GZH1000-1H 24 VDC @ 1000 Watts Power Supply

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GZH1000-1H 24 VDC @
                1000 Watts Power Supply
GZH1000-1H 24 VDC @
                1000 Watts Power Supply
GZH1000-1H 24 VDC @
                1000 Watts Power Supply

110/220 VAC Switch


In order to operate military radios that were designed for use in a military vehice in a fixed installation one of the things you need is a source of "24 Volt" DC power.  I put quotes around it because in reallity a military vehicle will have anywhere from 20 volts (battery dead) to 30 Volts (full charge).

eBay magic search words:  1000W 24V Power Supply
about $200 including shipping (arrived well packed via Fedex in 7 days)


This is a switching power supply so there's a potential problem with noise getting into receivers.  Another potential problem is when transmitting the RF may get into the power supply and cause it to do something that's not normal operation.


The panel contains left to right:
Output binding post terminals with ring terminal lugs that can accept a wire conductor up to 0.190" diameter. 6 AWG rated for 60 to 100 Amps.
8 AWG is rated 46 Amps and 10 AWG is rated 33 to 55 Amps. 
Note: The M455-1 power supply used multiple 16 AWG connector pins wired in parallel to handle a 50 Amp load using a number of 16 AWG wires (each wire is rated 13 Amps).
Hole to access output voltage adjust pot with range from  23 to 25 VDC. (set to 25 V)
LED indicator connected to output, so stays on after AC is turned off.
On-Off Switch
IEC AC input jack

On the panel adjacent to the IEC socket there's an 110/220 VAC input selection switch.

On the rear panel ther are two fans.

Size: 7.5" (w) x 3.5" (h) x 10.5" (d)
Weight: 7 pounds


Other "24 Volt" power supplies:
PP-6224 25 Amp 600 Watts (maybe 750 Watts when adjusted to 30 VDC?)
M455-1/GRC-206 - might be a 1500 Watt power supply
Analog 24V Supply -



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