MT-3823/GRC Shock mount, Electrical Equipment

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MT-3823 Empty Rear Qtr View
MT-3823 w/PRC-25
MT-3823 Bottom


When a piece of electronic equipment is mounted in a vehicle a shock mount is used reduce the shock and vibration transmitted to the equipment.  The MT-3823 is a shock mount designed to hold the PRC-25 size case with the battery box attached.  It has an ON-OFF switch at the front and behind the ON-OFF switch there is a 4 socket Brundy MS3114E-8-4S receptacle with a Bendix  7632  MS33181-8N dust cap.  The Installation Hardware for MT-3823/GRC tobacco pouch contains 4 ea. 5/16-24 x1.25" bolts, 4 each 5/16" flat washers and 4 each 5/16-24 self locking nuts.

There is a large circular hole centered in the base plate and another centered on the bottom of the shelf.  These allow access to the connector on the rear of the ON-OFF switch box.  There's also a circular hole in the back that probably matches where a power connector might be on the TS-2963/USQ-46 Test Set or a 115 VAC power supply for the PRC-77.

When the AM-2060 Audio Amp DC Power Supply is used with the PRC-25 or PRC-77 the MT-1029 Mount is required.



All of the equipment that I know about in this form factor operates from "12 Volt" power and so a "Y" cable with Power Pole connectors on both of the "top" legs and a connector for the ON-OFF switch on the bottom leg would make sense.   That way one "Y" cable would work for all the equipment.


A standard M-80 microphone would make more sense than using a handset like the H-250.


The LS-454 with the modification to use pins A and B would provide an easy way to get a speaker with moderate volume.

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