HP 33120A 15 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

ęBrooke Clarke 2007

HP 33120 Function
                Arb Generator
HP 33120 Function Arb Generator


In addition to the sine wave output from an audio generator a function generator also can output other waveforms like square, triangle, ramp or noise.  The arbitrary waveform allows generating your own waveform.  One way of doing that is to use a digital scope and capture a waveform and load it into the 33120.   There are built in arbitrary waveforms like Cardiac, SINC, Neg_Ramp, Exp_Rise and Exp_Fall.

The frequency range is 0.1 milli Hz (0.0001 Hz) to 15.000,000 MHz.  The HP 8648A covers 100 kHz to 1,000 MHz so they have some overlap in range.

The things I find most useful are the frequency and amplitude settings for the output.  The output includes both the AC and DC levels.  I have the duct cap on the front SYNC input connector because when it's not there I tend to connect a BNC cable to it expecting to get the output and waste time figuring out why there's no signal.

It also has AM, FM, FSK, Burst, Sweep modulation capability so can simulate many real world signals.  This is one of the instruments that's within arm's reach all the time.

This box also has the option for using an external reference.  I feed that from my house 10 MHz source that comes either from the PRS10 Rubidium Standard that's GPS disciplined or the FTS4060 Cesium standard.

Under System Menu -> Revision:  8.0--5.0--1.0

Will be used with HP 467A Power Amplifier (DC to 1+ MHz) for autio testing.

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