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The U.S. military has standardized the way individual equipment is carried by a soldier.  The main purpose was to keep the weight down.  Since this is a very common system there are a number of manufacturers making ALICE compatible equipment.  ALICE is a Vietnam era system. The W.W. II system used bent heavy gauge wire to attach a canteen to a pistol belt. 

MOdular Lightweight Load-carryng Equipment (MOLLE) is the new system that's now being fielded.

With this page I'm trying to collect just the official government issue items and related information.  The Links section below has some vendors of compatible equipment that may or may not contain Government Issue items.

Load Carrying

Carrying a load by using shoulder straps puts the weight of the load on all of the spine from the shoulders on down.  This is both tiring and potentially causing back problems.  A much better way to carry a load is to use a belt that's snug enough so that it can not slip past the hips and that also supports a rigid pack frame.  Now the weight is supported by the belt.  In this arrangement the shoulder straps are not carrying the weight, but rather are there to keep the load from falling backward.
Comment by Geodkyt:
"MOLLE system was supplied to USMC by a single contractor [Specialty Defense Systems] in 1988, the same contractor supplied the MOLLE II upgrades in 2000.  These systems were supplied with care & use manuals by the contractor. The same thing is happening with the replacement system ILBE [Improved Load Bearing Equipment - 2004] which replaces the packs & other deficient items but continues to use MOLLE pouches.  MOLLE is miss identified with PALS [Pouch Attachment Ladder System] which the MOLLE system uses, the army first used PALS in 1988 with the SPEAR system issued to Special Forces personnel.  PALS was a requirement on the Interceptor Body Armor and items were approved for unit purchase and received NSNs.  Because of The superiority of this gear the army is slowly replacing the LC1/LC2, SPEAR, & IIFS [Integrated Individual Fighting System] gear with a MOLLE system but has a mish mash of items from various contractors, thus no official field manual.
Alice gear evolved from M1967 MLCE [Modernized Load Carrying Equipment] with only the magazine pouches for 30 rd mags carried over as ALICE LC1 all other items were upgraded or changed. LC2/LC3 are upgrades of LC1 with no obvious changes to the gear in most cases, H suspenders LC3 are just M1967 MLCE. Some gear add to inventory such as individual First Aid Kit received the LC2 designation. Because of commercial marketing the lines between these systems and upgrades is quite confusing."

--cal fischer--

"LC-1 is the first production pattern of any particular ALICE kit, and LC-2 is a later improvement – such as the LC-2 pistol belt that was adopted in 1981.  However, please note that everything from M-1956 pattern LCE on forward (the 1967 MLCE, the 1972 ALICE, the 1990’s LBV, etc.) was in simultaneous use within the same unit (often on the same soldier) at the same time. . . at least until MOLLE came along and by and large drove the majority of earlier kit out – in the mid-1990s, my personal web set was a mix of all three major generations of LCE, some because Supply didn’t distinguish between them, and some because I felt they met my needs better.
So far as I know, the only “LCE” based gear still used are generally ALICE kit for which it was easier to just issue an adaptor for – I believe the “new” (well, “new to me” <grin>) nylon flap holster that came out with the Beretta is still issued to those that do not buy off-the-shelf holsters with personal or unit discretionary funds.  The reason that with MOLLE, there is a nearly clean break with the past is simple – you can kinda fit LCE clip stuff on MOLLE webbing, but it’s floppy, unsecure, wears out the MOLLE webbing loops, and the LCE, MLCE, and ALICE specs did not specify a particular horizontal spacing of the clips (unlike MOLLE’s consistent 1.5” horizontal spacing).  (But, I use milsurp stuff for camping, shooting, etc – it tough, cheap, convienient, works well together, and I already know it.  And I still have an ALICE buttpack and an M1956 LCE map case clipped to my MOLLE vest, and an M1967 MLCE First Aid box on my MOLLE ruck. <grin>)

Alice Items

I( have removed links to photos on retailer web pages because they are not permanent links.


The items in this category can be attached to either a belt or to a pack.  My belt (see below) has as part of it's marking "LC-2", so it's not clear to me what LC-1 and LC-2 mean, if you know let me know.


Alice clips are a key part of the system.  They are the way to attach most things to a pistol belt.

Alice Clip The Clip surrounds the belt.  It does not have anything to do with the eyelets in the pistol belt. It will work with pretty much any belt.
W.W. II belt
                  attach wire 8465-00-001-0336 Belt, W.W. II vintage marked LC-1 Eastern Canvas Products
The W.W. II Pistol belt had eyelets spaced 2 3/8" along the belt and 1 5/8" across the belt for attaching things like a canteen.  The canteen had bent brass rod, maybe 1/8" diameter, that could be fitted into a pair of holes, either the top or bottom pair by removing the belt and bending it so the distance between the eyelets was small.  Once the belt was straight the item attached could not come off the belt.  This modern belt has the same eyelets for backward capability with that old system.
Why was the W.W. II belt an LC-1 and the new belt is an LC-2 (or what does LC-1 and LC-2 mean)?

Pistol Belt

 9 mm Double Mag Pouch
  First Aid/Compass Pouch
  .45 Clip Pouch
  M-16 Mag Pouch
  A.L.I.C.E. Clips


It may be that the Load Carrying #1 (LC-1) packs can be used with either shoulder straps or the LC-2 pack frame and the LC-2 packs can only be used with the frame.
The Medium Pack is used with or without the LC-2 Pack & Cargo Frame.
The Large Combat Pack requires use of the frame.
Each pack features a large internal pack sack and radio compartment, compression straps, external cargo pockets w/cinching buckles, Velcro® closing top flap with a pocket roomy enough for a 2 or 5 Quart collapsible canteen. Conventional lashing or gear attachment patches are provided. Fabrics are Mil-Spec nylon duck and harness webbing.

  Medium A.L.I.C.E. Pack

  Small Canvas A.L.I.C.E. Pack

LC-2 Pack Frame 

In August there was a thread about the ALICE Pack frame on the Army Radios group.  Jim Madden posted some photos that helped a lot in clarifying how the pack frame is used.

The Carrying of Loads within an Infantry Company, May 1973 - AD0762559.pdf -

Fig 1. Haversack, M-1928
Fig 2. Rucksack (all cloth)
Fig 3. Pack, Field (all cloth)
Fig 4. Pack, Jungle (Camouflage)
Fig 5. Packboard, Plywood
Fig 6. Pack, Field, Combat and Cargo M-1945
Fig 7. Pack, Field Canvas (M-56)
Fig 8. Rucksack, Lightweight (LC-2 frame?)
Fig 9. Frame, Lightweight, Rucksack (used as packboard)
Fig 10. ARVN Rucksack (made for small soldiers)
Fig 11. Rucksack, Tropical, Lightweight, Nylon - 1963
1962: Lightweight INdividual CLOthing and Equipment (LINCLOE)
1. Suspenders & Belt
2. lightweight aluminum frame
3. large pack of rucksack design - 2.4 cu. ft.
4. medium size pack - 1.15 cu. ft.
5. small pack - 0.67 cu. ft.

Fig 1
Fig 2
Fig 3

 Military A.L.I.C.E. Ruck Frame (Black)  (LC-2 Pack Frame only?) NSN 8465-00-001-6475 ?

  A.L.I.C.E. Kidney Pad - Some users upgrade to the "ACU MOLLE II Molded Waist Kidney Pad Belt"  NSN: 8465-01-524-7232

  H-Type A.L.I.C.E. Suspenders

  A.L.I.C.E. Suspenders

  A.L.I.C.E. LC-2 Rucksack Frame

  A.L.I.C.E. Pack LC2 Shoulder Straps

  LC-2 Kidney Pads

  Small A.L.I.C.E. Pack

New Style ALICE Pack Frame Detachable Cargo Shelf

Old Style Alice cargo shelf


Features a large internal pack sack and radio compartment, compression straps, three large external cargo pockets w/cinching buckles, three small accessory pockets, Velcro® closing top flap with a pocket roomy enough for a 2 or 5 Quart collapsible canteen. Conventional lashing or gear attachment patches are provided. Must be used in conjunction with an LC-2 Pack Frame (sold separately); you cannot attach Shoulder Straps to the pack by itself. Size: 22'' x 20'' x19'' (55.9 x 51 x 48 cm). Load Capacity: 70 lbs


It's not clear to me if the following items are all ALICE or not.  Also what's LC-1 and LC-2 mean? (probably Load Carrying #1 and #2, but what's the difference?)
5340-01-062-6751 Suspender Strap Loop
5340-00-753-5578 Obsolete Brass Female Belt Fastener
5340-00-753-5579 Obsolete Brass Male Belt Fastener
5340-00-753-5581 Keeper other than Belt

Clip NSNs

5340-00-753-5581 Belt Keeper (ALICE Clip)
See patent 2869198 below.
I'm not sure if this is the correct NSN for the ALICE clip.
It can go over an object that's no more than 2 5/16" wide and 3/16" (0.1875") thick.
One layer of a ripstop belt is 2 3/16" wide and 0.230" over an eyelet and 0.145 over the material.
So you need to install the ALICE clip along the length of the belt where you want it since you can not slide the clip past an eyelet.

When opened, like in the photo at the left, there is some spring so you can open up the 3/16" to much more for installing the clip.

The shoulder straps on the Field Pack art too bit to allow ALICE items to be attached.  I've seen large rubber bands used or other ways to attach stuff.

6605-00-846-7818 Pouch, Lensatic Compass, has a single ALICE clip on back.
8415-00-261-6929 Vest, Ammunition Carrying
8315-01-287-0603 Belt Male Fastener, Center Release (Replaces obsolete Brass)
8315-01-287-0604 Belt Female Fastener, Center Release (Replaces obsolete Brass)

          belt attach wire
8465-00-001-6471 Suspenders
8465-00-001-6474 Carrier, Entrenching, Tool, Plastic, Vinyl, Green
8465-00-001-6482 Small Arms Ammunition Case

Cargo Strap
8465-00-001-6477 Cargo Tie Down Strap Marked:
Strap, Cargo Tie-Down, LC-1, US NSN 8465-00-001-6477 and other stuff that's not readable
One end has a metal hook permanently attached by folding the strap upon itself and sewing.  A metal buckle can slide along the length of the strap and can not slide off since the other end of the strap has a stop formed by rolling three turns of material and then sewing together (bottom of photo at left).
The strap is 53" long.

Strap w/ Hook
          on BuckleHook attached to Buckle.

8465-01-019-9102 Field Pack Medium G
8465-01-019-9103 Field Pack Large OD
8465-01-025-2637 Field Pack Large - has 6 external pouches, 3 lower large ones and 3 upper smaller ones.
8465-00-038-5050 Belt, Cartridge
8465-01-071-7416 Case Personal Credentials, Field Pack

                  Side of Frame w/Straps
                  Frame Man Side

8465-01-073-8326 LC-2 Pack Frame w/Straps
Load Side
LC-2 Pack Frame w/Straps
Man Side

The Waist belt on the above pack frame is marked MOLLE and has what I think are MOLLE straps on the frame side.  It holds to the frame with an elastic band.  Frame is about 20¼" tall and 12" wide.

8465-01-075-8164  Waist Strap w/Lower Back Pad - Uses the side latch plastic buckle that is different from the pistol belt center latch plastic buckle.

Quick Release
          Catch8465-01-078-9282 Right Quick-release Shoulder Strap

The cover strap has been opened for the photo.
In use the strap is snapped over the catch.
When the strap is unsnapped and pulled up, the catch releases, even under load.
The catch does not need to be touched to release the load.

8465-01-082-6449 Strap, Cap, Water, Canteen
8465-01-115-0026 Canteen Water 1 Quart
Canteen (Wiki)

8465-01-118-8175 Cover, Water, Canteen, 2 Qt, Collapsible, Desert
(not shown: 2 Quart Cover, Green: 8465-00-927-7485)
8465-01-118-8173 Canteen Water 2 Quart Collapsible
2 Quart
                  Military Canteen Collapsible ALICE8465-01-118-8173 can
                  Canteen Cover 8465-01-1?8-8175
Note:  two ALICE clips on back.
Filling Instructions
2 Quart
                  Military Canteen Collapsible ALICE8465-01-118-8173 can
                  Canteen Cover 8465-01-1?8-8175

Remove bladder and unscrew cap.  Fully extend bladder by blowing into it.  Float empty bladder on side, holding neck of bladder with 1/3 to 1/2 of opening under water.  Do not totally submerge opening.  Slowly submerge bladder as it fills.  If bladder collapses, remove from water allowing air to enter and proceed as above.  To hasten filling, use a scooping motion with opening partially under water.  Insert correct number of water purification tablets as directed on tablet bottle.  Note:  capacity of canteen is two quarts.

To reduce sloshing noise of partially full canteen, squeeze to force water into neck and replace cap tightly.  Wet the pile lining during hot weather to help keep water cool.  Keep lining material dry during cold weather to provide limited protection from freezing.

Carry under the parka during cold weather to keep the water from freezing.  Keep bladder and cover away from heat or flame.
M1 NBC Cap NSN: 8465-00-930-2077
Used with gas mask tube.
2 Quart
                  Military Canteen Collapsible ALICE8465-01-118-8173 can
                  Canteen Cover 8465-01-1?8-8175

Intrenching (Entrenching?) Tool, Hand, Folding, Lightweight
NSN: 5100-878-5932  Wiki
Entrenching Tool Carrier  NSN 8465-00-001-6474
Note:  two ALICE clips on back.
In folded position, very compact.
"<-LUBRICATE".  There was dried out white Lubriplate grease in the threads.  I cleaned them and used Silicon grease.
Note: you must remove bolt to get access.  When replacing bolt the shovel must be in the same position otherwise it will not fold up.
When the nut is tightened against the shovel it also locks the handle joint making the shovel one solid unit.

8465-01-120-0674 Belt, Medium - in TM 10-8400-203-23 - obsolete Brass buckle design ->8465-01-322-1965

Large Belt,
          Plastic Buckle8465-01-120-0675 Belt, Large -
 in TM 10-8400-203-23- obsolete Brass buckle design ->8465-01-322-1966
My belt shown in photo with plastic center latch buckle is marked:
Belt, Individual, Equipment, Nylon, LC-2, DLA100-87-F-EB22, 8465-01-120-0675, Size: Large, Waist 30 inches or over, Mississippi Industries for the blind, 18 (Note this is a plastic buckle type, not brass.)

8465-00-136-5090 Field Pack
8465-01-151-2891  1½  foot Lower Back Strap w/Clamp ( Strap, Webbing, Nylon, OD7 for Field Pack)

PRC-68 Sling8465-01-157-1157 Carrier, AN/PRC-68 Radio Set - (sling)
2" wide strap
Hook to Hook length adjustable from 28" to 47"
Carrier, AN/PRC-68 Radio Set
Crown Purse , Inc.

8465-01-157-4834 Case, Small Arms, Ammunition, Nylon, Green
8465-00-165-6838 Cup, Water Canteen
8465-01-207-5573 Pocket, Ammunition
8465-01-250-3632 Stand, Canteen Cup, Aluminum (boil water in plastic canteen?)

8465-01-253-5335 Field Pack, Camouflage used with the PRC-104 Radio.  Has a separator in the top main compartment and has 3 seperate external pouches, each with a buckle & two snap fasteners.
                  Indoor Flash
                  Sun shadow
Front or Frame side with pocket for the top
of Pack Frame at top.

Left photo taken indoors using flash,
Right photo taken outside in shade.
                  Indoor Flash
                  shaded Sunlight
Rear side showing main pouch at top and
three smaller pockets.

Left photo taken indoors using flash,
Right photo taken outside in shade.

The prior owner of this pack had used a pair of right shoulder straps in the released mode, with the bottom of the lower straps connected to  "D" rings down low on each side of the pack thus allowing him to carry the pack using just shoulder straps and no pack frame.  Although this was not the intention, the ALICE system provided the flexibility to easily complete this filed expedient setup.

The main compartment has a divider that appears to be designed to hold a radio.  The PRC-104 fits nicely with either the small or large battery boxes attached.  There's a strap and buckle that holds the radio into that packet.  Either way you install the PRC-104 the strap ends up covering the mode and volume controls.  If the AUDIO connector it near your right ear, then the handset cord will be convenient for Pedestrian Mobile operation.  If the pack is dismounted and the radio used with the pack on the ground then the radio could be installed either way.

The main compartment is not too large once a radio is installed.  The other compartment is 18" deep, just the right size to hold the AT-271 antenna, a counterpoise wire or other wires.

With a PRC-25 or PRC-77 installed in the pocket, the strap covers the frequency display window.  A better design would be to use two straps each about 1/3 of the way across to hold the radio, and actually only use the one of them not blocking something.

Lower Pack
          Stap to Frame
When the Field Pack is hooked over the Pack Frame a Cargo Shelf in the upper position will add support to the radio, taking it's weight off of the pack cloth.  This moves the radio up slightly and the pack closes properly.  But is not compatible with tying the lower pack straps to the frame.  To use the lower pack straps the Cargo Shelf needs to be removed.

By using the ALICE Pack and Frame the PRC-25, PRC-77 or PRC-104 can be carried in a more or less concealed way and all the accessories can be carried in the pack, so the CW-502 accessory bag is not needed as when the ST-138 radio carrier is used with the PRC-25 or PRC-77.  PS Magazine for 1990 issue 451 shows the ALICE Pack Frame as a way to carry the PRC-25 or PRC-77 but does not mention this Camouflage Field Pack or when or why the ST-138 was discontinued.

          Straps thru pack top
The shoulder straps need to be installed so that they are not trapped under the Medium Field Pack.  I.e. they need to be installed  after the Field Pack is slipped over the top of the pack frame.  The quick release on the right strap makes it easy to get it through the slit in the top of the pack frame pocket, but the left shoulder strap top strap buckle needs to be undone to get it installed properly.

8465-01-254-5759 Canteen & Carrier Collapsible Assy Canteen 5 Quart,  Body, Vinyl Film, Reinforcement Vinyl
8465-00-258-2432 Field Pack Liner
8465-00-261-4998 Bag, Ammunition A15 Equipment, with Attached Cover
8465-00-261-6944 Case, Shotgun, Ammunition, Cloth, Duck
8465-00-269-0481 Strap, Webbing, Waist
8465-01-278-3739 Adapter Kit, M-1 Cap, for Canteen Water
8465-01-269-0482 Left Quick-release Shoulder Strap
8465-01-286-5354 Pad, Back, Field Pack, Nylon, Black
8465-01-286-5356 Field Pack, Duck Nylon, Camouflage, Large with Internal Frame; w/Combat Patrol Pack
8465-01-297-4192 Bag, Ammunition, Green, Fire Retardant, Water Repellent
8465-01-314-4282 Cup, Water Canteen
8415-01-317-1622 Vest, Grenade, Carrier, Woodland Camouflage
8465-01-322-1965 Belt, Individual Equipment, Medium, Plastic Buckle

8465-01-322-1966 Belt, Individual Equipment, Large, Plastic Buckle
8465-01-327-5361 Field Pack Cover Desert Day 3-Color
8465-01-331-3351 Fastener Set, Brass, Belt
8460-00-368-4281 Case Map & Photo
8465-01-408-5431 Case Small Arms Ammunition
8465-01-416-4637 Retainer Strap, Special
8465-01-457-8969  Side Release Equipment Belt Extender (Male & Female Plastic ends)
8465-01-457-8980 Center Release Equipment Belt Extender (Male & Female Plastic ends)
8465-01-465-2144 Pouch, Bandoleer Ammunition, 6 Magazine
8465-01-481-4448 Cover, Field Pack, Ca...?
8465-01-484-0450 Pouch, Canteen-Generic
8465-01-491-7517 Pouch, Bandoleer Ammunition
8465-01-494-0272 Pouch, Canteen-Generic
8465-01-494-6795 Field Pack
8465-01-494-9838 Cover, Water Canteen
8465-01-513-4067 Pouch, Ammunition
8465-01-513-4186 Bag, Ammunition
8465-01-515-7575 Pouch, Ammunition
8465-01-515-7639 Bag, Ammunition
8465-01-515-8658 Belt, Individual Equipment (no size)
8465-01-515-8677 Belt, Individual Equipment (no size)

8465-00-001-6476 Cargo SHelf on Pack FrameShelf, Cargo, Pack Frame

Two cargo shelf's can be attached to the LC-2 Pack Frame

They just hook over the flat metal frame straps.  If pushed upward they come right off.

CLose Up of 2
            Cargo ShelvesClose up of 2 cargo shelves on pack frame.
Top of shelf is 11.5" wide and 3" deep.
About 9" from top of bottom shelf to bottom of top shelf.

8465-00-705-2438 Pocket, Ammunition Magazine
8465-00-753-6490 Cover Water Canteen
8465-00-781-9564 Case, Maintenance Equipment, Small Arms
8465-00-782-2239 Pocket, Ammunition Magazine
8465-00-782-6723 Hammock, With Canopy, Jungle, Nylon, M-1965
8465-00-860-0256 Canteen Cover, 1 Quart
8465-00-927-7485 Canteen Cover, 2 Quart
8465-00-930-2077 Cap, Water Canteen, Plastic, w/Snap Opening
8465-00-935-6418  First Aid Dressing/Compass Case
8465-00-935-6825 Strap, Field Pack, Duck, Nylon Green, Olive
8465-00-935-6397 Hammock, Without Canopy, Jungle, Nylon, M-1966
8465-00-935-6830 Vietnam era Suspenders, Field Pack, Nylon
8465-00-935-6857 Field Pack Liner
8465-00-935-6858 Field Pack Liner
8465-00-987-8793 Field Pack

Radio Related ALICE, canvas, Nylon, webbing

PRC-25 Strapped to
        Pack Frame on top shelfPRC-25 on top cargo shelf held by 2 cargo straps.

I used one strap wound around the top pack frame bar and then around the radio after going through the handles.  This holds the top part of the radio, but it still can move away from the frame at the bottom and can still move up.  A second strap wrapped around the pack frame center vertical metal strap and then across the radio a handle and back to the center metal strap completes this setup and the radio is firmly held in all directions as well as tapping the cargo shelf.

Using the top shelf gets the antenna higher and keeps the handset cord shorter than using the bottom shelf.

If you have a good way to strap the PRC-25 or PRC-77 to the Pack Frame let me know.

AT-984 back of bagAT-984 Fishing Reel long wire antenna comes in a ALICE canvas bag.

5820-00-086-7138  CW-502 Accessory Kit bag for the PRC-25, PRC-77 radios
Holds the AT271 antenna and it's AB-591 base,
          the AT-892 1 meter tape measure antenna and it's p/o AT-892 gooseneck base
and either a H-189 or H-250 handset

Prc-68 Radio Pouch
        BackRadio Pouches for the PRC-68 Family of Squad Radios.

This one marked 37695 84924-1 (maybe has errors)
which is the Magnavox FSCM or CAGE number and their part number.

5820-01-322-3477 Radio Carrying Case - Note this is a Radio NSN, not a web gear NSN.  It may have been a modification done on the 8465-01-253-5335 Field Pack, Camouflage used with the PRC-104 Radio above.  It is also for use with SINCGARS radios.  This NSN may be a top level number that includes the pack frame, shelf?, and/or cargo straps.

The PLGR carry bag has ALICE clips.  It's marked 13499/021-0706-010, Outdoor Designs
Mk-356/G Wire Splicing Kit - uses the older bent wire belt attachment

Individual Integrated Fighting System (Wiki)

A possible follow on to ALICE but was replaced by MOLLE.

8415-01-317-1622 Vest, Grenade Carrier (40mm)
This vest is designed to both carry the 40mm gernades and to also act as suspenders for the standard ALICE belt.  It has built-in shoulder pads and a number of snap/velcro loops at the bottom to attach to the belt.  One size fits all.





The MOdular Lightweight Load-carryng Equipment system may use a Velcro strap to replace the ALICE Clip, but I have not yet found a good technical description for MOLLE.

8465-01-465-2057 Pouch, Radio
8465-01-465-2070 Pouch, Utility 100 R...
8465-01-465-2272 Adapter K-Bar
8465-01-465-2080 Set, Buckles
8465-01-465-2082 Belt, Utility
8465-01-465-2088 Pack, Patrol
8465-01-465-2158 Frame, Pack
8465-01-465-2289 Pack Main

8465-01-491-7438 Pack, Patrol
8465-01-491-7446 Pouch, Radio
8465-01-491-7449 Frame, Pack, MOLLE 2
8465-01-491-7519 Pack, Main
8465-01-491-7525 Adapter K-Bar

8465-01-494-9667 Pouch, Utility

8465-01-495-0054 Pouch, Radio
8465-01-495-0063 Adapter, K-Bar

8465-01-513-4063 Pouch, Grenade
8465-01-513-4083 Pack, Assault
8465-01-519-6440 Frame, Pack
8465-01-515-7594 Pack, Assault

Why No Molle Manual & Related info

email from gmmbender with some MOLLE manuals.
Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements (SPEAR), Equipment Load Carrying Subsystem (ELCS), 01 Oct 1999, MS09004, 21 pgs -
TM 10-8465-236-24&P Field and Sustainment Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) II, (NSN 8465-01-525-0578) (EIC: YCH), Army, 15 March 1014, 292 pgs (on line)-
TM 10-8464-236-10 Operator's Manual for Modualar Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) II, Army, 20 June 2013, 128 pgs (Yumpu) -
UM21 Universal Military Backpack Subsystem use and Care Manual, Bianchi UM21 Backpack System termed SPEAR, BALCS by Army, 16 pgs (Yumpu) -
Use and Care of the Integrated Individual Fighting System (IIFS), Army, DTIC Aug 5, 1991; AD-A239291(pdf), 2003021110

An email from: Tom answered my question about why no Molle (hard copy) manual and then some:

Hooah Brooke-
I think there is no TM:
1. The Army is cutting down on paper products
2. MOLLE was fielded so quickly with combinations of off the shelf stuff the instructions haven't caught up with the equipment-(this is not unusual, I was a Company Commander in West Germany when the HWWMV (Hummer) was fielded with no manuals)
3. The Army may be waiting to field a final version of MOLLE before they publish the instructions-
4.  No money for publishing…money going to fielding new body armor, up-armored vehicles and bullets….
I also have the VHS tape for assembling MOLLE I-this supposed to come with each new MOLLE-
There are (I think!?) 3 versions of the MOLLE:
MOLLE I: Woodland cammo with locking mechanism at bottom of frame (you have booklet-I used this version, the locking mechanism made it a piece of junk-one more thing to break, and it did not work well)
MOLLE II: Woodland cammo with revised frame (no locking mechanism)-better
MOLLE III: ACU (with stronger frame?)
Also comes in black, DCU pattern, and white-
For NSN listing for all MOLLEs:
Lots of Fastex buckles, straps, pouches and bags to put together to configure MOLLE-
Lots of volume-if packed fully it extends behind/above my head making it impossible to get into a prone firing position without quick releasing the MOLLE off-
The frame seems to be better for jumping than the old metal ALICE frame (I haven't heard of a MOLLE frame breaking on a jump (on a lowering line))-
See:  http://www.combatreform2.com/rucksack.htm
While I was in the Army I used:
WWII Mountain Rucksack
Jungle Rucksack
Tropical Rucksack
Combination of WWII/Korea field packs/bags with M-1956 gear
ALICE (medium and large) (M-1956 to LBV)
I test jumped (1978/1979) Lowe pack
Modified ALICE (MALICE) (private mods)
I was with the 101st Abn Div (AASLT) when the CFP-90 was fielded-(I never used it)-saw lots of them tear, snap, break shoulder straps and shear adjusting screws for the frame-the 101st turned in CFP-90s and went back to ALICE-
I have/use/used:
MALICE with issue ALICE frame and privately purchased (more padding :-))
shoulder straps and waist strap
Blackhawk SOF Ruck with issue ALICE frame and MOLLE shoulder straps/harness and MOLLE waist strap



FM 21-15 Care and Use of Individual Clothing and Equipment - - - out of print
TM 10-8400-201-23 General Repair Procedures for Clothing
TM 10-8400-203-23 General Repair Procedures for Individual Equipment

FM 10-269 General Repair for Canvas and Webbing
FM 10-16 General Fabric Repair


Sleeping Bag in a Can

MIL-B-6556 Sleeping Bag in a Can
Sleeping Bag, Vacuum Packed
Specification  MIL-B-6556
Order No   AF 33(038)26632
Stock No. 8330-031120
Belnap & Thompson Inc.
Date Packed:  Dec 14, 1951
US Property

13 1/2" x 9 1/2"  x 5"  
weighs 8lbs

packed in some larger (crew) USAF survival kits in the 1950s.  They were superseded by the MC-1 bag of the early '60s and only in certain kits with this packaging.

PS Magazine


2000 #571 - Equipment Belt . . . Extenders End Frustration
Side Release Equipment Belt Extender   NSN 8465-01-457-8969
Center Release Equipment Belt Extender   NSN 8465-01-457-8980
1998 #546 - Alice . . . Frame Parts
All LC-2 parts can be used with LC-1 gear.
LC-2 Pack Frame w/Straps  NSN 8465-01-073-8326
Right Quick-release Shoulder Strap  NSN 8465-01-078-9282
Left Quick-release Shoulder Strap  NSN 8465-01-269-0482
Waist Strap w/Lower Back Pad  NSN 8465-01-075-8164
1½  foot Lower Back Strap w/Clamp  NSN 8465-01-151-2891
8465-00-269-0482 Pack Left Shoulder Strap
8465-00-078-9282  Pack Right Shoulder Strap
1997 #537 - A Friend to Hang With
1995 #506 - Put Alice Back in Wonderland

1994 #500 - NSNs for Pack Straps
Pack Left Shoulder Strap  NSN 8465-00-269-0482
Pack Right Shoulder Strap  NSN 8465-00-078-9282
1993 #489 - Carrying Equipment Care
Suspenders  NSN 8465-00-001-6471
First Aid/Compass Case  NSN 8465-00-935-6418
Canteen Cover  NSN 8465-00-860-0256
Small Arms Ammo Case  NSN 8465-00-001-6482
Belt, Large  nsn 8465-01-120-0675 - - - Typo?
Belt, Medium  NSN 8465-01-120-0674 - - - Typo?
Belt Keeper (ALICE Clip?)  NSN 5340-00-753-5581
Female Fastener  NSN 5340-00-753-5579
Male Fastener  NSN 5340-00-753-5578
Suspender Strap Loop  NSN 5340-01-062-6751
1993 #482 - Alice . . . A Friend You Can Depend On
Belt Female Fastener  NSN 8315-01-287-0604
Belt Male Fastener  NSN 8315-01-287-0603
1992 #475 - Alice in the Land of PM

1992 #474 - Give Alice a Bath
LC-2 Pack Frame with Straps  NSN 8465-01-073-8326
LC-2 Pack Frame Waist Strap w/lower back pad  NSN 8465-01-075-8164
LC-2 Pack Frame 1½  foot Lower Back Strap w/Clamp  NSN 8465-01-151-2891
LC-2 Pack Frame Right Quick-release shoulder Strap NSN 8465-01-078-9282
LC-2 Pack Frame Left Quick-release shoulder Strap NSN 8465-01-078-0482
1990 #456 - The Ties that Bind (use a tie wrap NSN 5975-00-984-6582 to secure equipment to a pistol belt)

1990 #451 - AN/PRC-25, -77 Radios . . . Strap 'em Into LC-2 Frame
2 each Cargo Tie Down Strap NSN 8465-00-001-6477


                          Cartridge-belt, William Lindsey, Mills Woven
                          Cartridge Belt Co, 1907-07-16
                          Cartridge-belt, William Lindsey, Mills Woven
                          Cartridge Belt Co, 1907-07-16

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2717437 Velvet type
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2402709 Camouflage net, David L Swasey, Electric Boat, 1946-06-25, 28/148; 139/383R; 245/8; 245/2; 428/919; 160/DIG.7-
2823434 Fastening
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                  Corp, 1958-02-18
2823434 Fastening device, Jr Harold S Van Buren, United Carr Fastener Corp, 1958-02-18, 24/3.1; 24/600.8 -

2869198 Pistol belt
                  clip, Jr Merton L Clevett, Army, 1959-01-20
2869198 Pistol belt clip, Jr Merton L Clevett, Army, 1959-01-20, 24/3.12; 24/600.4 -

Lyster Bag (Olive-drab)

Joseph Lister (Wiki) is associated with the idea of adding a chemical to water to kill bacteria.
See patent 2504124 below for the Lister Bag.
There are a few types of canvas water bags/buckets.

Storage type are sealed and do not weep and do not cool.

The common hot water bottle (Wiki) is an example.
See patent 446518

Cooling type made of flax and need to be soaked for a day prior to use.

Wiki: Flax, Linen

Soak Well Before Using (other bags say Soak for 24 Hours Prior to Use)
The Superior Water Bag
C.T.S. Guarantee Quality
Guaranteed Scotch Flax

Fig 1
Flax Water Bag
The metal clip at the top

Cooling type made of treated duck cloth or twill and require no soaking.

The Lyster(ILister) bag is a cooling type. 
6 Gallon, 6 spigots, 3' tall x 22" dia.  Need custom tripod to hold the weight.
Bag, Water, Sterilizing" with NSN 4610-00-268-9890
Constructed with "weeping" canvas.  [BC: I suspect it needs to be treated to weep the correct amount, see patent below)

YouTube: Lister Bag (7:51) - 310 pounds gross filled bag weight, (BC: guess 8' 2x4 to make tripod)  Gin Poles (5:15) - uses Eye/Loop nuts with female thread and 7/16" NC all thread rod. Note the center 2x4 is wedge shaped to allow a shorter threaded rod length and support inside the wood of all three 2x4s.

There are many reviews of the Rothco Canvas Water Bucket on Amazon complaining about all the water leaking out in 10 to 15 minutes.  That would indicate they did not properly treat the fabric.
135432 Canteens, R.
                  Kelly, 1873-02-04
135432 Canteens, R. Kelly, 1873-02-04, 222/107; 62/315; 222/189.06; 238/316 -

The oozing is controlled by the weight of the canvas.

"I am aware that the ordinary tin canteen has been envoloped in cloth or woolen fabrics, for the purpose of producing an evaporation from the outside when it is wetted; but this envelope soon becomes dry, and then the water in the canteen becomes warm and distaste ful; but with my canvas canteen the outside cannot become dry on account of the continual saturation from the interior."
446518 India-rubber
                  water-bag, A.A. Hesser, 1891-02-17
446518 India-rubber water-bag, A.A. Hesser, 1891-02-17, 383/36; 383/16; 383/901; 383/907 -
Hot Water Bag for use of the sick.
Designed to NOT weep or leak.

518549 Method of Treting Jute or other Bagging, A. Lehman & C. J. Kraus, 1894-08-17, 222/107; 62/315; 222/189.06; 238/316 - a cloth coating process for cotton wrapping, but similar to what's done for cooling water bags.
994287 Water-bag,
                  Edwin Bray Thorning, Plummer Walter A, 1911-06-06
994287 Water-bag, Edwin Bray Thorning, Plummer Walter A, 1911-06-06, 222/563; 383/906; 222/542 -
For a large water bag tipping to extract the water is difficult, so a way have been found to add a spigot.
1014607 Nozzle for
                  water-bags, Ernest Over, Dan Kellaher, 1912-01-09
1014607 Nozzle for water-bags, Ernest Over, Dan Kellaher, 1912-01-09, 222/569; 383/96; 383/71; 383/906 -
1068362 Water-bag,
                  Cornelius J O'riely, 1913-07-22
1068362 Water-bag, Cornelius J O'riely, 1913-07-22, 383/68; 62/315; 383/901 -
Cooling, flax duck material, two metal bars (13 & 14) hold wide top mouth closed, but can be opened.
1127384 Water-bag,
                  Frederick R Adams, W. A. Plummer Mfg, 1915-02-09
1127384 Water-bag, Frederick R Adams, W. A. Plummer Mfg, 1915-02-09, 383/68; 62/315; 383/41; 383/25; 383/44; 2/251 -
Wide mount for easy filling from a stream and to allow cleaning the inside.
1353627 Collapsible
                  pail, David H Bucher, 1920-09-21
1353627 Collapsible pail, David H Bucher, 1920-09-21, 383/29; 220/904; 383/41; 383/84; 383/113; 383/16; 383/66-
"... suitable for use in the filling of automobile radiators."
1580705 Water bag,
                  Joseph H Wittmann, 1926-04-13
1580705 Water bag, Joseph H Wittmann, 1926-04-13, 383/85; 224/42.32; 383/89; 383/113; 383/18; 383/91; 383/907; 224/482; 224/563; 224/560 -
patent is about mounting, filling and emptying, not the bag itself.
1596355 Closure for
                  the mouth of a water bag, Hirsch Max Simon, Hirsch
                  Weis Mfg, 1926-08-17
1596355 Closure for the mouth of a water bag, Hirsch Max Simon, Hirsch Weis Mfg, 1926-08-17, 383/13; 383/68; 383/121; 383/16; 383/96; 383/906 -
2426195 Collapsible
                  container provided with fluid control means, Francis R
                  Geraci, USMC, 947-08-26
2426195 Collapsible container provided with fluid control means, Francis R Geraci, USMC, 947-08-26, 222/544; 251/145; 383/21; 229/103.2; 137/613; 383/18; 383/90 - the title sounds like a Lister Bab, but this is slightly different.
Multiple outlets to save time (less standing in line).
Folds into small space when empty.
Having the multiple spigots on a pipe is not as good as having them around the base of the canvas bag, like done on the Lister Bag.
                  Self-cooling water bag, Fred H Wenzel, Herman F
                  Wenzel, 1949-04-19
2467792 Self-cooling water bag, Fred H Wenzel, Herman F Wenzel, 1949-04-19, 383/102; 43/55; 62/315; 383/117; 312/31.01 - prior art self cooling water bags were made from flax imported from Europe.  This bag can be made in the U.S. using cotton duck cloth (18 oz/sq yd) or better 11.6 oz/sq yd twill.  "Eagle Brand" water bags used to be common in hardware stores.

                  Self-cooling bag for liquids, William L Hicks, US
                  Army, 1950-04-18
2504124 Self-cooling bag for liquids, William L Hicks, US Army, 1950-04-18, 383/119; 62/315; 383/41; 524/46; 47/67; 383/12; 383/102; 524/55 -

This is the Lister Bag.

"Although devices of this type have been constructed of linen fabrics to form a fairly satisfactory device owing to the hydrophilic properties inherent in the natural resins contained in the linen fibers, a notable increase in cooling effect and more rapid wetting is accomplished by treating such fabrics with hydrophilic materials as disclosed hereinafter."

Quite a bit of the patent relates to choosing the fabric and coating.

"A cylindrical two-piece evaporative cooling water bag capable of retaining water substantially without seepage loss, comprising a round botton wall, and a cylindrical side wall of porous textile material, a hydrophilic substantially water-insoluble fabric-adhesive water-swellable polymeric coating on said textile material, said botton wall and said side wall having turned flanges and united together to form a substantially water-impermeable juncture between said bottom wall and said side wall; whereby leakage of water through said bottom wall and juncture is effectively stopped and evaporation of water through said side wall takes place at a Slow controlled rate without free flow of water So as to cool the water in the bag below ambient temperature."

2507939 Portable collapsible water tank, Franklin E Smith, 1950-05-16, 220/666; 383/111; 383/24; 383/904 -
for carrying water on the back of a fireman (see Indian Fire Pump)

2550697 Cloth water bag, Charles J Kintner, William P Hall, Joseph Bancroft and Sons (Wiki), 1951-05-01, 428/196; 62/315; 8/120; 261/104; 383/102; 428/201 - mainly about the process of getting the correct amount of seepage.
2599738 Cam
                  actuated bag closure mechanism, Ames Fletcher, Ames
                  Harris Neville, 1952-06-10
2599738 Cam actuated bag closure mechanism, Ames Fletcher, Ames Harris Neville, 1952-06-10, 24/30.5R; 383/29; 383/68; 294/99.1; 383/41 - Desert Brand Water Bags.

2638951 Collapsible tank and stabilizer means, Franklin E Smith, Nathan H Friedman, 1953-05-19, 220/666; 220/530; 383/904; 220/9.2; 383/113 -
has the look and feel of a Lister Bag
making the tank more stable when transported filled with water


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Camelbak - water container worn on the back with a drinking tube. MOLLE compatible.
BlackHawk Products Group - MOLLE Rack system -
Drop Zone Supplies, UK - MOLLE - has MOLLE to ALICE adapter
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United States Government Issue,  A Guide To Nylon Load-Carrying Equipment by C.A. Monroe

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