GR 1657 RLC Digibridge

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GR 1657 RLC
GR 1657 RLC



I'm been curious about these for some time, but prior to now they were too pricey.  This is related to my interest in impedance, RLC Bridges and LCR meters.



Fig 1
GR 1657 RLC

Fig 2
GR 1657 RLC


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General Radio GR 650-A & GR 1650B Impedance Bridges
HP4260 Universal Bridge
HP 4261A LCR Meter
HP 4274A & HP 4275A LCR Meters
HP 4332 LCR Meter
HP 4395A Combination Network, Spectrum, Impedance Analyzer
Marconi TF-2700 Universal Bridge

SR715 LCR Meter
ZM-11/U Capactance-Inductance-Resistance Bridge, line powered
ZM4 Bridge battery powered
Crystal Impedance Meters


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