Walker Scientific MG-3D Gaussmeter

Brooke Clarke 2013

Walker Scientific MG-3D Gaussmeter
Walker Scientific MG-3D Gaussmeter



When working with permanent magnets as well as electromagnets it would be helpful to know the magnetic field strength.  I've received the meter and the probe is on the way.  A common problem is that you can find the meters for sale, but they are missing the probes so I hope to figure out how to make a probe.  Another common problem is the lack of a manual.  If you have any documentation on the MG-3D please let me know.



The Amphenol 14S-6S six position sockets on the front and back panel are wired in parallel.  All 6 terminals are used for both sockets.
Using the F.W. Bell 640 manual as a proxy for this unit I would expect the probe to use 2 wires for driving the Hall sensor, 2 wires to read the sensor output and 2 wires for a temperature sensor for compensation.

If the probe is wired the same as the F.W. Bell probe then this is the pinout.
Note: the FW Bell 640 and it looks like the Walker MG-3D both use an AC drive signal to the Hall Device.

Hall Drive Current
Thermistor Return
Gain set resistor
Hall Voltage Out
Hall Drive Return
Hall Voltage Out
Thermistor Drive
Gain set resistor
Pins A & D Hall Drive form Rigol Scope without a probe connected.
About 5 Volts P-P at about 5 kHz (4.6 kHz ).
Walker Scientific MG-3D Gaussmeter Pins A &
                D Hall Drive

Pin A is at the top next to the key and the socket pins are lettered counter clockwise.
Note the sensitivity of Hall sensors varies with each individual unit so both zero and full scale need to be calibrated for the combination of probe and meter.


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