E-89-A Telephone Repeater

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E-89-A Telephone Repeater


These were used to increase the reach of phone lines.  The neat thing is that it's an amplifier that amplifies the signal between A and B as well as the signal between B and A, that's to say each terminal pair is both an input and an output.  For this to work the lines need to have the same impedance looking each way from the amplifier.  The functional check is to short either the input or output and listen on the earphone to see that the amplifier is oscillating at all attenuation settings.


There are two ways to power this repeater: either use a BA-40 combined 1.5 & 90 Volt battery by means of the 4-prong plug, or use seperate BA-23 (No. 6) 1.5 V battery and two BA-36 45V batteries in series by means of the 4-prong socket to 4-wire cable.

The single tube is the VT221 (3Q5GT).  There's a single Trimm earphone to monitor conversations going in either direction.

To test operation just short either pair of line terminals and there should be oscillation at all settings of the attenuator.

Normal 20 Hz ringing can be employed on lines equipped with these repeaters.  Ringing signals are transmitted through the repeater.
Made when W-110-B was the common filed wire, but will work with WD-1 field wire.


Fig 1 Overall view
Signal Corps U.S. Army
Telephone Repeater
E-89-A Telephone
Fig 2 Instructions & Circuit
E-89-A Telephone
Fig 3 Battery Box & Front Panel
E-89-A Telephone
Fig 4 Front Panel
E-89-A Telephone
Fig 5 Inside top left
E-89-A Telephone
Fig 6 Inside back right
E-89-A Telephone
Fig 7 Inside Bottom
E-89-A Telephone



Short Line A terminals and hear if the unit sings into the earphone at all attenuation switch settings.



TM 11-2006 July 1943 Operation, Moistureproofing & fungiproofing

TM 11-4301 General requirements of repaired equipment (not E-89-A specific)
TM 11-4302 Tactical Switchboards and Long Lines Equipment, Repair Instructions, Apparatus Requirements
TM 11-4407 Aug 1945 - 4th & 5th echelon repair - Repair Instructions, Operational Requirements & Testing (Note:  This is a War Department manual)


Patents in general, not specifically for this unit?
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US Army Signal Corps: Telephone line transmission equipment - EE-89 "Two wire voice frequency intermediate repeater for use on lines with 20 or 1000-cycle signalling. Provides thru simplex telegraph operation. Uses one battery BA-40 which last for about 2 weeks."
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