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Reboot Your Computer
Safe Mode
Uninstall & Reinstall Software
System Resources
MSCONFIG - Startup
Task Manager
Device Manager
Device Drivers
Netscape Tips
Windows 98 Default File Dialog Sort Order
Defragmenting hard drives
Static & Chairs
Adobe Acrobat 5 Standard Causes Windows XP to Freeze at Windows Boot
Backup WIN XP - Backup_Philosophy
Computer Rings like a Telephone
Noisy Fan on Motherboard
CD-ROM Burning locks Computer
Adobe Photoshop 7  and Acrobat 9
Adding SATA Drive
Configuring Microsoft Office runs every time a document is opened
ATI All-In_Wonder 9800 Pro Video System
Backup UPS
    APC 2010 - Battery Replacement
    CyberPower CST1500S
500 GB Hard drive almost full
Fail to Boot
New Motherboard
YouTube Video does not show image, sound plays OK
ISA Slot Computers 2015
Dell T7810 WIN 7 2015
    C: Drive FULL
Unknown Disk on Controller 0.  Port Unknown Detected
Dell T7810 Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)
Windows automatic Security Update 2022 May 10

When things go wrong and you call the support desk for your PC these are some of the things they will tell you:

Reboot Your Computer

Often this is all that's required to get something up and running and is the first thing to try.
If the problem relates to other connected boxes then reboot all of them also.

Safe Mode

Often just bringing the computer up in Safe Mode then restarting will solve problems. To do this: If the computer goes past this too quickly: In safe mode all the start up programs are not run and on my laptop the mouse does not work, only the touch pad.
For a simple fix just wait for the disk drive to stop working and restart.

Nov 8 2008 - Had trouble installing a new in the box version of Adobe Photoshop 7.  One of the suggestions was to copy the Photoshop folder from the CD onto the C: drive and run setup.exe from there.  Also to do that in Safe Mode.  But I could not get into safe mode using the F8 key.

Another way to get into Safe Mode is to modify the Boot.ini file by adding copying the line under [Operating System], adding a suffix and changing the displayed name.
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Safe Mode" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn/safeboot:minimal /sos /bootlog
Now after the BIOS runs and before WIN starts there is a black and white DOS type screen where you can use the up/dn arrow keys to select the Op Sys.

Still another way to get into Safe Mode is to edit msconfig to use Safe Mode Boot.  This will work independent of your keyboard, BUT you can not do much there because the keyboard will not work.

Newer computers have USB support in the BIOS, but this computer does not.  I'll look into a BIOS upgrade.

Uninstall & Reinstall Software

If you have the source software (and you also may need the operating system CD) you can: You should restart your computer after this to clean up the registry.

WIN98SE Reinstall

My CD-ROM was not working for audio/video applications and  the gifs on web pages were smearing.  The tests in MyComputer/Properties/DeviceManager for the video display passed.  Both of these problems were fixed by reinstalling WIN98SE simply by installing the CD and doing a fresh install.

Bonus fro the WIN98 reinstall.  My monitor power save mode stopped a long time ago and no matter what setings I used it would not go into power saver mode.  But after the reinstall of WIN98 it's working again.  But some gifs are still smearing.

System Resources

Just after powering up (or restarting) your computer (before you run any programs), check your system resources: 85% or more is excellent
less than 80% may cause you problems
To improve this see MSCONFIG - Startup below

MSCONFIG - Startup

Task Manager

When you press <Control><Alternate><Delete> the task manager window will open showing you all the currently running tasks.
You can delete all except Explorer and Systray (for a WIN98 operating system).
If you look at the task manager just after booting (and cleaning up the Startup system) you should only see those tasks you enabled.
Note that when you run any applications they may launch more tasks and many not close them when the application closes.
I notice that when my browser launches Adobe Acrobat and I later have closed the pdf document, Acrobat is still a running task.
I can select in in the task manager and "end task" to shut it down.

Device Manager

If you are having a problem with some device, either inside your computer or external to the computer DEvice Manager will be of help in determining the problem. Once this is done restart your computer and during the boot process the computer will add the software back for each of the items.
Sometimes you may need to supply the wizard with a CD or floppy, but usually the PC can find the existing drivers.

You can also select an item and look at it's properties to see if the PC thinks it's working properly.

Device Drivers

There are programs called drivers that the PC needs for each piece of hardware, both inside the PC and on the outside.
Frequently the manufacturer has newer drivers than what you get when you open the box that your new device came in.
It's a very good idea to go to the manufacturer's web site and compare the revision number of your driver with the one on their web page and update if there is a newer version.

Netscape Tips

Problem: Composer forgets the URL if a Publish (up load) is canceled.
Solution to this and probably many other Netscape problems:
I recommend that you delete this profile's cache, cookies, and history.
1) Close Netscape
2) Open C:\Program Files\Netscape\Users
3) Open the profile folder that is having the problem
4) Delete the Cache folder, cookies.txt, and netscape.hst
5) Close the window and restart Netscape

If problem still persists
Use the User Profile Manager under Start - Programs - Netscape Communicator - Utilities to create a new profile. The new profile will have it's own set of data such as bookmarks and email settings.  Creating a new profile may resolve many issues encountered with Netscape.

Windows 98 Default File Dialog Sort Order

For reasons that are a mystery (maybe related to forced shut downs) the default file dialog sort order may change from the standard name order to some other order like in my case date order.  It's a real PITA (Pain In The ...) when this happens.

The fix is:
Right-click START, click Explore, and then click drive C.

On the View menu, click Details.

Click the Name column to sort items by name, press and hold down the CTRL key, and then quit Explorer by clicking Close in the upper-right corner of the screen (Do not use any other method of closing.).  Release the CTRL key.

Restart your computer.

Note that this method might be able to be used to change the default order to other sore orders?


I have seen computers that were never defragmented for many years and the complaint was that the computer was very slow.  Others have said that you should defrag once a week.  Maybe once every month or two, but it probably depends on how much disk access you are doing.

It turns out that some of the tasks shown on in the system tray next to the clock are not easy to shut down and bring back.  If you have any task running that writes to the disk it will either slow defrag way down or stop it.  Therefore when I run Start\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\Disk Defragmentor  I put my computer into Safe Mode (see above) first.

I've have a lot of grief with defraging my desktop computer.  Probably because the Starband software is constantly talking to the disk.  A way around the problem is to defrag the backup D: drive and copy that using Symantec/Norton Ghost back to the C: drive.  This works well.  Note that Ghost (DOS version anyway) does NOT copy the entire drive, only where there is data, and compacts out any unused sectors so the time for Ghost to copy a drive depends on the amount of data on the drive, NOT on the capacity of the drive.


Many programs use this folder to store data that is required for their operation.  Most never delete the file when they are done.  Once the Temp folder has a lot of garbage in it, it can slow down or crash some applications.  Every now and then you need to erase everything in this folder.

I made a new folder called Temp_DL that I only use when downloading large files that I may want to keep.

Static & Chairs

The Plastic wheels on an office chair rolling on a Plastic carpet mat generate a lot of static electricity.  A simple fix is to place plywood over the plastic mat, but low cost plywood will chip and splinter, mine lasted a little over a year and was messy.  I'm now trying 3/4" Oak surfaced plywood.  It has a much smoother and harder surface and should last longer.

Adobe Acrobat 5 Standard Causes Windows XP to Freeze at Windows Boot

It took a few days of effort to determine the Acrobat 5 was causing my computer to freeze during the boot process for Windows XP Home.  This was discovered by many boot attempts both from Safe (admin) mode after a freeze and from normal windows XP.   After using Add/Remove programs you need to manually delete a number of file folders and their contents.  Then running Norton One Button cleans the Registry of a dozen or so left over entries.  Adobe 7.0 Standard does work in Win XP.  It's too bad they neglect to post this fact on their web pages.

Backup WIN XP

WIN XP does not allow two drives on the same computer both with a bootable operating system.   This means you can not make a clone of your C: drive as a backup using WIN XP.
You could do this in WIN 98 and earlier versions.  If WIN XP sees another WIN XP op system it will trash one or both hard drives.  I suppose this is aimed at stopping illegal copying of the OS, but it also is a PITA as far as backups go.

The procedure is:
The reason for the two bootable DOS disks is to be very sure that the computer will not boot into WIN XP with two drives connected.  To be sure about this you can power up with just your normal C: drive and just the floppy then just the CD.  In both cases the computer should boot up into DOS.  If not you may need to change the BIOS to enable booting from either CD or Floppy.
Most mother boards have two IDE hard drive connectors and each of the IDE cables supports two drives for a total of four drives.  For the best speed is good to have the two hard drives on different mother board connectors.  The primary drive should be at the end of the cable to act as a termination.
Disk Drive Drawers on WIN XP computerThis is very easy if disk drawers are used.
these are Star Tech.com drawers and are the best of the three different brands I've used.
The top cover is held by a spring latch so can be removed without any tools.
The drive mounts on a plate that has spring isolation from the frame protecting the drive from some abuse.
The power connector and the interface connector are on short cables NOT mounted rigidly to the frame.  This not only makes it easy to install or remove a drive from the drawer but more importantly makes for a more reliable connection.  The prior drive drawers had a rigid connection and the strain between the mounting screws and the strain on the connector caused intermittent operation also known as hard drive crashes or blue screen of death.  It took a long time and some expense to find the cause.  Those drives went into the round file.

The LEDs appear to all be on, but that's just a reflection of the flash.  If you look closely you can see the right power on green LED is much brighter on the top drive.  The top drive is active (switch on) and the bottom drive is inactive (switch off).

WIN XP will start and find new hardware and so yo will need to reboot.  But once that's done your'e running on your new disk and have the old C: in storage as a known good backup.

Backup Philosophy

The only way a backup makes sense to me is if you use the backup immediately after making it as described in the above paragraph.  A friend was using RAID for a number of years and one day he got a message saying there was a bad disk drive.  He could not recover his data using the computer and paid thousands of dollars to have a service recover the data.

Schemes that make an image of your C: drive or a part of it may or may not be able to be recovered when you need them.  The only way to be sure is to do it.
It took about one and a half hours to backup 120 GB.  The starting rate was around 1.8 GB/min and the ending rate around 1.3 GB/min.

Segate SATA 2 Hard Drive

Using the removable drives has a problem in that if there's a poor connection in one of the electrical joints (and with a parallel interface there's a lot of joints) the bad connection can trash the hard drive.  So using an internal HD for backup is a better plan and the removable drive can be used to make the backup (and verified).  That way the removable drive is only used for a few minutes during the backup operation an the rest of the time is disconnected.  So today 6 April 2010 I'm installing the Segate 500 GB SATA2 drive and will clone the C: drive from the removable IDE (PATA) drive then turn off the removable drive.

The drive not only comes with cloning software (they all do), but also the SATA cable & DC Molex to SATA power cable, config jumper, and mtg screws & Instruction Booklet, nice.
        ST3500641AS-RK 500 GB Hard Drive w/STAT2 cable and power
In addition I'm using Corbian Backup software in an incremental mode to another SATA 1 drive inside the computer case.

Computer Rings like a Telephone


May 2008 - at random times it sounds like a telephone is ringing and the sound is ooming from the computer speakers.  The volume control changes the sound volume.


A week or two ago I connected the computer to my phone line in order to use the computer for faxes, but could not get it to work.  At the time the house phone line was plugged into the back of the tower stand (sitting on the floor) it was done by feel.  Today as part of organizing my office with shelving and boxes I can now see the back of the computer (bookcase removed) and the house line is plugged into the "PHONE" jack not the "LINE" jack.
If your computer is making ringing sounds check to see if you have a house phone line plugged into the PHONE jack.
If so move it to the LINE jack.

Noisy Fan on Motherboard

Stopped the fan with my finger then a quick squirt of Kroil from the spray can puts a blob of foam between the fan and body.  When the fan starts up it sucks in the oil and shortly thereafter is running smoothly.  The Kroil shown on the flashlights page is the liquid form but they also make the spray can.  I used Kroil because it's a very good penetrating lubricant whereas WD-40 is a water displacement formula, not a lubricant.


While fixing the fan on the Chipset IC the flashlight showed a lot of dust on the CPU fins behind the CPU fan.  So the next thing is to power down the computer and use Dust Off to clean the CPU fins.

CD-ROM Burning locks Computer

Jun 2008 - when trying to burn a CD-ROM the computer would lock a few seconds after the burn starts.
The problem was the secondary cable from the mother board connection to the backup slave hard drive drawer, but with the key in the off position.  This may add some parasitics or cause some other problem with the CD/DVD burner that's the primary device on this cable.  Unplugging the cable from the drawer solved the problem.

Adobe Photoshop 7  and Acrobat 9

November 2008 - I got a new in the box Photoshop 7.0 for a reasonable price since in October the offer to upgrade PS7 to the latest version had expired.

Photoshop 7 Fails to Install WIN XP SP3

In order to get into Safe Mode I needed to remove my USB keyboard and mouse and replace them with the PS2 interface versions. Note: to get into Safe Mode you can:
1) press F8 just at the end of the BIOS, but this only works with a PS2 keyboard on older computers and only if it's pressed at the exact correct momment.
2) Modify the Boot.ini file to include a second operating system, namely Safe Mode, but this only works if the up/down keyboard keys are operational.
3) Modify msconfig for Safe Mode boot. This does allow getting into Safe Mode and there you can run Photoshop 7 setup.exe from the C: drive, but you can NOT fill in the serial number with a USB keyboard. Once the PS2 inputs were in place the install worked fine.

When PS7 was run the first time it suggested that the scratch file for PS should be on a separate drive from Windows cache, so that's on the list of things to do.
(I haven't done that yet, but have seen severe delays when opening file dialog boxes whre Photoshop is associated with any files in the box.  Those delays have been mitigated by removing the file associations and doing it manually using "Open With".)

There may be a difference between running in my normal mode where I'm the only user AND have administrator privileges and running in Safe Mode.
(I later tried settingup a new user "ProgInst" that has administrator prividledges, but failed to install.)

PS7 WIN XP Could Not Save <file> because of Program Error

PS7 can NOT "save as..." a .jpg file! .jpg should not be listed in the "save as" drop down box.
PS7 can "save for web..." a .jpg file!
(There are a number of predefined options, just as High jpg, Medium jpg and Low jpg.  When  you use these you do not change any of the parameters or the name changes.
When the Image size tab is clicked you can resize the image to some number of pixels (so far haven't found an inch option).  This works very well producing a very nice image and with a file size that small.)

PS7.0.1 Could not open <file> because it is not the right kind of

Photoshop will not open some pdf documents (may have to do with resolutiojn and/or color map).
In Acrobat 9 under File Export there is an option for images in a number of different formats.  This allows PS7 to open the pdf page as an image.
Still haven't figured out if it's best to use JPEG, JPEG:2000, PNG or TIFF.

Photoshop 7 can not open .bmp files

That file was missing from the folder at:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Plug-Ins\Adobe Photoshop Only\File Formats
so PS7 could not work with .bmp files. The reason it was missing was an earlier version had a security bug. Adobe came out with a new version the top of the page looks like:
Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop Elements 5 updates to address security vulnerabilities
Release date: July 10, 2007
Vulnerability identifier: APSB07-13
CVE number: CVE-2007-2244, CVE-2007-2365
Platform: All Platforms
Affected software versions: Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS3, and Photoshop Elements 5.0
I downloaded the patch zip file for Photoshop Elements 5.0:
and after unziping it moved BMP.8BI into the File Formats folder and it seems to work fine in PS7.

Bad Registry Dec 2008

It turns out that the above problems were caused by a corrupt registry.   Registry cleaner and fix programs can not make it right.

There are three types of install you can do from a WIN XP CD:
1) just the WIN XP system files
2) WIN XP system files and create a new Registry
3) erase the disk and install WIN XP with a new Registry.

After doing (2) to get back to WIN XP with SP1 then installing SP2 (but NOT SP3 since it may be part of the problem with the All-In-Wonder video problem below) all my programs and data are still on the hard drive, BUT, the programs have no registry data so the applications need to be overinstalled.  This worked for PS7 and Acrobat without resorting to using Safe Mode.

Adding SATA Drive

The ABit IS7 Motherboard supports both ATA parallel drives and Serial ATA (SATA) drives so I'm adding a Serial drive.
        Drive Kit
Shown above is the kit of parts ready to install.  The WD 640 GB drive, SATA cable, SATA to Molex power cable and 4 mounting screws.

Bios Setup

1. Advanced BIOS Features\Bootable Add-in Device: set to Onboard_SATA (not OnChip).
2. Integrated Peripherals\OnChip IDE Device\OnChip Serial Device: set to MANUAL (this inables the two grayed out entries below).
3. In the below item select EIDE3 (this is the step that brought back the CD-ROM).
4. In Standard CMOS Features you will NOT see the SATA drive, but will see it in windows.  When step 2 waas set to AUTO you would see the SATA and normal C: drives but not the CD-ROM.  When done correctly you see the C: drive and the CD-ROM, but not the SATA drive.

Configuring Microsoft Office runs every time a document is opened

This is a problem caused by over installing Office after rebuilding the WIN XP program files and registry.  The fix is to uninstall Office using Add Remove Programs then reinstall it.
You can NOT do the install in Safe Mode.  Just do it as a user with administrator privileges.

ATI All-In_Wonder 9800 Pro Video System

This system has been temperamental and now the video input that I was using for my Sky Weather Astronomy Webcam has quit working.
It may be because of WIN XP SP3.  But this computer is not that old and it cost almost $500.  I'm in the process of seeing what can be done.

ATI Radeon graphics cards and the blue screen of death ( BOSD )
ATI Catalyst Tweak Guide
737-28040: General Multimedia Issues - most of the links on this AMD/ATI web page are broken.

For WIN98


Do not use SP3 with the All-In-Wonder.
Use these versions (not newer versions):

Catalyst 6.2



Remove all ATI software from add/remove programs individually.

[Note: On my computer the ATI Uninstall Utility is listed on the Add/Remove Programs page so if it is removed in this step it will not be able to run in the third step below so leave it for now.  Also leave Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.x since it's a required component of the ATI software.

The programs I can remove are:
ATI Catalyst Control Center 2.008.1028.2133
ATI Display Driver 8.552
ATI Remote Wonder 3.04
DAO version 3.5]

If a Remote Wonder is used make sure the USB receiver is plugged in and then go to the Device Manager.  Uninstall any entries for the Remote under USB Devices.  Unplug the USB Receiver. Restart.

Now run the ATI Uninstall Utility. Restart
Note: I don't see this listed in START\Programs, but it is in:  C:\ATI\SUPPORT\cat-uninstaller

[A Note on Backing Up the Registry:
When you use the Export function there is a check box for ALL or a check box for the drop down window to select an individual key.  Be sure to select ALL or you will NOT be making a backup copy.
It's also a good idea to make a system restore point at this time.  START\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore]

Go to registry and remove any ATI entries left under:
Check for any ATI entries under:
..and look at each GUIDs display name for ATI entries remove the GUID if found.
Check for any ATI entries under:

.and look at each GUID and the InstallProperties key, look at the Display Name for any ATI entry, if found remove the whole GUID.
Check for any ATI entries under:

.and look at each GUID and the InstallProperties key, look at the Display Name for any ATI entry, if found remove the whole GUID.  These would be related to Catalyst Control Center.
Exit Registry editor.
Now browse to C:\Windows\INF and remove any OEM#.inf and the corresponding OEM#.pnf files that reference ATI.  You look only in the OEM#.inf file.
Next remove the C:\Program Files\ATI Multimedia Center folder and C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies folders if present.
Once all the old ATI stuff is removed then install:
Windows Net Framework (if it is not already installed and clean)
Catalyst 6.2:  6-2_xp-2k_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_30152.exe (just install this from the referenced web page, not the other stuff) -Restart
In file name: dd means Display Driver, ccc means Catalyst Control Center and wdm means Windows Display Manager.
During the install process you will see each of these being installed.
Once installed you can change the display resolution but not watch DVDs. Add/Remove Programs now shows:
ATI Uninstall, Catalyst Control Center and Display Drivers.
MultiMedia Center9.06.01: There are three seperate parts to this:
First: mmc-9-1-0-0-dao-mdac.exe  - not when the install is done there's no finish, you are just back to the WIN desktop
Second: Run atiCDwiz on line - this is the program that needs to see your install CD and then loads the DVD codecs.  It's a two step process, first with the ATI CD installed point to it using the button "..." and choose a location for the setup.exe file.  Second, press the "Install" button and point to the file, then press install again. - Restart
Third: mmc-9-06-1.exe - Restart
At this point  you can watch DVDs and use video capture.

Got the error:
This program requires the file advrcntr2.dll
The fix is to search your computer for that file.
Copy it to C:/WINDOWS/System32, then
regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\advrcntr2.dll


When I got this computer it had a single SIMM module with 512 MB.  I've since replaced it with four modules each having 1 GB for a total of 4 GB.


Basic Input Output System typically stored in battery backed RAM, but flash memory in better computers.
After the problem with installing Photoshop 7 (see above) I upgraded the BIOS for this Abit IS7 mother board to the latest "10" version, but still it has no support for USB devices like all the new computers.  Maybe it's time for a new mother board and video system?

Backup UPS

APC 2010

Installed in 2010.

APC RS1500 with optional battery pack.

The main unit holds 2 ea 12V 7 AH Gell cell batteries connected in series, i.e. it's a 24 Volt system.
The optional battery box holds 4 ea 12 V 7 AH Gell cell batteries.
The optional battery pack shown on the left side doubles the backup time.
The Unit on the right has a USB connection to the computer and the PC is running PowerChute software which can be programmed to shutdown the computer after some time interval.  Of course if you're within a room or two of the UPS and hear the power fail beeping you can come and shut down the computer in the normal way.

Oct 2010 - the problem is that even though the computer has been shut down the Peripherals are still running.  The fix is a "smart outlet strip". 

The idea is to shut down the DSL modem, the Router, Network Attached Drive and the Laser Jet Printer when the computer is off.    Not a good idea when using the internet for VOIP phone service. and providing Wi-Fi for cell phones.

Now if the weather station is on the UPS it will have a very long run time.  This is important for power outages that last many hours.
APC PowerChute

Battery Replacement

In the process of adding a Sola transformer on the output of the APC RS 1500 I ran a self test and it failed.  Note the Sola transformer has an extra winding that's connected to a capacitor.  They resonate at 60 Hz, like the transformer I added to my SWTP computer, and that removes many power spikes and dropouts as well as making a sine wave.  It also should convert the modified sine wave (really modified square wave) into a sine wave.

25 July 2016 the system failed Self-Test.  Unplugging the optional BR24BP battery pack shows the main unit failing, but a green light when plugged back in. AFAICR the optional battery add-on was purchased a little later than the main unit so makes sense that the main unit batteries are the only ones than need immediate replacement.  I expect the other 4 batteries will need to be replaces in the not too distant future.

Details on Battery Replacement on the APC RS1500

Fig 1  Slide down the lower front panel to access the battery pack.
APC RS1500
                  Battery Replacement
Fig 2  Unplug the battery pack.
WARNING If you are doing this while the RS500 is plugged into
the AC line DO NOT touch any of the terminals on the RS1500
since they are connected to the AC line.  I did this after unplugging
everything from the RS1500. 

Note: the cable is on the right were there is a relief in the RS1500
case to accommodate the cable.  Install the same way.
APC RS1500
                  Battery Replacement
Fig 3  Two new Power Sonic 12 V, 7 AH batteries have replaced
the factory batteries.  Just peeled the label from the old pack
and applied it on the new pack.
APC RS1500
                  Battery Replacement
Fig 4  The connector has hard to see markings for
+, - and Sense.  Note cable is on the right.
APC RS1500
                  Battery Replacement

It took maybe 15 minutes to swap the battery pack.  An easy job.

The APC status window says it's providing 198 Watts (just the old computer and related stuff) and will last for 148 minutes (2.46 hours * 198 Watts = 488 Watt-hours.)
Note there are 6 batteries rated 12 Volts & 7 Amp hours capacity. (6 * 12 * 7 = 504 Watt-hours).  This says the APC is 96% efficient?

BR24BP Battery Replacement

The BR24BP battery pack does not have a sliding panel, but instead was made so it can not easily be opened.  But I think a small hole drilled in the right spot would allow a screwdriver to be used to bend the tab and allow the front panel to be removed.  A similar hole for the back panel would allow it to be removed (or maybe that can be done from inside once one of the panels is off?).

28 July 2016 Power Failure - a very hot day 121 in the sun, 110 in the shade.
The old load on the UPS was the WIN XP computer system and was 198 Watts.  That was the load when the power failed.  It stayed on for about 37 minutes.
I just turned on the UPS (turned it off when it stopped, but should have left it on since it had turned off it's output.  That way when the power came back it would have passed the line on to the Wi-Fi and answering machine so I could have checked the power status by dialing my home phone.

I plugged in the WIN7 computer since the power was already off.

Now the UPS is supplying 302 Watts total (SIN XP system + WIN7 stuff).

Just after turning on the UPS the battery state of charge was about 15% and it's charging as I write this.

APC RS1500 just after power failure & UPS
Just after turning on after 3h22min power failure.

Battery at 15%, that may be the cutoff point where it shuts down to protect the battery?

Turned on about 4:30.  Need to wait to see when all 6 batteries are fully charged.  Took overnight, so don't know actual time.

Changed the shut down rule to on as long as possible, but shut down 5 minutes prior to battery going dead.

APC status window:
100% charged
load: 285 Watts (jumps up to 294 when printer is turned on, but settles back to 285 when HP 4050N is in standby.)
Estimated battery run time: 100 minutes (set to stay on as long as possible and turn off 5 minutes before batteries are dead).

CyberPower CST1500S

The APC has a modified sinewave output (is actually a modified square wave, see: Wiki) and it burned out my excellent HP 6200 flat bed scanner.  So now, when looking for a replacement UPS, I only want to use sinewave output UPS models.  The CyberPower advertises "Waveform: Simulated Sine Wave" which appears to be another marketing ploy, but I did find a YouTube with an oscilloscope showing a sinewave output, so got the CST1500S from Costco.

Fig 1
CyberPower CST1500S
Fig 2
CyberPower CST1500S
Fig 3
CyberPower CST1500S
Fig 4 117 Watts
CyberPower CST1500S
Fig 5  82 Minutes
CyberPower CST1500S
After connecting, pushing the Display button cycles through a number of screens.  One says the load is 90 Watts and another estimates 73 minutes of run time on battery.

Costco Member Support 1-(866)-861-0450
Cyber Power Systems     1-(877)-297-6937


This is connected to my computer, monitor and sound system, but none of the printers.
It is also connected to the modems (DSL, WISP & Starlink) as well as the network switch and VOIP telephone box.
It is not connected to the Panasonic KX-TA824 telephone system in the garage.  This system is powered when the generator is powering the house.

YouTube: CyberPower UPS Battery Percentage is Fake When Charging, 8:05 - for the CP1500PFCLCD- so not known for the CST1500S.

Smart Power Strip

These come in two flavors.  In one there's a USB connection to the computer that probably sees that the +5 Volt power from the computer stops and turns off the outlets.  The other type senses the current drawn by the computer and when that power goes below some level it turns off the other outlets.  The later type is what I have on order.   2016 it's here somewhere, but have not used it.

500 GB Hard drive 96% Full - Jan 2012

When Defragging the C: drive the message says 15% free space is needed.  Time for a larger hard drive.
Staples did not have the 2TB SATA drives in stock, but did have the 1TB SATA drive.

The Seagate Tutorial web page was not clear about the following: (andwers added after the clone process)

1. the steps need to be in order.  For example if you need to install the 150 jumper that needs to be done prior to mechanical installation. 
  The instruction booklet that came with the drive on page 7 has a jump table directing  you to page 11 for this type of installation, but on page 8 has the install DiscWizard step.
  The jump table should have come after page 8.

2. If the new drive is to end up with partitions, should they be done prior to running DiscWizzard?
   No, not even in DiscWizzard because they will be erased during the clone.

3. Must the new SATA drive that will become the C: drive be connected to the lowest numbered SATA port or can any port be used.  The tutorial says both.
    Don't know because it just happened that the new drive ended up connected to the SATA 0 port.
    Checked the BIOS after the clone and the hard disk boot order had the 1TB drive as the first HD, but it could have been changed here if needed.

4. Can DiscWizzard be used to partition the new C: drive or must that be done in WIN XP?
    Not Disc Wizzard during the Clone process.  Now that the new drive is the C: drive maybe a partition could be added usind either DiscWizzard or WIN XP admin tools.

Step 1 Determine Current Configuration

Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Storage, Disk Management:

So the plan is to replace Disk 0 with the 1 TB drive and clone the C: drive to it.  To tell which drive is which, in the above Disk Management window, right click on the Disk 0 button and select Properties:
Disk 0:  WDC WD6400AAKS-00A7B0
Disk 1:  WDC WD5000AAKS-00V1A0
Disk 2:  WDC WD5000AAKB-00H8A0
CD-ROM: Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-112D

IS7 Motherboard
Pressing Delete during restart or power up enters the BIOS.
Standard COMS Features:
IDE 0 S  none
IDE 1 S none
Advanced CMOS Features
Boor ORder: Floppy, CDROM, HD
Integrated Peripherials
 On-chip Pri PCI IDE Enabled
 On-chip Sec PCI IDE Enabled
xSTAT Port0 Config SATA Port 0
 SATA Port 1 Config SATA Port

Prep new Hard Drive

The IS7 Motherboard supports 150 MB/s = 1500 Mb/s = 1.5 Gb/s SATA transfer rates and so the new drive needs the 150 MB/s jumper and mounting rails instaled.
The next computer/motherboard will support 600 MB/s SATA transfer rates and have more than two SATA ports as well a multiple cores.
Segate 1TB
                  SATA drive ready for installation Left to right are:
Mounting rail
SATA Power Connector
SATA data connector
Jumper block w/ 150MB/s jumper at the right
Mounting rail

Install new hard drive by removing old SATA 0 drive and plugging in new 1TB drive and reconnecting existing cables.
After restart the new drive shows up in the BIOS and during the boot process and in WIN XP as a new hardware device.

Install Segate DiscWizard 1

The CD-ROM Start.exe would not run using START\Run or using Windows Explorer and right clicking OPEN, so . . .
Opened the Install Seagate DiscWizard folder and selected the ENgligh version and ran it.
This produced an error message:
Installation imcomplete
Cannot automatically install the following products since their newer versions are already installed.  Try to manually uninstall them before installing these older versions.
Acronis True Image WD Edition.
The problem was that back in Feberurary 2011 installed a Western Digital SATA drive and that software was still in the computer and the Seagate version of Acronis was needed.
So used Control Panel \ Add Remove Programs to remove Acronis True Image WD Edition (the first one in the list). and restarted computer to clean the regestry.

Install Seagate DiscWizard 2

Select All Users, Confirm file replace  - Yes (probably a leftover from the WD version), reboot computer to update registry for the Seagate Version- OK
A blank disk has been found, do  you want to prepare disk - Yes.
Initialize blank disk - select destination (new) disk (the default was not the 1TB drive so selected it).
At this point I checked the box for create a new partition and made two partitions, but that was a mistake since later when the cloning is done they were erased.
Select NTFS & Primary
The initialization took maybe a minute or so.

Disk Utilities - Clone Disk

Select: Automatic, Source WIN XP c:,  Destination 931 GB,  Must allow partitions to be erased (see Install Seagate DiscWizard 2 above). Reboot to start Clone 4:53 pm.
Watched a movie and did some reading and every now and then check the progress.

The next morning the process had completed.
Turned off computer and disconnected the old IDE C: drive and powered up computer.

Using New 1TB Drive

Got an error message about non bootable drive and powered down and powered on.
This time booted into WIN XP and Found new hardware ie.e the other SATA drive.
My Comuter C:
        Drive 1TB
The computer runs faster.  Probably because the old drive only had 6% of free space and now has 50% free space.
In general things are running faster such as Photoshop CS4 (needed to change the preference to the remaining alternate SATA drive for scratch since the old SATA drive that was removed was the old scratch drive).

Fail to Boot

20 Nov 2012
The computer locked up and when manually powered down and turned on ended up at a blinking underline character.

The problem was caused by my Xerox 7600 USB scanner doing something weird that caused the operating system to see it as if it was an external drive and hence trying to boot from the scanner.  I now keep the Xerox scanner unplugged and only connect it when it's in use.

Maybe that was not the real problem?  There was a motherboard problem related to the IDE drive ports.

New Motherboard

13 October 2012 - new motherboard.
AsRock Fatal1ty P67 Pro.
Note:  there are a number of USB jacks, but the mouse and keyboard need to be plugged into the correct ones in order for them to work during boot.

14 March 2013 - needed to use floppy drive and it was not there.
Solution:  It turns out that the default motherboard setting is floppy disabled.  To enable it:
DELETE while powering up to get into the BIOS
select ADVANCED tab at top of screen using mouse
select Super I/O Configuration
select Floppy Drive and ENABLE
select EXIT
select save settings and EXIT

YouTube Video does not show image, sound plays OK

Starting early 2013 YouTube videos no longer play.  Updating the flash player does not help nor does updating the video driver for my computer.
Nor does getting the latest version of my Firefox browser. 

9 April 2013 - new info.  The video will play in full screen mode, but not in the two smaller formats.  Watching in full screen mode is painful because most YouTube videow were filmed in low resolution and when expanded look awful.  If you know of a fix for this let me know what it is.

The result is shown below:

Youtube video will not play, but sound is OK
This is what the problem looks like.
This may be related to html5 being used for YouTube videos by Google.

This is the Fix - Turn off Hardware Acceleration

I did this in Firefox, and it seems to have fixed the
problem not only in Firefox but also in Seamonkey.
You can get to this embedded YouTube video on
my web page: http://www.end2partygovernment.com/2012Issues.html#Pres

Start by right clicking and choose "settings..."

YouTube problem watching video, but sound OK the
Note: there are tabs at the bottom and the default tab is Local Storage.
Click on the very left tab that looks like a monitor display screen. 
YouTube Setting Window as it comes up
Then you get the Display window.
Uncheck the Enable hardware acceleration box.

YouTube Settings
This did NOT fix IE8, where this black screen appears:
The Adobe Flash Player or an HTML5 supported
browser is required for video playback.
Get the latest flash player. (9 Apr 2013 it's 11.7.700.169)
Learn more about upgrading to an HTML5 browser.
For IE8 requires installing Google Chrome Frame so
I'll get the latest flash player instead.
In the Adobe Flash Player Preferences window,
DO NOT CLICK NEXT which turns on automatic updates, which may
install things you don't want.
Instead, select Notify me to install updates.   Then click NEXT.

It seems you can not help but get Google Toolbar and Google Chrome!

So opting for the Google Chrome Frame might have been the less invasive
way to fix IE8?

Uncheck Launch Google Chrome then click FINISH
Fixing Youtube problem in IE8

The embedded video now plays in IE8.
Did not need to unselect hardware acceleration.

(right clicking on "settings...." opens Adobe Flash Player Settings to the Display tab, which is the last page I used in Firefox.)

ISA Slot Computers

These were considered in order to run older software, but VMware may be a solution that will run on the new WIN7 computer.
But there's still the hardware, i.e. need real serial ports or parallel ports and PCI cards.


Dell T7810 WIN 7

C: Drive FULL

2022 Starting getting C: drive is full messages.  Ran the disk clean up but that did not help.
Looking at all the folders in the C: drive the largest was Windows at 1.37 TB.  Note that this computer came with a 500 GB C: drive that had plenty of room left with WIN7 installed.
Looking at the folders under Windows shows that the Temp folder has 1.3 TB of data!!!!  Copying this to the NAS then deleting it will free up the C: drive.
The initial Time remaining was 4 hours.  It changed to 6 hours 30 minutes.

In the C:\Properties window there's an option for Disk Cleanup where you need to select Temporary Internet Files.  If you take the defaults and it is not selected then, like in my case, you might end up of over 1TB in wasted disk space.  After copying all the temp files to the NAS drive and then deleting the files from C:Windows\Temp and then emptying the Recycle Bin I now have over 1.3 TB of free space on the C; drive.  PS some of the files in C:Windows\Temp can not be deleted but they are very small.
Dec 2015 This is my new computer to replace the old WIN XP computer.  The old computer is fully functional, but getting hard to use because WIN XP is no longer supported.  There's nothing wrong with the hardware, but the software is starting to have problems.

It's a real PITA (Wiki) to bring up a new computer and maintain your old applications along with their associated data plus get the printers to work, &Etc.  This process consumes many days (so far) and probably will take weeks to finally get it working.
I made a mistake in ordering a couple of small hard drives, should have ordered a couple of 2TB drives.  Now need to see about adding a 2TB drive.

Dell U2415 Monitor

In order for the monitor to work you need to use the menu buttons in the lower right to select Input Source mDP (Fig 1).
The Dell AC511 amplifier SoundBar does not fit the U2415 monitor.  Only the un-amplified AC511 speakers will fit, but I want better sound than that.
In order to get the 2.1 Logitech Z313 speakers to work they need to be plugged into the monitor, not the computer.
Fig 1 Monitor No Input
DP: Display Port
mDP: Mini Display Port
Dell U2415 Monitor
Fig 2 Sound Ports left to right:
Inputs: HDMI 1, HDMI 2, Display Port, mini Display Port
Outputs: Display Port, stereo Audio
USB from computer
Auxiliary USB ports

Dell U2415

Fig 4 Inside view
Dell T7810
Fig 5 diagram on cover
Dell T7810
Fig 6 diagram on cover
Dell T7810
Fig 7 Dell SKU 575-BBCU
HDD Bracket 3rd 3.5" SATA HDD in ODD bay (SCU conf)
Dell T7810
The good news is that I found a couple of Dell pages on how to install this:
Description of add on drive kits
YouTube video on this kit
The bad news is that it installs in the 5-1/4" bay, that's where my Blu-Ray player is located.

So can't use this install kit, So will just replace the existing drive (or drives with bigger ones).

NVIDIA NVS 310 dual display driver card (brochure.pdf)

Unknown Disk on Controller 0.  Port Unknown Detected

A pop-up window sometimes showed up when WIN7 was restarted.  So today I paid attention and answered yes to allow the disk to be removed.
I'm 99% sure this was the removable disk that I used to do a WIN backup, but is not typically connected to the computer, hence the error message about a missing disk.
The clue is the reference to IAstorUI.exe

Unknown Disk on
                  Controller 0. Port Unknown Detected

Dell T7810 Blue Screen Of Death (Wiki: BSoD)

While the T7810 was under support I complained and complained about this.  There must be over a dozen log entries about it. While the technicians tried to solve the problem, even offering some hardware replacements as a desperation measure (I declined to swap hardware without some reason) the problem was never diagnosed.
In Add Remove Programs: Intel Rapid Storage Technology enterprise is version Note: no size shown.

In June of 2021 I caught a fleeting image of iaStorB.sys.  Some Googling showed many hits for the Dell T5810, BSOD and iaStorB.sys.

The problem is that there are two explanations (Intel and Dell).
1. iaStorB.sys is only used for SATA connected optical drives (I have one) so just remove it and your problems will be solved.  Not acceptable.
2. iaStorB.sys is only used for RAID drives (I do not use RAID) and so just remove it and your problems will be solved.
BUT . . . neither Dell nor Intel will answer my question. 

Intel: "After reviewing the information provided I noticed that your computer has the chipset C610 / C612 chipset, this is a server chipset. The RST driver that works with your system is only provided by Dell so, if you are having problems due to the RST tool you would need to contact Dell since they are the ones who are in charge of updates, drivers, and technical support

Dell: "your computer is no longer supported so only the drivers on our web page are available."  They will not answer my qustion about items 1 or 2.

Dell Precision Tower 5810 - BSOD iastorb.sys - Solution for T5810: I installed the new IRST driver - Intel Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise Driver and Management Console -
Prior to trying the Dell Update Package I will "Create a Restore Point" for the C: (System) drive.
Installed between 3:21 & 3:24 on 31 Aug 2021.  Created a Restore Point for the C:(System) drive after power off, connecting the CyberPower UPS, and power-on.
Now in Add Remove Programs the Intel Rapid Storage enterprise version is, size is 29M

April 2022 - have not experienced any more BSOD events.

Windows automatic Security Update 2022 May 10

Between 10:59 and 11:39 (40 minutes) my WIN7 desktop computer installed a couple of security updates. I thought WIN7 was no longer supported, but that seems not to be the case.

Entries from:COntrol Panel\System and Security\Windows Update\view update history\Review your update history:
Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64 - v5.101 (KB890830) - 5/10/22
Security Intelligence Update for Windows Defender Antivirus - KB915597 (Version 1.363.1679.0) - 5/10/22
Security Intelligence Update for Windows Defender Antivirus - KB915597 (Version 1.363.1514.0) - 5/6/22
Security Intelligence Update for Windows Defender Antivirus - KB915597 (Version 1.363.1325.0) - 5/3/22


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