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TS-3951/PRM-34 Power, SWR,
          Frequency meter God Box

    Battery Adapter


This is a more modern version of the TS-3354 for use with the PRC-68 family and other radios such as the PRC-25, PRC-77, AN//VRC-12 Military Radios
The PRM-34B is made by Agilent (formerly HP, now Keysight).

The mode switch has the following positions:

AN/PRM-34 Portable Tester for AN/PRC-68, 25, 77, 126 & AN//VRC-12 Military Radios This is a portable tester that checks for receiver sensitivity, frequency and transmitter RF power . It is supplied in a protective transit case and includes a copy of the operation/maintenance manual. It appears to be in very good condition. Shipping 15 Lbs.

Serial numbers of 635 and higher have a different RF cable & ANT adapter than on earlier sets and have an output every 5 MHz from 30 through 80 MHz.  Spectrum of modulated 30 MHz output from PRM-34.

Top of Carry CaseFront PanelTester & Carry case


The original primary battery was the BA-5847 (NSN 6135-01-090-5364)
The Lithium Ion secondary battery BB-2847 (NSN 6140-01-419-8194) is the newer rechargeable version.
This battery is used in some thermal sights, AN/PRS-7 Mine Detector and other equipment.

Home made BA-5847 battery pack:

  • RS 270-391 4  AA battery holder with wires
  • RS 274-154 Big (positive) female connector
  • RS 274-234 Small (negative) female connector
  • 4 AA batteries
  • The BA-5347 NSN 6135-01-455-7946 also has the same two sockets as the BA-5847 and will work in the PRM-34.
    Self Test showing 1.000.  Note higher battery voltages would cause different displays.

    Brentronics - BB-2847 - nominal voltage 7.2, about 4 or 5 AH
    Hawker Eternacell - BA-5847/U with fuel guage.

    Manual & Links

    TM 11-6625-3015-14 is restricted at ETM but -24P (054912.pdf) and -14-H ( 055792.pdf ) are on line.
    TM 11-6625-3015-14  Radio Test Set AN/PRM-34, 14 Oct. 1983
    PRC-68 Alignment Procedures with PRM-34 - GTA 11-3-21 - instead of the 75 MHz frequency for testing the squelch of the PRC-68, any frequency in 5 MHz steps can be used. Except for those that are unusable because of spurs.

    Radios that can be tested

    Theory of Operation

    There is a comb generator with outputs of 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, and 80 MHz at -97 dBm with a 900 Hz FM modulation for receiver testing.
    There is a Watt meter with a 1 to 50 Watt range along with a digital frequency counter for transmitter testing and a reverse power test for antenna VSWR testing. What is the frequency coverage?
    There is a field strength meter to align the L1 ANT adjustment on the PRC-68 in transmit mode.

    Parts List

    PRM-34  NSN 6625-01-094-5646
    Test Cable  2249-C-24 or 393707
    Antenna Adapter  NSN 5985-01-097-7337 (could also use my 68AA Antenna Adapter)
    Transit Case (80045) 384858 or (80045) 393662-1


    This is for testing the Steerable Null Processor Group OL-275/VRC. The SNAP-1 system is for use with SINCGARS radios when operated in the single channel mode.  SNAP-2 is for SINCGARS radios in the hopping mode.  The OL-275/VRC consists of:
    CP-1380/VRC Steerable Null Antenna Processor (SNAP)
    CX-13179/U 3' Cable
    J-3792/VRC Interconnecting Box for the second antenna.
    The top BNC connector is to send a signal to/from the PRM-34.

    It uses the same BA-5847 battery as the PRM-34 and so can be powered by the same battery adapter.

    TS-3991 for Steerable Null Processor Group
    TS-3991 for Steerable Null Processor Group
    TS-3991 for Steerable Null Processor Group
    TS-3991 for Steerable Null Processor Group


    FM 24-18: Tactical Single-Channel Radio Communications Techniques, Appendix E, Steerable Null Processing Group OL-275( )/VRC
    TM 11-6625-3155-13, Operator's Unit, and Intermediate Direct Support Maintenance Manual, Test Set, Processing Group, TS-3991/VRC (NSN: 6625-01-126-3105)

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