Western Electric 202 Telephone Set

Brooke Clarke, N6GCE

WE 202 Sub Set
                  and Phone
WE 202 Sub
                  Set Opened
WE 202 Phone
                  Close Up
WE 202 Inside


202 refers to the wiring diagram of the phone. The main body holding the dial is called the mount and this is a "D" mount.
This is a "cradle" type dial phone that came after the candlestick (aka Elliott Ness of the Untouchables) phone.  The set consists of two parts:
In later phones like the 302 and 500 all the parts were in the phone proper and no separate sub set was needed.


Black, Red, Green and Yellow wires go between the sub set and the phone.
Red, Black and White wires go between the handset and the phone.
The Red and Green wires from a modular plug go to L1 and L2 on the coil to make the phone able to answer and dial out.
To get the ringer to work you need to  connect the Bell and .5 MF capacitor in series and across the L1 and L2 terminals on the coil (same as across the incoming Line).

Practical Wiring Diagram - omits details of components and concentrates on what goes where, wires shown in color.


Western Electric 202 Dial phone
Bell System 302 Dial Phone
Bell System 500 Dial Phone
Bell system 2500 Touch Tone phone 
Western Electric 2554 Wall Touch Tone Telephone
Western Electric Candlestick Dial Telephone
 Panasonic KX-TA824 Small Business Phone System (PBX)
VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol


There was noise in when the dial tone stops after dialing a digit.  Caused by a noisy transmitter capsule.  The Transmitter capsule of the 302 phone and this 202 phone are the same.  But the 500 phone uses a smaller transmitter.

Current through the transmitter capsule is 35 ma.

15 Feb 2013 - send 5H dial to Steve Hilsz (Dial repair, Phone Surplus) for rebuild since the KX-TA824 would not recognize the digits (probably too slow).  He also has a replacement B1AL ringer and an E-1 handset with the spit cup.

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