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TiltAll Tripod Tiltall
                    Tripod with Inverted Center Column


I used a Tiltall 4062 Professional Tripod with my first Nikon-F (no electronics) 35mm film camera and another with a modified top plate for the Calumet 4x5 view camera.  My son now has both of these.  This tripod is much sturdier than most if not all the consumer grade tripods that are available today.  The price you pay is that it's also much heavier.  One of the key features of the Teltall tripod is the ability to invert the center column (see photo above), something neither the Swift or Arri tripods can do.


                    4062 Tripod as received
The tripod was shipped with all four handles removed and wrapped separately.  This way it fits into a smaller shipping box.  Note when handling that without the clamping action of the handles all movements are very free.

Center Column Can be used

 to store Handles

Tiltall Handle OD is larger than the Coulmn
                  stop Ring ID so you can store handles in center

Tiltall Handle OD is larger than the Column stop Ring ID so you can store handles in center column.
The Center
                  Column Clamps are best placed at the bottom of the
                  center column when storing all the handles in the
                  center column.

The Column clamp handles are even larger in diameter, but still fit inside the center column so are better placed at the bottom to act as a stop.  Letting the shaft stick out is a reminder to someone that they are stored there.

4062 Metal ID Label

Tiltall 4062 Label

Tiltall 4062 metal ID Label.  Mfd. by C. M. Marchioni

Leg Removed

Tiltall 4062 Leg removed using strap wrench

 Leg removed using strap wrench (Harbor Freight).
The thread seems to be 1-3/16-40.

Column Stop Ring

Tiltall Center Column stop ring and snubber
                  rubber washer

The center column (p/n 023) open center stop ring mates with the removed leg above so has the same 1-3/16-40 (?) thread.

Center Column Split Ring p/n 024

Tiltall p/n 024 anti friction coulmn clamp
                  split ring

p/n 024 is a split ring that acts as an anti friction bearing and center column clamp.

Inverted Center Column

Tiltall Tripod with Center Column Inverted

As shown the legs are fully collapsed so pan and tilt handles hit the tripod legs.

If the legs are extended (using the larger diameter extension) then the center column can be lowered all the way down.  see photo at top of page for that configuration.

Pad or Spike Foot

Titall Tripod
                  Pad or Spike Foot (Spike Retracted)

Titall Tripod
                  Pad or Spike Foot (Spike Extended)

Brass Split Ring Leg Clamp

Titall Tripod Leg Clamp Brass Split Ring p/n


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