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As of 9 Dec 2004 the web pages and photos are too large to fit on a CD-ROM and so will transfer to a DVD.

Around 26 March 2002 my ISP determined that my disk storage was around 125 Megabytes, but they only provide 25 Megabytes for my monthly payment.  I have removed about 100 MB of photos in order to avoid monthly disk space surcharges.

Using the DVD

The DVDW contains a copy of the files used for these web pages.  One way to use the DVD is to just leave the files on the DVD and open the READ_ME.html file with your browser.  There will be links into the web pages and you can just browse like on the web only much faster.

Up to Date

I am constantly adding information to my web pages and will burn the DVD after you place an order. 

14 Sep 2003 - There are 2,436 photos that use 244 MB of space.
5 Dec 2004 - 3028 images using 624 MB of space. 
9 Dec 2004 - too big for CD-ROM (>650 MB), converting to DVD.
17 Jan 2006 - 3,338 images using 828 MB + the web pages themselves.
27 Dec. 2006 - 3597 images using 1,000 MB + the web pages

16 Nov 2010 - web pages are over 2 GB on line.

DVDW - CD of Web pages

Price: US $ 15.00 + actual postage.
DVDW to U.S. postal address
a DVD will be delivered
 $ 15.68
DVDW to Australia, Japan
a DVD will be delivered
$ 16.70
DVDW to Italy, France, Germany, UK
a DVD will be delivered
$ 16.60

CDWM - CD of Web pages & Manuals Not Available

My web pages are now taking up so much space that there is not much room left for the manuals, which were put there as a filler.  So the combined Web pages and Manuals CD-ROM has been discontinued.  It will be replaced the CDW, above, with my web pages and a seperate Military Manuals CD-ROM that I'm just starting to work on.
Military Radio related Manuals in pdf format (about 300 MB) linked from web pages (List of Manuals)  This CD does NOT include the Surveying Manuals and does not include manuals that I've scanned.


I have started to scan manuals and offer them on CD-ROM.  This is a lot of work and so they will be offered individually.

List of Manuals

Payment Option

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