141" coax.

Card Cage in the Center

Just below the PLL source is the bottom of the extender socket.
The front panel is connected to the instrument by 2 ribbon cables and a molex plug (blk & wht wires).

Power Supplies on bottom

The two 12 Volt supplies have terminal strips added to both of them.
The edge of the 5 Volt supply can be seen below the two 12 volt supplies.
The power line filter can be seen at the lower the right

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