Secret Patents

Brooke Clarke, N6GCE 2004- 2021


If an inventor (either private or government employee) files a patent application for a technology that the government feels it wants to keep secret, the patent will be put on hold.  The SIGSALY (aka Green Hornet) voice security system patents were held for about 35 years!  Following is a list of patents have have been held for at least 10 years.
PAT. NO. Title
6,707,871 Nuclear reactor
6,707,052 Infrared deception countermeasure system
6,706,089 Disposal unit
6,697,448 Neutronic fuel element fabrication
6,687,324 Coated metal articles
6,650,270 Radar system
6,598,554 Submarine towed measuring system
6,525,579 Pulse translational circuits
6,518,912 Signal processing circuit
6,420,995 Radar and IFF system
6,382,555 Fiber optics assembly
6,313,782 Coded phase modulation communications system
6,234,014 Method and apparatus for analyzing gas flow through conduits
6,226,341 Safety device for a neutronic reactor
6,222,898 Jacketing process
6,212,250 Fuel element closure method
6,201,846 Method of jacketing
6,192,128 Current-sensitive telephone-line disconnect system
6,175,625 Control circuits for electric coding machines
6,133,411 Slurry mixture forming an additive for producing a hydrodynamic drag reduction aqueous polymer solution
6,118,732 Secure marine communication system
6,081,574 Void forming pyrolytic carbon coating process
6,040,801 Low duty cycle navigation system
5,886,339 Missile attitude safing system
5,886,287 Guidance information analyzer
5,886,286 Monitoring safety system
5,886,285 Variable range timer impact safety system
5,886,284 Missile safety system for assuring minimum safe distance
5,805,635 Secure communication system
5,711,146 Hydrogen peroxide decomposition
5,679,921 Infra-red tracking flare
5,641,936 Active infrared fuze
5,638,076 Automatic range reducing gating system
5,597,245 Cavitation suppressing ducted propeller system
5,574,460 Manual probe acquisition system
5,543,488 Water-dispersible adhesive composition and process
5,526,323 Method and apparatus for interpretation of sonar signals
5,515,785 Charge carrying flechette projectile
H1,519 Transparent ceramic composite armor
5,493,612 Secure communication keying system
5,469,773 Light weight armor
5,456,156 Ceramic armor
5,450,794 Method for improving the performance of underwater explosive warheads
5,448,643 Authenticaton system
5,439,188 Control system
5,423,497 Control systems for moving bodies
5,398,886 Control systems for missiles and other moving bodies
5,393,012 Control systems for moving bodies
5,393,011 Control systems for moving bodies
5,385,165 Hunting blind

5,345,086 Automatic map compilation system
5,290,637 Composite metallic armor
5,289,188 High resolution radar system for high speed and satellite vehicles
5,274,608 Sonar transducer
5,253,216 Sonar countermeasure
5,247,894 Pro-submarine mobile decoy
5,235,916 Warhead directed-charge positioner system
5,202,678 Recognition unit
5,202,644 Receiver apparatus
5,182,418 Aimable warhead
5,159,406 Light-operated accelerometer-type techniques
5,152,171 Induction velocity meter
5,149,910 Polyphase armor with spoiler plate
5,132,080 Production of articles from powdered metals
5,095,234 Electromagnetic solenoid
5,093,666 Lobing system
5,062,489 Folding agricultural implement
5,062,083 Ping elongator-modulator for realistic echo synthesis
5,047,993 Detection and classification for multi-beam sonar systems
5,034,930 Passive ranging sonar system
5,022,079 Lock means and TV sync for air-to-surface missile
5,018,685 Data link and return link
5,012,742 Proximity fuze
5,012,717 Air-to-subsurface missile system
5,004,185 Air-surface-missile data link system
5,003,515 Submarine emergency communication transmitter
5,001,984 Proximity fuze system
4,993,344 Torpedo defense for ships
4,992,999 Submarine drone for carrying a barrel stave-type transducer array
4,991,144 Dopplerized echo repeater
4,980,688 Regenerator
4,977,545 Target detector
4,975,890 Underwater sound transmitting system
4,975,886 Detecting and ranging system
4,972,387 High information rate catacoustic system
4,972,379 Sonic echo simulator
4,970,958 Marine mine fire control mechanism
4,969,399 Acoustic mine countermeasures
4,968,980 Electronic proximity fuse responsive to two signals
4,964,448 Raised panel cutter assembly
4,961,181 Acoustic transient generator
4,956,612 Magnetic mine firing circuit
4,953,465 Flexible mine case
4,949,314 Method and means for increasing echo-ranging-search rate
4,939,699 Sonar system
4,939,698 Sonar system
4,924,228 Aircraft construction
4,904,863 Polarimetric optical fiber pressure sensor
4,904,185 Dental instrument
4,886,297 Skateboard handle

D303,467 Tray for holding a paint can and paint tools
4,851,616 Touch screen input system
D302,072 Fan
4,833,603 Apparatus and method for implementation of a page frame replacement algorithm in a data processing system having virtual memory addressing
4,781,425 Fiber optic apparatus and method for spectrum analysis and filtering
4,766,814 Materials for thermal protection by rapid smoke production
4,759,755 Device for transferring liquid from a vial to a multi-pointed applicator
4,733,242 Submarine detection system
4,721,961 Submarine detection system
4,709,848 Method of bonding
4,704,261 Method for fluorination of uranium oxide
4,694,195 Ratio analyzer
4,682,954 Cryptographic process and enciphered product
4,677,204 Chemical agents
4,675,477 Electronic device providing automatic permutations of a Vigenere Square
4,675,411 Chemical agents
4,673,745 Isoquinilinium chemical agents
4,673,430 Method for the production of nickel powder
4,658,074 Catalytic oxidative dehydrogenation process
4,628,320 Cancellation of scatter jamming
4,597,332 Chaff dispenser for atmospheric re-entry
4,562,699 Mixing chambers for continuous flow engines
4,545,061 Synchronizing system
4,500,886 Data link shift register operation
4,500,885 Data link data and address recognition
4,500,884 Data link timing
4,496,833 Detection process and apparatus
4,484,195 Method of screening infra-red radiation
4,482,405 Explosive molding composition and method for preparation thereof
4,478,148 Missile delivered explosive sound system
4,471,358 Re-entry chaff dart
4,470,562 Polaris guidance system
4,466,299 Gyro bearing assembly
4,465,834 Anticholinergic drugs
4,428,191 Fuel combustion in ducted flow
4,422,074 Signal skimming system
4,421,005 Explosive actuated valve
4,418,169 Stabilized pvc resins
4,418,009 Electrical resistor and method of making the same
4,410,783 Boiler tube wearbar, stud welder and arc shield
4,409,879 Explosive actuated valves
4,408,188 Electromechanical decoder
4,405,985 Guidance computer
4,404,426 Cryptographic telegraphy programming system
4,401,973 Cycle limiting means for an electromechanical decoder
4,396,801 Multiplex communication system employing pulse code modulation
4,394,628 Modulation systems
4,392,193 Rectifying and inverting apparatus
4,387,391 Satellite inspection system using hovering-type interceptors
4,385,092 Macroboule

4,381,474 Solid state storage devices and systems
4,380,556 Vapor deposition of hardened niobium
4,376,851 Solid polymers of olefins and production of such polymers
4,376,665 Explosive composition comprising pentaborane and tris (difluoramino) fluoromethane
4,373,334 Device for variable height adjustment of supports
4,370,576 Electric generator
4,370,519 Autokey generator for secret communication system
4,369,445 Automatic ECM video processor
4,367,680 Standoff munition
4,367,196 Neutronic reactor
4,365,111 Cipher apparatus for multiplex pulse code modulation systems
4,365,086 Polyperoxy compounds
4,365,045 Crystalline olefin block polymers
4,363,130 Binary digital communication system
4,361,890 Synchronizing system
4,359,732 Topographical mapping radar
4,358,857 Communication system
4,356,490 Transmission frequency diversity radar
4,356,488 Device for indicating the proximity of a target
4,354,192 Radio ranging
4,350,297 Swivelling exhaust nozzles for rocket motors
4,350,112 Ocean transporter vessel
4,343,970 Signaling system
4,343,967 Autokey code generator
4,342,193 Convertible rocket-air breathing engine
4,340,197 Decoy missile
4,337,436 Blanking wave generator for binary code synchronizing system
4,333,169 Flow noise suppression system for a sonar dome
4,333,073 Electromechanical decoder
4,332,977 Teletypewriter privacy system
4,331,845 Output switch assembly and operating mechanism
4,328,502 Continuous slot antennas
4,328,496 Delay control for a pulse repeat-back jamming system
4,326,292 Random energy communication system
4,324,002 Delay-modulated random energy intelligence communication system
4,323,988 Sonobuoy system
4,323,025 Torpedo steering control system
4,322,853 Nuclear reactor control
4,322,730 Controlled delay gate stealer
4,320,703 Target detecting device
4,320,449 Control circuit
4,320,389 Electromechanical decoder
4,320,298 Warhead detector
4,319,223 Full code means for electromechanical decoder
4,319,087 Secret communication system
4,318,671 Efficiency ship propeller
4,313,181 Torpedo countermeasure
4,310,639 Polyallomers and process for preparing same
4,308,538 AICBM Decoy resolution by coherent integration
4,306,512 Homing torpedo system

4,306,301 Wide band frequency shifter in variable amounts
4,304,963 Communications system for remote monitoring
4,304,962 Data scrambler
4,292,915 Ocean-going barge carrier
4,291,533 Supersonic ramjet missile
4,286,498 Decoy rounds and their method of fabrication
4,286,113 Telephone system eavesdropping device
4,283,797 Video bow tie
4,282,589 Correlation ranging
4,279,036 Secure communication system
4,277,771 Electric induction field navigation apparatus
4,275,461 Parallel digital beam-forming system
4,275,460 Real-time audio spectrum analyzer
4,274,354 Pressure mine sweeping
4,274,333 Deepwater target-seeking mines
4,270,479 Torpedo guards
4,268,348 Method for making semiconductor structure
4,266,095 Binary code randomizing system
4,264,909 Frequency searching and/or jamming means
4,262,359 Five V insertion unit
4,259,577 Method and means for predicting contents of containers
4,255,810 Jam resistant frequency modulation system
4,255,800 Method and apparatus for locating underwater objects
4,255,799 Underwater-target direction-finding apparatus
4,254,727 Shock-crush subfoundation
4,247,942 Jam resistant communication system
4,246,751 Thrust engine and propellant exhaust arrangement therefor
4,245,558 Infrared proximity fuze electronic amplifier
4,245,346 Communication system
4,245,297 Positioning control system
4,241,426 False phase front acoustic decoy
4,239,012 Homing torpedo control apparatus
4,238,194 Nuclei analysis of solid substances
4,232,315 Range detector
4,232,314 FM Autocorrelation fuze system
4,232,187 Teletype character modification unit
4,232,186 Method of and means for generating complex electrical coding waves for secret communications
4,228,737 Glide bomb
4,227,479 Submarine communications system
4,227,476 Detection streamer
4,227,195 Fuze
4,227,076 Optical position determining or tracking device
4,226,792 Lead chelate complex compounds
4,225,316 Chemical agent detection method and apparatus
4,224,415 Polymerization processes and products therefrom
4,223,311 Long range listening system
4,223,196 Welded tubular articles and method for making the same
4,223,182 Transmission of signals with privacy
4,222,617 Self loading cylindrical autolubricated gas bearing
4,221,617 Surfactant additives for solid propellants

4,221,168 Condenser powered fuze
4,220,952 Random FM autocorrelation fuze system
4,219,891 Countermeasures system
4,219,889 Double mass-loaded high power piezo-electric underwater transducer
4,219,885 Sonar target simulator
4,219,818 Radar system
4,219,817 Protection device for pulsed radar
4,218,987 Torpedo detection streamer
4,218,977 Doppler distance measuring system
4,218,975 Underwater electric current and alternating magnetic field detector
4,218,525 Reserve type battery
4,217,550 Radio jamming device
4,216,534 Decoying acoustic homing torpedoes
4,216,110 Method of making crack-free zirconium hydride
4,215,645 Shock crush sub-foundation
4,215,344 Multiple channel electronic countermeasures radar receiver
4,214,439 Multi component propulsion system and method
4,214,313 Multiple sonar masking and jamming countermeasure system
4,214,241 Proximity control system
4,214,240 Coded pulse radar fuze
4,214,239 Magnetic drum storage for the track before detect system
4,214,208 Jamming of keyed continuous wave radio signals
4,214,126 Cadence suppression system
4,213,391 Anti-tank mine with peripheral charge initiation
4,213,198 Method for classification of sonar echoes
4,213,163 Video-tape recording
4,210,971 Long distance underwater communication
4,210,913 Passive detection and tracking apparatus
4,210,083 Underwater electric current and alternating magnetic field detector
4,209,766 Transducer
4,208,734 Underwater communication system
4,208,733 Sound source detecting systems
4,208,545 Secrecy system
4,208,544 Checker and automatic synchronizer for coding equipment
4,208,024 Control apparatus
4,207,841 Dipole antenna for proximity fuze
4,207,819 Helicopter destroyer
4,207,626 Acoustic decoy and jammer
4,207,625 Doppler compensator for heterodyne correlation devices
4,207,623 Acoustic mine mechanism
4,207,621 Electrically steerable sonar system
4,206,510 Automatic detection and classification device
4,206,508 Electric test set for acoustic torpedo homing systems
4,206,462 Secure communication and ranging system
4,206,319 Tune delay scramble equipment
4,206,006 Hybrid rocket propellant with nitroso derivative of hexamethylene tetramine
4,205,588 Method and material for fuze render safe procedure
4,204,882 Thermocouple split follower
4,204,281 Signal processing system for underwater transducer
4,204,280 Underwater signal discrimination system

4,204,088 Means for establishing various communication conditions in a cryptographic system
4,203,366 FM Fuze circuit
4,203,365 Jammer apprehending amplifier for proximity fuzes
4,203,165 Acoustic filter
4,203,164 Secure sonar communication system
4,203,163 Target-detection and location system
4,203,162 Electrically steerable spherical hydrophone array
4,203,160 Submarine communication
4,203,110 Microwave proximity fuze requiring no warm-up time after being activated
4,203,109 Submarine communication system
4,203,108 Underwater detection system
4,202,269 Fuze mine anti-personnel
4,202,047 Acoustic jammer and torpedo decoy
4,201,136 Safety control for electronic circuits
4,200,922 Self-propelled vehicle for destroying ground mines
4,200,920 Artificial underwater target
4,200,859 Device for simulating marine craft noises
4,199,730 Double peaked amplifier
4,198,706 Generation of low frequency sound under water
4,198,704 Passive underwater target detection and locating system
4,198,703 Submarine simulating sonar beacon
4,197,591 Facsimile recording of sonic values of the ocean bottom
4,197,522 Electrolytic signal detector with an orifice cathode
4,196,433 Doppler frequency proximity fuze
4,195,574 Optical fuze
4,195,361 Variable frequency acoustic filter
4,195,359 Automatic echo detection and classification system
4,195,295 Pulse doppler-radio proximity fuze
4,195,294 Dual channel proximity fuze
4,195,280 Tuned electrolytic detector
4,194,519 Hypersonic modular inlet
4,194,431 Active armor
4,194,246 Noisemaker beacon
4,194,203 Pulse doppler-radio proximity fuze
4,194,202 Grid pulsed oscillator and detector
4,194,167 Up-Doppler simulator
4,194,150 Method and apparatus for reducing magnetometer errors
4,193,567 Guidance devices
4,193,346 Electrolytic pressure mechanism
4,193,072 Combination infrared radio fuze
4,193,029 Pulsed helium magnetometer
4,192,967 Teletype mixer apparatus for coding and decoding
4,192,714 Reactor safety method
4,192,245 Guiding means for self-propelled torpedoes
4,192,235 Radiant-energy controlled proximity fuze
4,190,000 Mine proximity fuse
4,189,999 Vector acoustic mine mechanism
4,189,786 Radio buoy assembly
4,189,398 Nuclear fuel composition
4,189,026 Underwater generation of low frequency sound

4,188,906 Supercavitating propeller with air ventilation
4,188,905 Mine sweeping means
4,188,884 Water reactive underwater warhead
4,188,822 Method and apparatus of testing a model
4,187,779 Marine mine
4,187,556 Electro-acoustic transducer with line focus
4,187,393 Key generator
4,187,392 Synchronous universal binary scrambler
4,187,129 Gelled mechanically stable high energy fuel composition containing metal platelets
4,186,980 Method and apparatus for constructing electronic devices
4,186,768 Pressure sensitive hydraulic valve
4,186,681 Protection against influence mines
4,186,679 Torpedo drag reduction employing polymer ejection
4,186,663 Transformer movable along power cable
4,186,440 Continuous memory system
4,186,040 "BZ" containing pyrotechnic compositions
4,185,928 Printer for electric coding machines
4,185,888 Cryptographic system employing optical scrambling arrays
4,185,578 Pressure plate mine sweep
4,185,560 Fore and aft fuzing system
4,185,559 Amplifier for missile detonator
4,185,556 Mine firing system
4,185,555 Electrolytic pressure sensitive mechanism
4,185,554 Sweeping acoustic mines
4,185,553 Device for distinguishing a sine-wave signal from an increase in background noise
4,185,552 Mine firing control system
4,185,551 Underwater cable cutting device
4,185,550 Minesweep obstructor with cable dispensing means
4,185,538 Simplified air system for underwater rocket launching
4,185,326 Minehunting vehicle with a built-in search pattern
4,184,210 Sonic echo scanning and facsimile recording of water submerged surfaces
4,184,209 Towed noisemaker
4,184,117 Communication security method and system
4,183,841 Filled composition containing phenol-aldehyde resin and butadiene-acrylonitrile polymer
4,183,442 Container closure having pull-tab opening means
4,183,303 Proximity fuze
4,183,301 Induction ground mine and firing mechanism therefor
4,183,088 Random number generator
4,183,023 Anti-jam device for a conical scan tracking radar
4,183,008 Noise making device
4,182,929 Circuit for simulating the scrambling of an electromechanical rotor
4,180,205 Pseudo range and range rate device
4,179,657 Anti-jamming communication system
4,178,474 Signaling system
4,177,486 Facsimile device
4,177,485 Facsimile apparatus
4,176,357 Passive method and apparatus for radar locating and parasitic surveilance
4,176,316 Secure single sideband communication system using modulated noise subcarrier
4,175,808 Method and apparatus for producing electronic devices
4,173,760 Passive acquisition system

4,173,727 Electron image device
4,173,186 Ammunition
4,173,025 Electrical signal scrambling apparatus
4,172,968 Electrical system
4,172,963 Checker and automatic synchronizer for coding equipment
4,171,615 Supercharged topping rocket propellant feed system
4,170,009 Multiple channel electronic countermeasures receiver system
4,168,663 Computer fuzes
4,168,395 Start/stop teleprinter scrambler
4,167,009 Re-entry chaff
4,166,723 Gelled hydrocarbon fuels
4,165,247 Polyurethane solid propellant binder
4,165,210 Laminated products, and methods and apparatus for producing the same
4,164,738 Focused synthetic array
4,163,872 Secret pulse signaling system
4,163,689 Vented nuclear fuel element
4,163,423 Proximity fuze
4,162,497 Side lobe suppression device for a directional receiving system
4,162,474 Yaw-compensated correlating sonar tracking system
4,161,610 Process for preparing vinyl esters
4,161,371 Self-regulating turbine
4,161,034 Correlation apparatus
4,159,476 Ejection fuze
4,158,842 Radar type fuzes
4,158,832 Seismic apparatus for discrimination between track-type vehicles and wheel-type vehicles
4,157,685 Warhead fuze seeker
4,157,546 Variable frequency radar systems
4,157,453 Cryptographic telegram transmission system
4,156,561 Desk level overhead projector
4,156,314 Rotors for a ciphering machine
4,156,108 Pulse producing system for secrecy transmissions
4,156,057 Secondary heat system for thermal batteries
4,156,056 Thermal cell and method of making the same
4,156,055 Anode for thermal cell
4,155,086 Clutterlock with displaced phase antenna
4,152,621 Electron discharge device
4,152,545 Pulse position modulation secret communication system
4,152,392 Chemical canister
4,151,524 Multipath communications system
4,149,167 Radar jamming transmitter
4,149,166 Doppler countermeasure device
4,148,036 Magnetic quadrapole antenna
4,147,590 Nuclear propulsion apparatus with alternate reactor segments
4,147,108 Warhead
4,146,368 Gelled acrylic polymer
4,145,569 Method and apparatus for synchronizing the ciphering and deciphering of binary-coded messages
4,145,568 Method and apparatus for ciphering and deciphering messages
4,143,351 Sonic direction finder
4,142,696 Guidance devices
4,142,189 Radar system

4,142,074 Microphone
4,140,562 Solid propellant with alginate binder
4,140,062 Differential integrator
4,139,849 Doppler fuzing system having a high resistance to noise and jamming
4,139,170 Command control system
4,138,677 Acceleration filter for slowdown discrimination
4,137,286 Method of making dual-thrust rocket motor
4,135,189 Random frequency radar system
4,131,053 Armor plate
4,131,051 Process for preparing a rocket motor
4,130,059 Decoy means and method therefor
4,129,459 Method for diminishing the strength and ductility of steel utilizing a lithium-indium-amalgam containing a small amount of vanadium pentoxide
4,129,268 Rockets including trajectory controls
4,128,836 Time delay computer for ordnance fuse
4,128,583 Difluoramino compounds
4,128,071 Underwater mine chain/cable cutter
4,127,443 Compact power reactor
4,127,398 Multiple-channel tubular devices
4,125,808 Automatic sequential search for a radio relay network
4,125,744 Communication system
4,125,698 Polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbons
4,125,411 Kaolin product
4,124,798 Optical viewing apparatus
4,124,538 Catalyst comprising Ir or Ir and Ru for hydrazine decomposition
4,123,597 Thermal cells
4,122,776 Dynamic clamp circuits
4,122,671 Hydrazine decomposition and other reactions
4,120,701 Reactant for steel
4,120,153 Solid propellant gas generating device
4,119,920 Pulsed repeater amplifier
4,119,039 Fuze system
4,118,702 Doppler distance measuring system
4,118,414 Difluoramino compounds and perfluoroguanidine-pentaerythrityl nitrates
4,118,107 Optical detection of geometric configurations
4,117,761 Fire control mechanism
4,117,486 Buoyant chaff
4,117,484 Angular deception countermeasure system
4,117,480 Real time signal correlator for high resolution radar
4,114,156 Frequency shift rate detector
4,113,203 Method and apparatus for thrust vector control of spin stabilized flying bodies by means of a single jet rudder
4,112,849 Smokeless slow burning cast propellant
4,112,846 Armor-piercing incendiary projectile
4,112,300 Infrared electronic countermeasures
4,111,382 Apparatus for compensating a ballistic missile for atmospheric perturbations
4,110,724 Apparatus for transmission of messages by means of electromagnetic waves
4,110,618 Adiabatic compression infrared emission vapor detector
4,109,883 Anti-missile missile
4,108,075 Means for suppressing oscillator-generated noise in doppler proximity fuzes
4,108,072 Armor-piercing projectile having spaced cores
4,107,566 Rugged quick-heating electron tubes

4,107,530 Infrared acquisition device
4,105,659 1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexahydro-2,6-methano-3-benzazocines
4,104,037 Gaseous diffusion system
4,103,584 Staple orienting method and apparatus
4,103,237 Radio jamming system
4,103,236 Electronic jamming system
4,102,521 System for signal coding
4,102,270 Disposable booster
4,101,452 Lead sulfide activation process
4,100,102 Composition for screening infra-red radiation
4,099,376 Gas generator and solid propellant with a silicon-oxygen compound as a burning rate modifier, and method for making the same
4,097,775 Infrared sensitive photoconductive pickup tube
4,097,761 Image tube cathode
4,095,527 Specialized detonator firing circuit
4,095,526 Mechanical hydraulic counting and memory device
4,095,132 Electron multiplier
4,093,934 Free-falling sonobuoy
4,093,154 Target seeking gyro for a missile
4,093,153 Ground-controlled guided-missile system
4,092,645 Radar jammer homing circuit
4,092,498 Neutronic reactor
4,091,735 Stored energy impact fuze
4,090,895 High energy fuel slurry
4,090,198 Passive reflectance modulator
4,090,171 Underwater acoustic pressure release reflector
4,090,011 Armor
4,088,998 System for detecting nuclear explosions
4,088,517 Oxidizing halogen composition
4,088,472 Agricultural procedure
4,087,324 Pile construction
4,086,560 Secret depth sounder
4,085,740 Method for measuring physiological parameter
4,085,173 Manufacture of solid propellant
4,085,112 2-Formyl-3-alkyl-benzothiazolium halide oxime
4,084,511 Electrolytic timing element
4,084,128 Demodulator for phase reversal modulation system
4,083,732 Sugar juice treatment
4,083,306 Novel cartridge
4,083,017 Optical maser
4,082,838 Process for preparing hydrazine
4,080,900 Projectile
4,079,687 Torpedo target acquisition
4,079,253 Back reflection goniometer
4,077,147 Underwater side arm
4,076,698 Hydrocarbon interpolymer compositions
4,075,666 Magnetic tape recorder
4,074,650 Expendable light-weight minesweeping cutter
4,074,628 Fax canister with a bottom burster charge and dispersion control ring
4,073,989 Continuous channel electron beam multiplier
4,071,826 Clipped speech channel coded communication system

4,071,705 Quantized non-synchronous clipped speech multi-channel coded communication system
4,071,488 Latex composition
4,071,361 Electrophotographic process and apparatus
4,071,326 Gelled gasoline
4,070,550 Quantized pulse modulated nonsynchronous clipped speech multi-channel coded communication system
4,070,212 High performance fast burning solid propellant
4,068,235 Frequency diversity radar system
4,067,366 Apparatus for filling containers with liquid
4,066,931 Shunt modulator for high current arc lamp
4,065,605 Thermal cells
4,065,604 Thermal cells and electrolyte composition therefor
4,063,799 Photographic imaging
4,063,512 Armor penetrating projectile
4,063,485 Decoy launcher system
4,063,094 Gas analyzer
4,063,009 Polymerization of ethylenically unsaturated hydrocarbons
4,060,790 Method of detecting the presence of an enemy submarine
4,059,052 Fuze modulation system
4,058,529 Polycyclic amino derivatives of pyrrolidone and piperidone
4,058,061 Explosive device
4,056,662 Thermal cells and electrolyte composition therefor
4,056,061 Proximity fuse
4,054,724 Isotope heated deferred action thermal batteries
4,054,510 Selective conversion of normal paraffins
4,053,690 Thermal cells
4,053,567 Aluminum and magnesium perchlorate-hydrazine complexes
4,053,508 Process and installation for preparing urea from ammonia and carbon dioxide
4,052,927 Autorotor launching system
4,051,763 Armament system and explosive charge construction therefor
4,051,414 Missile adaptation kit assembly
4,051,339 Variable time missile safety timer
4,048,241 Process for preparing 1,1,1-trichloroethane
4,048,178 Novel N-allyl and N-propargyl benzmorphan derivatives
4,047,148 Piston type underwater sound generator
4,045,356 Fracturing agent
4,044,683 Heat generator
4,044,555 Rear section of jet power plant installations
4,044,359 Multiple intermediate frequency side-lobe canceller
4,044,315 Means for producing and amplifying optical energy
4,043,651 Audio-visual device
4,042,619 Derivatives of carboxy-terminated polybutadienes
4,041,343 Electron multiplier mosaic
4,041,217 Thermal battery with metal-metal oxide heating composition
4,041,051 Anthraquinone disperse dyestuffs
4,040,358 Hydraulic delayed arming fuze
4,040,357 Air target fuze
4,038,659 Frequency agility radar
4,038,547 Tracking and sighting instrument
4,037,806 Control system for rolling missile with target seeker head
4,037,227 Controlled deception jamming device

4,037,172 Plastic laser materials
4,036,890 Preparation of organic hydroperoxides
4,036,144 Arming system
4,035,760 Object detecting system
4,034,949 Optical apparatus
4,034,143 Thermal deferred action battery with interconnecting, foldable electrodes
4,032,918 Dual channel radio frequency fuzing system
4,032,809 Tantalum carbide or tantalum-alloy carbide filament mounting and method
4,030,098 Method and means for reducing reflections of electromagnetic waves
4,030,032 Radio transmission system
4,027,834 Missile nozzle configuration
4,027,722 Electron beam furnace
RE29,259 Self re-keying security device
4,027,077 Method of making thermal batteries and batteries, having V.sub.2 O.sub.5 electrode
4,026,739 Liquid monopropellants of reduced shock sensitivity and explodability
4,024,998 Rocket
4,024,539 Method and apparatus for flight path control
4,024,318 Metal-filled plastic material
4,024,174 Tranes-delta 2-prostaglandins
4,023,994 Solid propellant containing ferrocene plasticizer
4,023,174 Magnetic ceramic absorber
4,023,172 Monopulse system for cancellation of side lobe effects
4,022,128 Land mine
4,021,803 Proximity sensing apparatus
4,019,453 Underwater vehicle
4,017,799 High speed multiplex data transmission system
4,016,199 Compounds containing nitrogen and fluorine
4,016,142 Process for the control of carboxyl end groups in fiber-forming polyesters
4,015,530 Two channel optical fuzing system
4,015,261 Time sharing circuit for guard radar receiver in radar ranging system
4,015,120 Optical systems and associated detecting means
4,014,265 Vehicle incapacitator
4,013,638 Azabicyclononanecarbodithioic acid
4,013,631 Monoazo dyestuffs containing an N-.beta.-1,2,3-triazolylethyl anilino coupling component
4,012,738 Combined layers in a microwave radiation absorber
4,012,613 Inertial switch
4,012,474 Method for producing boron carbide spherules
4,012,465 Alkyl and cycloalkyl methylphosphonofluoridothioates
4,012,464 S-(2-diisopropylamino-ethyl)O-ethyl methylphosphonothioate stabilized with soluble carbodiimides
4,012,342 Catalyst-containing fibers and the polymerization of olefins thereon
4,012,284 Process of preparation of antibiotic F.I. 1762 derivatives
4,012,244 High density impulse solid propellant
4,012,205 Thickened hydrocarbon fuels
4,011,564 Phase modulated monopulse system
4,011,418 Vibration responsive switch
4,011,115 Explosive compositions with thermally conductive ingredient
4,011,114 Cross-linked nitrocellulose propellant formulation
4,010,469 Interference suppression
4,009,661 Missile warheads
4,009,523 Acoustic signature simulation

4,008,222 Anthraquinone dyestuffs
4,008,203 Polysulphones and method of preparation
4,007,805 Cavity producing underwater sound source
4,006,930 Manipulator for hollow objects
4,006,478 Security device
4,006,356 Radiant energy tracking device
4,005,818 Pulse signaling system
4,005,383 Catacoustic navigating system
4,005,078 Dithioketal derivatives of 13-polycarbonalkylgon-4-en-3-ones
4,004,973 Neutronic reactor
4,004,523 Solid propellant charges
4,004,518 Self-forging fragmentation device
4,004,173 Niobium alumina sealing and product produced thereby
4,003,291 Missile launching mine
4,003,053 Target adaptive radar system
4,002,990 Electronic pulse filtering system
4,002,746 Synthesis of gon-4-enes
4,002,515 Hydroxyethyl cellulose thickened hydrazine and substituted hydrazines
4,002,514 Nitrocellulose propellant composition
4,002,498 Electrolyte-depolarizers for thermal batteries
4,002,122 Microjet fuse
4,001,380 Manufacture of nitrogen trifluoride
4,001,341 Extraction separation
4,001,191 Combustible monomers and polymers therefrom
4,001,059 Nitrogen- and fluorine-containing compounds
4,001,058 Process for the preparation of dekenyl acrylates and methacrylates and products thereof
4,001,057 Solid propellant with NF.sub.2 containing binder and energetic plasticizer
4,000,682 Solid propellant rocket motor and method of making same
4,000,179 Manufacture of nitric esters
3,999,382 Rocket motors
3,998,406 Guided missile system
3,998,163 Lucky-in-base fuze assembly
3,998,162 Missile warheads
3,997,899 Low radar cross-section re-entry vehicle
3,997,662 Antibiotics and their preparation
3,996,794 Differential depth indicator
3,996,520 Interference rejecting logarithmic receiver
3,995,559 Propellant grain with alternating layers of encapsulated fuel and oxidizer
3,995,144 Banked bombing system
3,994,920 5H-imidazo[2,1-a]isoindol-5-one compounds
3,994,229 Pulse doppler proximity fuze
3,993,781 1,6-Dibromo-1,6-dideoxy-dulcitol and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
3,993,632 Polymer comprising reaction product of hydroxy-terminated polyether and tetrafluoro-hydrazine
3,992,711 First and fourth harmonic system
3,991,273 Speech component coded multiplex carrier wave transmission
3,991,268 PCM communication system with pulse deletion
3,990,875 Method for making fused fiber energy-conducting devices
3,990,874 Process of manufacturing a fiber bundle
3,990,841 Sulfinic acid and thiourea dyeing of cellulosic textiles
3,990,378 Gating means for torpedo acoustic homing systems

3,989,560 Method of preparing gelled monomethylhydrazine
3,988,883 Stretch-resistant bulked yarn
3,988,732 3-Channel selectable polarization, target discrimination antenna
3,988,447 Pharmaceutical preparations
3,988,207 Preparation of a milk-coagulating enzyme
3,987,613 Process for preparing textiles without static charge accumulation and resulting product
3,987,447 Missile command link with pulse deletion command coding
3,987,445 Oblique scatter object detection and location system
3,986,761 Method of manufacturing semiconductor camera tube targets
3,986,404 Vortex amplifier apparatus
3,986,187 Automatic signal tracking circuit
3,986,124 Combiner for diversity receiving systems
3,986,122 Reliable communications system
3,985,958 Secret telephony
3,985,033 Apparatus for erecting a true vertical axis
3,984,922 Rotors
3,984,802 Feature recognition system
3,984,774 Antijam communications system
3,984,769 Mixed-base intercept receiver
3,984,375 Aromatic amide-imide polymers
3,984,283 Reactor
3,983,780 Casting propellant in rocket engine
3,983,624 Electrical igniter and method of manufacture
3,983,482 Delayed pulse transmission systems
3,983,327 Electrical signaling
3,983,326 Key pulse generator for secrecy signalling circuit
3,982,713 Ballistic missile defense system
3,982,246 General method of geometrical passive ranging
3,982,222 Deep hydrophone string
3,982,114 Signal processing system
3,981,587 Monitoring relative displacement between two devices
3,981,418 Expulsion device
3,981,222 Time delay fuse
3,981,013 Non-jammable plural frequency radar system
3,981,012 Random frequency radar systems
3,979,558 Signaling system
3,978,864 Electrotherapeutic treatment head
3,978,485 Directional slot antenna for very high frequencies
3,977,324 Sabotless micro projectile
3,976,968 Underwater target detection apparatus
3,976,839 Telephone privacy system
3,976,812 Photoconductive cells
3,976,757 Method for increasing the productivity of chemical reactors
3,976,630 Process and catalyst for production of rubbery polymers
3,976,602 Highly unsaturated polyethers
3,976,011 Inertial arming device for a fuse
3,975,729 Target detecting system
3,975,501 Formation of a fluorine compound and the compound
3,975,292 Method of screening infra-red radiation
3,975,233 Neutronic reactor

3,975,209 Thermal cell with an anode comprising a magnesium alloy with a refractory oxide
3,975,166 Gelled acrylic polymer
3,974,984 Control of guided missiles
3,974,772 Rocket igniter
3,974,376 Light amplifier for obtaining intensified light image from photoemissive surface
3,974,265 Chlorine pentafluoride complexes
3,974,028 Reactor and method of operation
3,973,934 Apparatus for diffusion separation
3,973,928 Apparatus for diffusion separation
3,972,734 Thermal deferred action battery
3,971,846 Preparation of beryllium hydride and aluminum hydride
3,971,699 Neutronic reactor
3,971,681 Composite double base propellant with triaminoguanidinium azide
3,971,020 Three dimensional radar system with integrated PPI presentation
3,970,940 Overall equipment condition checking
3,970,719 Preparation of block copolymers
3,970,626 Ethylene interpolymer compositions and process
3,969,616 Digital range computer systems for air navigation systems such as tacan
3,969,487 Process for synthesis of chlorodifluoroamine
3,969,486 Process for synthesis of chlorodifluoroamine
3,969,154 Catastrophic failure of metals
3,968,454 Signaling circuit
3,968,400 Flash tube modulator
3,968,160 Preparation of 1,2,3-tris[1,2-bis(difluoramino)ethoxy]propane
3,968,158 Process for preparing perfluoroguanidine and difluorourea
3,968,150 Process for the preparation of nitrogen- and fluorine-containing acrylates and methacrylates
3,968,139 Nitrogen- and fluorine-containing compounds
3,968,007 Neutronic reactor construction
3,967,989 High energy propellant compositions including vinyl decaborane-polyester copolymer binder
3,967,284 Radar apparatus for detecting a coherent Doppler signal in cluttered environments
3,967,067 Secret telephony
3,965,676 Solid rocket motor
3,965,297 Secret communication signal generating system
3,965,296 Signaling system
3,964,667 Diffusion bonding
3,964,424 Influence detecting gear with improved towing characteristics
3,964,416 Boiler reactor
3,964,053 Aircraft guiding system
3,963,936 Neutronic reactor thermal shield
3,962,705 Radar microwave lobing systems
3,961,917 Method of independently operating a group of stages within a diffusion cascade
3,961,024 Fluoro compound production
3,960,759 Liquid vesicant differentiating paint
3,960,621 Propellents
3,960,468 Fluid lubricated bearing assembly
3,959,322 Synthesis of 13-alkyl-gon-4-ones
3,959,116 Reforming process utilizing a dual catalyst system
3,959,070 Method of operating a neutronic reactor
3,958,699 Charging machine

3,958,241 Chaff discrimination system
3,958,214 Encoded echo-ranging signal generator
3,958,148 Radio frequency noise generating magnetron
3,957,577 Hydraulic control rod
3,957,550 Flame-explosion couple
3,957,468 Carburetor
3,956,990 Beehive projectile
3,956,989 Fragmentation device
3,956,890 Solid propellant binder and propellant
3,956,729 Countermeasures apparatus
3,956,728 Signal correlation system
3,956,658 Low impedance switch
3,956,039 High explosive compound
3,955,943 Diffusion method of seperating gaseous mixtures
3,955,860 Journal bearing
3,955,757 Ultracentrifuge for separating fluid mixtures
3,955,753 Gas centrifuge with driving motor
3,955,692 Handling apparatus
3,955,508 Acceleration integrating switch
3,955,507 Proximity fuse
3,955,505 Detonating apparatus
3,955,200 Interleaving jamming technique
3,955,197 Impulse correlation function generator
3,954,949 Process for making oxygen difluoride
3,954,701 Polymer composition containing inorganic filler
3,954,504 Fused electrolyte cell and method of making the same
3,954,503 Thermal cell and method of making same
3,954,057 Radio controlled wing rotor bomblet
3,953,678 Speech component key signaling system with code combinations
3,953,677 Key signaling system with multiple pulse generators
3,953,585 Manufacture of oxygen difluoride
3,952,627 Slot former assembly for use in solid propellant rocket motors
3,952,307 Deactivating radar chaff
3,952,302 Synchronous detector with pulse repetition frequency modulation
3,952,300 Sonar target converter
3,952,222 Pickup tube target
3,951,706 Solid propellant mixtures and process of preparation
3,951,573 Fluid lubricated bearing construction
3,951,359 Missile control system
3,951,358 Guidance and control system for target-seeking devices
3,951,038 Air operated projectile firing apparatus
3,950,749 Doppler frequency impulse radar system with displaced pulse sequence
3,950,645 Infrared detection tube
3,950,611 Gated video centroid tracker
3,949,955 Monopulse receiver circuit for an anti-radar missile tracking system
3,949,674 Operation of fragment core warhead
3,949,595 Automatic antiknock adjustment
RE28,774 White balance control system
3,949,050 Method of absorbing UF.sub.6 from gaseous mixtures in alkamine absorbents
3,949,048 Separation by solvent extraction

3,948,148 Devices for controlling pneumatic actuators
3,947,880 Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus with tape tension control
3,947,869 Semiconductor device having internal junction passsivating insulating layer
3,947,848 Anti-jam dual channel video cancellation circuit for first target tracking system
3,947,846 Thyratron limiter radar anti-jamming circuit
3,947,804 Range-bearing computer
3,947,523 Composition comprising epoxy resin, copolymer of butadiene and acrylic acid, curing agent and inorganic metal salt
3,947,321 Control and shim rod arrangement with moveable plugs
3,947,320 Nickel container of highly-enriched uranium bodies and sodium
3,947,301 Ammonium nitrate explosive composition
3,946,942 Gas centrifuge purge method
3,946,645 Protective air lock
3,946,354 Underwater electrical potential detection system
3,946,243 Remote load control
3,945,629 Refractory carbide particles with thin outer layer of highly crystalline carbon
3,945,539 Method and apparatus for expelling fluids
3,945,012 Wide band pulsed energy system
3,945,008 Electronic proximity fuse having multiple Doppler frequency channels
3,945,006 Radio frequency coding system
3,945,005 Surveillance radar
3,944,965 Overflow threshold control for sonar
3,944,872 Radio frequency noise generating magnetron
3,944,745 Secret signaling system with means for preventing key disclosure
3,944,744 Matrix coding secret signalling system
3,944,535 Low temperature synthetic rubber and method of making same
3,944,518 Polyamides having improved dyeability and thermal stability
3,944,448 Thixotropic monopropellant containing inorganic phosphides or phosphide alloys
3,943,870 Pinging controlled anti-torpedo device
3,943,855 Computer for missile
3,943,516 Strobe generator
3,943,515 Counter-countermeasure guidance system
3,943,510 Pulse-repetition frequency discriminator (PRFD) for tracking radar signals
3,943,210 Preparation of metal hydride bodies by improved powder metallurgy process
3,942,010 Joule-Thomson cryostat cooled infrared cell having a built-in thermostat sensing element
3,941,773 Form II ampicillin
3,940,767 Electronic radome-error compensation system
3,940,762 Digital detection criteria control device for video mapping, detection parameter control, optimum radar receiver selection and rejection of non-moving targets
3,940,656 High frequency tube apparatus
3,940,032 Rolling diaphragms for expelling liquids
3,940,031 Reverse acting rolling diaphragm for expelling liquids
3,939,476 Passive ranging tail warning device
3,939,474 Fully-coherent multiple frequency radar system
3,939,469 Detection streamer
3,939,463 Acoustic transponder navigation system
3,939,462 Dopplerizing a signal of varying frequency
3,939,461 Correlation system using matched signals
3,939,419 Security remote control method and system
3,938,456 Automatic steering system for a torpedo
3,938,152 Magnetic absorbers
3,938,147 Frequency modulated doppler distance measuring system

3,937,888 Signal transmission with secrecy
3,937,880 Magnetic disc coder-decoder
3,937,879 Information display system having main and auxiliary sweeps
3,936,954 Electronic bearing selector for omni-directional signals
3,936,827 Secure hyperbolic guidance using noise signals and correlation detection
3,936,749 Matched filter communication systems
3,936,748 Secret communication system employing magnetic control of signal modulation on microwave or other electromagnetic carrier wave
3,935,434 Printer control
3,934,253 Doppler frequency radar system with very short pulse modulated high frequency carrier waves
3,934,078 Key generating system
3,933,543 Propellant compositions containing a staple metal fuel
3,933,416 Hermatically sealed motor blower unit with stator inside hollow armature
3,932,776 Cold fuel thermionic converter
3,932,242 Solid propellant with butyl rubber binder
3,931,906 Bulbs for cathode tubes, particularly for television tubes
3,931,515 Radiant energy detection apparatus
3,931,488 Multiple switch actuator

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