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Got this from Fair Radio (GUN-S) because of my interest in things optical and electro-optical (Wiki: EO- photonics).  It turns out to be an IR sight (JAN-6914 image tube) and so is similar to the M18 IR Binoculars and/or PAS-6 Varo Metascope Model 9902E.  It turns out to be either the M32 or M32C.  Not sure of the difference between those two versions.  As far as I can tell from the -34P parts manual all that's in the M32 head is a tilt-able mirror, no optics, so this sight should work by itself.

The M32 consists of 3 major components:  The head, the daylight sight assembly and the IR sight assembly.  I only have the IR sight assembly now.

The M32 Tank Periscope used in the M60A1 tank, M48A5 105mm Gun and M60 105mm Gun has two elbow scopes that plug up into the bottom.  On the left is the smaller tube daylight scope and on the right is the larger tube IR scope.  This is the M32/M32C IR scope for the M32 tank periscopic sight. Don't know the difference between the M32 and M32C.  The M32E1 & M32CE1 have a different IR sight that has separate pots for reticle and image tube brightness.

If someone in the field of view had an active IR Beacon or SDU-5/E strobe with IR filter, it would show up in this sight and might prevent fratricide.


This is described on the Fair Radio web page as an optical gun sight, and while technically correct, it may be more accurate to call it an M32 IR Gun Sight.  Based on finding a JAN-6914 IR image tube I can say this is an IR (800 nm peak) gun sight.  The M18 IR Binoculars use the same 6914 IR image tube.

Yes, it's the same power supply module as in the M18.  p/n: 10516158 made by CAGE: 19200, NSN: 1240-00-077-1688.  Transistorized high voltage power supply (1.5 VDC in &16kV out).

The alternate to a "C" cell battery is the Converter Regulator p/n: 10553449, NSN: 1240-00-878/-7768

The M18 HV supply works.  (+) battery to HV module.  Switch to 1.5 Volts.

26 Jan 2015 - Now working on getting reticle to light up.


Fig 1 small cap upper left for 1319 bayonet base lamp.
                      Vision Gun Sight
Fig 2 small prism in center of lens for projection reticle.
                      Vision Gun Sight
Fig 3 Adjustments for Horizontal & Vertical boresignting.
                      Vision Gun Sight
Fig 4 small metal fitting probably valve for Nitrogen purge.
                      Vision Gun Sight
Fig 5 Cap below mode switch is for HV module.
3 position Switch:
24V ON - OFF - 1.5V ON
The plastic batt-HV cap can 2 electrical connections inside
                      Vision Gun Sight
Fig 6 HV module cap and JAN-6914 removed.
                      Vision Gun Sight
Fig 7 JAN-6914 IR tube.
                      Vision Gun Sight
Fig 8 HV power Supply components from
TM 9-1240-379-34
M32 M32C Tank Periscope Sight HV Power
1. 2ea set screws
2. Eyepiece assy
3. JAN-6914 IR Image Tube
4. Bayonet collar
5. IR Body
6. anti-pilferage wire seal
7. Plastic cap
8. gasket
9. Converter or "C" battery
10. pinned sleeve
11. Solid State HV PS
12. Spring tension washer
13. Knob
14. machine screw
15. lockwashers
Fig 9 HV Power Supply Module used on M18 binocs

                      Periscope Gun Sight HV module IL-1-16

ITT, Industrial Laboratories, Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A.
16 KV Power Supply, Model IL-1-16,
FSN: 5850-796-8760
Contract No. DAAB05-68-C-2354

This works when a "C" battery is installed with the positive (+) end touching the HV module, i.e. (-) to the cap. & switch set to 1.5 Volts.  Note after you turn off the switch the HV stays there and works for a number of minutes, depending on the brightness of the scene.
Fig 10 Looking at the eyepiece with tube on
M32 IR Perioscope Gun Sight Eyepiece view


TM 9-1240-379-34 Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual for Tank Periscope:
    M32        (1240-00-766-4287)
    M32C     (1240-00-762-9335)
    M32E1    (1240-01-016-2272)
    M32CE1 (1240-01-092-7910)
    May 1988

TM 9-258 Elementary Optics and Application to Fire Control Instruments, Dec 1977
    Note:  There are many editions of this booklet going back to 1921 (many free on line)

TM 9-1240-379-34P DS & GS Maint Repair Parts for Tank Periscope:
     M32        (1240-00-766-4287)
    M32C     (1240-00-762-9335)
    M32E1    (1240-01-016-2272)
    M32CE1 (1240-01-092-7910)
    Sep 1986

105mm Gun Operator Manuals for Vehicles:
TM 9-2350-215-10-1 105mm M60A1

TM 9-2350-258-10  105mm M48A5

TM 9-2350-260-10-1  105mm M60


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