Antenna Adapter for PRC-68 Family Radios 68AA

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Using Test Sets


This antenna adapter screws onto the antenna post of the PRC-68, PRC-68A, PRC-68B, PRC-126, PRC-128 or PRC-136 military radio and has a BNC(f) jack to allow connection of a standard 50 Ohm external antenna.  It also has a built-in DC return so that those radios needing the DC return for proper operation with an external antenna will work properly when antennas that are DC open are used, like a mobile whip or the RC-292.

The adapter can also be used with test sets like the TS-3354, or PRM-34.  The instruction sheet that comes with the antenna adapter explains how to configure all the radio models for use with a 50 Ohm antenna or test set.

Includes instruction sheet explaining how to configure each of the above radios for 50 Ohm operation.  It's easy on the PRC-68B, PRC-126, PRC-128 and PRC-136, but on the earlier radios the cover needs to be removed and switches set.  This makes a big difference in the performance of the radio.


The 914598-801 Antenna Adapter was made by Magnavox to support the PRC-68 and PRC-68A radios as well as the TS-3354, test set.  It is a DC open adapter.  These adapters have been out of production for many years.  It was not made to support the newer radios that need a DC return when an external antenna is used.

Starting with the PRC-68B where there is a antenna warning tone if the ANT switch is not in the correct position there is a need for an antenna adapter with a built in DC return.  The OF-185 Power Supply/Audio box has a DC return in the RF coax cable that connects to the PRC-128 radio.   This is to allow the use of  PRC-68BPRC-126, PRC-128 and PRC-136 radios with an antenna and RF accessories that are a DC open.  Examples of DC open items are the RC-292 ground plane antenna, Ham Stick antennas (whips), the CU-2194 Coupler, and after market BNC connector type whip antennas sold for use with scanners, etc.  This adds a lot of capability to the radios that would not be present when the factory antenna adapter is used.

Most of the factory antenna adapters seated on the solder surrounding the joint to the UG-1094/U center pin and therefore the finger stock served no purpose.  In the 68AA there is a working spring finger that makes electrical contact about 1 turn prior to the ground shell seating on the radio.  This way electrical connection will be reliable over temperature changes.

Using with Test Sets like the TS-3354, TS-3951/PRM-34 test sets & 50 Ohm Antennas

Be sure to check the instruction sheet that comes with the 68AA Antenna Adapter because you need to have the radio setup for 50 Ohm operationwhen using this adapter.  How to do this is different for different models of radio.  When using my 68AA antenna adapter you can't go wrong on the PRC-68B, PRC-126, PRC-128 and PRC-136 because it has the DC return and those radios will beep at you until you set the exterior ANT switch to H or 50.  But with the PRC-68 and PRC-68A you need to open the module cover and do the 50 Ohm setup with a small screwdriver.  Don't forget to return the antenna matching to the setting for the whip when you're done.


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