HS-30-A Headphones

Brooke Clarke 2011

HS-30-A Headset
HS-30-A Headset
                CD-604 Transformer PL-540 1/4" Phone Plug
HS-30-A Headset New Old Stock Box
                Transformer use with HS-30 Headset


There was some discussion about the HS-30 on the Army Radios Yahoo list server.  It was introduced to be a universal headset that could be worn under a helmet and/or gas mask unlike prior headsets that were too bulky.  The intention was that you would order not only the HS-30 proper, but also the needed cords, transformer and switching gear and assemble a complete set that would work with your specific radio.


Signal Corps Technical Information Letter No. 16, March 1943:  III. Accessories for the Versital Headset HS-30 (2 MB file)
The drawing from this document is here (click on image for larger version).

The diagram shows the CD-604 with terminals,
but you need a PL-55 installed on the HS-30 in
order to connect to the CD-604 transformer.
HS-30 Headset


DC resistance is 111 Ohms.
If a 1.5 V Alkaline battery is connected to the leads a very loud clicking will be heard.


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