24 VDC Solar Off Grid 120 Square Foot Building

Brooke Clarke 2011 - 2024

CAMO Block
Solar System


This is a combination of ideas. 


I think the height limit is 30 feet which could be 3 * 10' or 4 * 7.5' (actually need to subtract floor thickness for 4 or 5 floors).
Benefits of making building higher:

CAMO Block

When this page was started I was thinking of using simple concrete blocks with a 2x6 cut to 6" on the top as sold by all the home improvement stores.
Recently learned about CAMO blocks (Factory, Home Depot). 
YouTube: DIY How To Build a Floating Shed Foundation, 39:01 - 8:10 Camo Blocks Installation Prep - posts on CAMO blocks have no lateral strength, not in compliance with mfg instructions.
How to Frame a Shed (One Section at a Time), 50:09 -
This Shed is Now Weatherproof (And Pest-Free), 16:30 -

Solar System

180 Watt 24 V PV Module ET-M572180B

Size: 62.20 31.81 1.97 inch

Max Power Point Tracking Charge Controller


6V Golf Cart Batteries (4 ea) 232 AH

Volts RC RC Ah Dimensions Weight Terminals
75A 25A 20 Hr. L W H1 Wet
GC2-XHD 6 122 475 232 10 1⁄4 7 1⁄8 11 1⁄8 67 UTL, UT, S

Battery Terminals

Battery Terminals:
        Bus Lug, Dual, Flag, Flat Block, Large-L, Small-L, SAE,
        Offset-S, UT, UTL

Load Center



ATV Fire Truck - has eight each Golf Cart 48V Lead Acid batteries with Power Pole connector to pack. Parking spot in Sun i.e. South side of shed.
Generator - could be used for both shed and house.
MT6250 - jeep mount for GRC-206 Program Pacer Speak -
TCI 651T HF Antenna -


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