Brooke's Web Cam

The Webcam32 software is no longer supported (Aug 2007) so I'm looking for an equivalent free software package that will work with standard composite (yellow RCA plug) type video.  So far ATI has not been able to get my All-In-One 9800 video card to process video without locking up the computer.  This after two years of trying (on and off).

I have a low light level Video camera on order for observing the stars.

This is just an experiment using a Logitech Pro 4000 web cam.
Logitech does offer any software or support for uploading a still image every now and then, and instead sends you to a third party that does this for a fee.
In order to get these images uploaded I used the 10 day demo version of webcam32.

This $40 program also allows you to have some number of prior images and also thumbnail versions.  That's what you see below.
The small numbers on the left are the month and day and the time is on the right.
There appears to be up to a minute between the upload and being able to see the latest image.

Note:  Most browsers cache the images so you need to hit <CTRL> and <the refresh button> to see the latest images.  This can be done on one of the large images obtained by clicking on the thumbnail image.  Just clicking on the image again will not bring up the current image unless you have disabled cache in your browser.


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